July 23, 2021

British PM congratulates Joe Biden as winner of 2020 election

As President Trump battles voter fraud and tabulation irregularities discovered during last week’s election, many of Trump’s former allies are turning against him.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who previously positioned himself as one of Trump’s top international allies, just made it clear that he’s throwing Trump under the bus by acknowledging Democrat contender Joe Biden as the winner of the 2020 election. 

Johnson revealed on Tuesday that he’s already had a call with former Vice-President Joe Biden to discuss Biden’s plan for the next four years. Johnson called the conversation “refreshing” and referred to Trump as the “previous president,” despite the fact that the presidential race is far from settled.

Johnson continued:

One of the many merits of the excellent conversation I had yesterday with President-Elect Joe Biden was that we strongly agreed on the need for once again the United Kingdom and the United States to stand together to stick up for our values around the world – to stick up for human rights and stick up for free trade, to stick up for NATO Mr Speaker, and to work together in the fight against climate change.

“It was refreshing, if I may say, to have that conversation and I look forward to many more,” The British leader said, in an apparent dig at Donald Trump.

“it is the duty of all British prime ministers to have a good relationship with the White House,” said Johnson. “But I’m delighted to find the many areas in which the incoming Biden/Harris administration is able to make common cause with us.”

Johnson, like many other world and domestic leaders and public figures, has chosen to allow the media to coronate Joe Biden, despite evidence of election meddling in several key battleground states.

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55 Responses

  1. Biden has not business contacting other countries’ leaders until he has been certified as the winner, and to date, that has not happened.

  2. The Prime minister of Britain, isnt our law, or the law! Our country has its own leaders, it doesnt need the prime ministers, blessing or opinion if and when push, comes to shove! Hes not the jury , or our judge either! This countrys men, and women is who picks and chooses its direction.

  3. It’s amusing to watch which way the rats swim. Trump has worked so hard for America! I pray he’ll be in for the next four years. We need an butt kicker. Some say he’s a bully. It’s refreshing to see this. He could have just set back and enjoyed the title.

    1. President Trump is still Our President. Biden can make all the arrangements he wants to but, in the end.. Good always Triumphs Evil.

      1. God wants Trump in office, all this was to show us the American People just how dirty the democrat party is and that they are willing to do almost anything to win. Trump will remain Our President. Then all these so-called leaders will have a lot of crow to eat.

        1. I agree with the comment from Valeta Jones above, We know who is in control”GOD”
          The people need to learn how dirty the democrat party is & trust in God, this problem shawl past.
          A Believer????

  4. Soon enough Biden, and his mistress rat, of a senator will be delt with by our President, whom is in fact our President not a thieving, traitor idiot like Biden! His day is coming with all of his colleges.

  5. If these nations want to turn on Trump even before the election is called. I would definetlybe wary of any deals with these folks. Backstabber’s can’t be trusted.

    1. I agree with you 100%. If President Trump stats our President and I hope he prevails old Boris may have a little problem on his hands. Watch the little limey craw.

      1. Several leaders called Biden to congratulate him. Boris admitted that they had so much in common, so how is Trump going to flatten him? It is going to be fun to see what happens when these leaders learn that Biden is not our president after they just buttered him up. Look for them to hide from Trump!>

  6. President Trump has the right to kick ‘em in the a**! How dare these scumbags snub their nose at our president. Biden & Kamel hare are a disgrace to our nation. Someone with that much hate in their hearts deserve to be brought to their knees before the gates of hell, & given a wholehearted push. Burn baby burn!

  7. I pray the that this country gets to the bottom of this crooked BS ,and exsposes the Democratic party for the liars they are! Go Team Trump,go!!!

  8. Hold your horses cowboy! Doesn’t say much about PM Johnson….doesn’t he know that media doesn’t call elections? I thought he was smarter than that…looks like i was mistaken!

    1. These leaders don’t know that the media made this up. The officials usually report it to the media. There were several leaders that called Biden to congratulate, even Netanyahu. Won’t they have egg on their face when Trump wins. Boris will get a tongue lashing from Trump for saying he had a lot in common with Biden. hee hee

  9. Does anybody else besides me think that Barr needs to step up and do his job? Why is he not ordering the FBI to arrest biden, god knows there are enough resons.

    1. I agree wholeheartedly Mike. Problem is, in my opinion, we have so many corrupt agencies and deep state activist that secretly cater to the democrats we end up with exactly what we’ve got….dirty politicians.

    2. Slow down , Trump’s second term will be to round up and prosecute all of the traitors in a large group at a time until all are behind bars . Not behind Bars like KamelToe Paris (Harris) liked to hangout behind . She needs to be exposed for what she has done and is doing . God will have his day in the end and many will suffer for their sins .

    3. He is waiting for enough evidence to indict before proceeding to court like any good procecutor does in order for an indisputable case and favourable outcome, be patient, it,s all coming together as the demon rats and their machine embolden themselves and cut their own throats, and they are succeeding to do that since they think they have pulled off the perfect coup!!

