July 7, 2022

BREAKING: Top Republican Blows The Whistle – This Could Kill Americans

President Joe Biden is ruining American life. More than just a difference of opinions or policy decisions, his awful policies could have serious consequences.

Rep. Lance Gooden (R-TX) warned that Americans “could very well freeze to death” because of Biden’s ineptitude, Breitbart reported. Gooden made this prediction on Fox News Channel’s “America Reports” Tuesday.

“The spokespeople for this White House are just like the president,” Gooden charged. “They’re either ignorant, clueless, or purposely misleading the public,” he said.

“I think what the American people are going to uncomfortably realize is not only are these supply chain slowdowns going to ruin Christmas, but they could very well freeze to death based on the pathway that we’re going down,” Gooden later added. “And the Biden administration seems to be turning down every possible solution around the corner that comes their way. It’s mindboggling.”

The administration had already killed the Keystone XL pipeline early into Biden’s presidency, the New York Post reported. However, it was an exchange between deputy press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre and the network’s Peter Doocy the revealed the next possible blow to the energy supply.

Though Jean-Pierre was being cagey about whether the L5 pipeline was on the chopping block, she finally admitted that the administration is studying the environmental impact of the Midwest supply conduit. She stopped short of admitting that they were mulling scrapping the pipeline altogether.

“I thought you were saying that we were going to shut it down, but that is not inaccurate,” Jean-Pierre responded to Doocy’s repeated questions. “OK, great. But the Army Corps of Engineers is preparing an environmental impact to look through this​,” she said.

The attack on the nation’s pipelines is an attack on our energy independence. If the administration gets what it seems to be aiming for, it’s going to be a long, cold winter for many Americans — and some could literally freeze to death due to shortages and high prices.

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