July 3, 2022

BREAKING: Conservatives Under ATTACK – This Is Horrifying

Facebook has been pushing to silence conservative viewpoints and outright censor right-leaning news outlets. These efforts are coming from a surprising source.

Breitbart News editor-in-chief Alex Marlow said Facebook employees “obsessed with” destroying the conservative news site were behind attempts to block traffic to it, Breitbart reported.  Marlow made this claim while speaking to Tucker Carlson Monday. 

Carlson asked Marlow, author of “Breaking the News: Exposing the Establishment Media’s Hidden Deals and Secret Corruption,” about revelations from a Wall Street Journal piece based on internal documents from Facebook. In it, messages from employees on company chat channels demonstrated how they seethed with hatred for Breitbart and sought to destroy it.

“So apparently Facebook cut traffic to Breitbart News by as much as a fifth without telling them,” Carlson charged. “So, were you surprised? I was a little shocked by how open they were; were you surprised?” the host asked.

“I was shocked only by the framing of it,” Marlow responded. “The Wall Street Journal put out the story as if it was going to be some sort of damnation hit piece on Breitbart,” he said. “And it contained a smoking gun in it, which is that these woke SJWs had pressured Facebook’s senior management to diminish, not just Breitbart, but traffic across conservative media,” he said.

Marlow further claimed they were “deliberately cutting down their most engaged users to favor corporate, billionaire-backed multinational conglomerates to promote their news over Breitbart’s, which is accurate and incredibly popular and was thriving, if not dominating, on the platform.” Rather than allow the news outlet to compete freely, Facebook employees pressure higher-ups to specifically target the site.

“There’s literally billions of Facebook pages and this one page, for whatever reason, triggers the left at such an unbelievable degree that they have to whine to their bosses to get us censored,” Marlow said. “Thankfully, it hasn’t totally worked – yet, but every Republican member of Congress should take note of this,” he advised.

“This came before the 2020 election, Tucker,” Marlow noted. “All their criticisms of us were before 2020. This changed votes, and it changed minds.”

Social media heavily influences the amount of traffic to news sites, and it appears that Facebook was more than happy to use it to disadvantage a viewpoint employees don’t like. It’s not fair without transparency, but at least it reveals one important fact — these news outlets must have influence if leftists are running scared from them.

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