July 4, 2022

Democrats wave the white flag, blame Donald Trump for their struggles

Democrats are at it again, blaming former President Donald Trump for their woes. To paraphrase the Bible, just as a dog returns to his vomit, so the Democrats return to their folly.

White House chief of staff Ron Klain once again blamed Trump for Democrats’ latest political failures, Breitbart reported. Klain made the remarks during an Election Day postmortem on MSNBC’s “Deadline” Wednesday.

“I understand that voters are frustrated,” Klain told Nicolle Wallace, the program’s anchor. “We inherited a mess from Donald Trump. We inherited 4,000 people a day dying from COVID, only 50,000 jobs being created a month, giant supply chain problems, all these problems,” he claimed.

“I’m proud of the progress we’ve made in these ten months, but I totally respect the view of the voters that we haven’t made enough progress yet,” he added. “We haven’t gotten enough done yet,” Klain said.

“COVID is down by 75% from when we came here, but it’s not all the way,” he continued. “So I think we voted for saying on Tuesday was you know what, not enough yet, and we need to do more, and that’s what we’re doing. again, starting next Monday, signing the infrastructure bill, working with the House to pass the Build Back Better Plan which will help bring down inflation, bring down the cost of living, bring down people’s expenses.”

Democrats were reeling over key losses last week, including former Gov. Terry McAuliffe’s upset loss to Glen Youngkin, the Washington Post reported. Prospects for the 2022 midterms are increasingly looking bleak, and Democrats are clamoring for someone or something to blame.

However, the real problem lies squarely with President Joe Biden and his awful agenda. Biden’s approval ratings have tanked as everything he’s touched — from the Afghanistan withdrawal to COVID-19 and now to the supply chain issues — has turned to rot.

Still, Democrats are not interested in sincere introspection. It’s easier to pin the blame on Trump even though he was voted out of office a year ago — and this foolish myopia is precisely the wrong thing to do if they have any hopes of turning things around.

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