  10. Biden is not the president yet. There is a lot of litigation that needs to be done before anyone is declared the actual president. The media does not have the power to decide the presidency and while they have been doing that, it doesn’t make it so. That being said, Biden has no power to contact anyone. That is close to breaking the Logan Act as he is illegally representing the government to a foreign power.

  11. Why is he congratulating Biden???He is not the President, No electoral votes, not officially been called…..A little premature don’t you think!
    I bet Trump won’t forget that when he announced as the true President of the U.S. Then we con get on with sleepy Joe and Hunter’s crimes against the U.S.

  12. He and Netanyahu should take tips from Mexico and Russia. Should have shut their pie holes until election was settled. What will they do when trump is re elected? How do you come back from something like that, especially for all the support president Trump gave them, especially Israel.

  13. America – we have the “Declaration of Independence”, the “Constitution” and the “Rule of Law”. God Bless President Trump. Wake up America! There are many people in high places that could care less about the Declaration, Constitution and Rule of Law. They are corrupt! It is all about power, money and control. God knows and God is watching and God will have the last say. I haven’t buried a person yet that takes anything with them. One day these corrupt people will answer to God and God will deal with them, eternally!

  14. President Trump has been one of the best presidents for a long time and he has done exactly what he said he was going to do for Joe Biden is a liar and the people that are running for democrat is a liar so they need to start calling President Trump a liar I hope the truth will come out soon for we are all praying for him and that dose not gave up

  15. Biden/Harris is not elected yet ’til all the lawsuits are verified that there was fraud and it was. If people would
    pay attention to what these demon rats wanted to do they wouldn’t have voted for them. They have pulled every dirty trick in the book to get elected. Do you Americans really want to end up like Venezuela?

  16. I along with 180 million voters love Trump-our President for now and the next 4 years! It will be proved with out a doubt that President Trump won fair and square with legal votes!

  17. Trump’s an idiot and didn’t do anything for us, it’s always about him. He is a whiney baby! The prime minister called Biden, he didn’t call the prime minister. tRump said from the beginning that he wasn’t going out easy. That idiot is so stupid to think he would win a second term. His own followers jumped ship because they new he is a nut job and needs help!

    1. What in the world is someone who calls themselves india doing commenting on an election in America? I spent time working with people from India and they had the courage to use their real names. Liars always have to hide behind something, don’t they?

  18. Yes, I am sure these other countries are ready to pick up where they left off from before President Trump was elected. They will be robbing us blind and our “leaders” will be selling us out again to whomever is willing to pay them what they ask for.
    I would never believe this could happen in this country but I know they have been using scorecard for a while now. They have also been using all of their other methods too. I live in FL and we had an incident here and a couple of counties were caught. This year everything seems to have gone well here. This is how they have turned red states blue. Surely, the people in blue states are tired of being treated as they are. States like Michigan, NY and California. No matter how people vote they get what they get. As they joke about, it’s not who votes but who counts the votes.
    I believe they may rig the electors (electoral college) and give it to joe biden. I hope not. With the way the MSM is coronating biden and harris, everyone will think they won and the next thing will be they are dragging President Trump out of the White House. They are already talking about getting him out early. These people have no shame. And they think we are all as stupid as the actual people who do vote for them.

  19. Our President has a brain not so much with Biden in 47 years he has done NOTHING for Americans or America he is so full of crap he has no idea what the truth is. This was done so piglosi would be vp she is a piece of garbage like most of the demonrats

  20. With the unpaid crowds that President Trump has attracted for ALL of his rallies, and he has had many, I cannot see how he could not have won. So many people showed up for voting this year and I believe it was because they wanted to vote for President Trump. He has even had democrats and Amish men at his rallies. He also had very much black and Hispanic support also. So what happened? We really would like to know. As for fox, twitter and facebook, it’s time for alternatives. I have changed my fox start-up page to asnn.com and am thinking of parler for social media.

    1. Sorry, start up page is oann.com (One America Network News). I do not watch fox news network anymore either. I have changed to Newsmax and they are very conservative.

  21. Is anyone surprised? The Europeans have never had any morals or integrity. They will throw anyone under the bus if given the chance. If it had not been the US support back in WW 2 these people would be speaking German not once but TWICE! Biden will roll over and let these annoying Brits and Chinese do whatever they want to our once great nation!

  22. Mr., it’s a horribly bad hair day Johnson is a weak leader, he will float with ever he thinks will benefit him. I have always identified him as a follower not a leader. Maybe if he finds a decent Barber he might look some what more professional.

  23. Who is he to stabb trump at the back. These are betrayal of persons who cares even Donald trump doesn’t any of the world who wants congratulate should go on it doesn’t matter

  24. Little Boris is just demonstrating his ignorance of our process. The media doesn’t say when it’s over and who’s won. Those trying to influence the results like this are seditious/treasonous like Stephanopoulos did.

  25. If President Trump prevails and remains President for 4 more years, I wonder what PM Boris Johnson will do. If I were President Trump, I’d have a completely different relationship with that British turncoat.

  26. I replied to three of the comments listed above, and not one has been acknowledged. Are the comments being screened, and edited, and if so why?

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