July 7, 2022

New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy attacks newly elected Republican as a “dangerous guy.”

America is full of the most compelling underdog stories. The best involves Edward Durr, a Republican New Jersey truck driver who not only won an unlikely race, but has also unsettled the indomitable New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy.

Murphy has warned that Durr is a “dangerous guy” after unseating New Jersey Senate President Steve Sweeney last week, the Washington Examiner reported. The Democratic governor was referring to some of Durr’s inflammatory past social media posts.

“This guy who is apparently winning is a dangerous guy,” Murphy said as it was becoming clear that Durr would win the vote 51.8% to 48.2%, though results are still unofficial. “I want to be unequivocal: I do not welcome this in any way, shape, or form,” the recently re-elected governor later said.

The posts included statements about Islam that Durr chalked up to being “in the heat of the moment” commentaries. “Mohammed was a pedophile! Islam is a false religion! Only fools follow Muslim teachings! It is a cult of hate!” he allegedly posted at one point.

However, Durr shot back by taking aim at the governor for his economic and COVID-19 policies. “Murphy’s policies have made New Jersey the most-moved-out-of-state in the nation, closed one-third of our small businesses, and killed 10,000 nursing home residents,” Durr said, according to a report from the New Jersey Globe. “The fact is, Phil Murphy is far more dangerous than I could ever be,” he charged.

“Nothing he has done has made New Jersey fairer or stronger,” Durr pointed out. “Unlike Murphy, I’m going to Trenton to help make New Jersey better for everyone in our state,” he said.

Sweeney has yet to concede, insisting that “there were 12,000 ballots recently found in” Camden County,” according to NJ.com. He later explained he didn’t mean “found,” but the implication was nonetheless understood loud and clear by those mistrustful of the Garden State’s election process.

Durr may have posted some shocking things to social media, but what Murphy is most upset about is that an underdog outsider won a race that was supposed to be a breeze for Sweeney.  Let’s just hope it’s the start of a new trend in politics.

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