July 4, 2022

BREAKING: Top Democrat Has Been CHARGED – Police Are Moving In

The left exalted New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo for his outspoken opposition to former President Donald Trump. Now that the Democrat has left his office in disgrace, it’s clear just what kind of guy they were propping up.

Cuomo has been charged with forcibly touching a former aide during her time in Albany’s Executive Mansion, the New York Post reported. If convicted, Cuomo could serve up to a year in prison.

The misdemeanor charges filed Thursday allege that the 63-year-old former governor “did intentionally, and for no legitimate purpose, forcibly place his hand under the blouse shirt of the victim … and onto her intimate body part,” the complaint filed in the state capitol said. “Specifically, the victims [sic] left breast for the purposes of degrading and satisfying his sexual desire.”

An attorney representing Brittany Commisso, a 33-year-old governor’s office administrative assistant, confirmed she was the victim though her name was not released as part of the criminal complaint. Evidence including Cuomo’s text messages, travel schedule, news conference footage and more will be used from Dec. 7, the day the attack allegedly took place.

Commisso first came forward in August to tell her story on “CBS This Morning” after 11 other women had accused Cuomo of sexual misconduct. According to her account, there were escalating incidents with the governor inappropriately hugging, kissing, and eventually groping her.

“These are hugs with the intention of getting some personal sexual satisfaction out of it,” Commisso charged. “And then, they started to be hugs with kisses on the cheek. And then there was at one point, a hug, and when he went to kiss me on the cheek, he quickly turned his head and kissed me on the lips,” she claimed. There was even another time where he allegedly grabbed her buttocks, something Cuomo was allegedly known for.

Cuomo has denied any wrongdoing all along, and some have attacked Commisso’s credibility based on her difficulty recalling the exact date. Still, the former governor has had many other credible accusations and authorities believe there is enough evidence to proceed. He will likely surrender to law enforcement shortly and will face a judge Nov. 17.

It’s difficult to imagine how such a prolific offender could go so long without being found out. However, it wouldn’t be the first time the media and the Democratic party circled the wagons for one of their own simply because he was useful.

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