July 7, 2022

BREAKING: Biden Sends In His THUGS – Terrifying Decision

Americans have spent more than 19 months under government tyranny. What President Joe Biden wants to do next is even more intrusive.

As part of the Build Back Better Act, the IRS will be allowed to spy on private bank accounts with more than $600 in transactions annually, Breitbart reported. This was discovered after the House of Representatives released the bill’s text Thursday.

Democrats have been champing at the bit to get access to account information for individuals under the guise of proper tax collection. Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen proposed the idea of monitoring accounts supposedly to sniff out $160 billion in taxes that go uncollected each year.

Last month, Sens. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) and Ron Wyden (D-OR) attempted their own try that was dead on arrival. Republican lawmakers and financial sector experts immediately pushed back against such a provision on privacy grounds while others warned of the possibility of a data breach with the IRS accessing so much personal financial data.

However, Democrats were not about to abandon this proposal. They stuffed it into the Build Back Better Act on page 1673, probably hoping nobody would find it though Texas Rep. Pat Fallon certainly did.

House Republicans continue to be out in front of this effort to spy on Americans’ bank accounts. During a press briefing Tuesday, top GOP lawmakers spoke out against this proposal, including Chief Deputy Whip Drew Ferguson (R-GA).

He explained that monitoring accounts with so little cash would mean that spending “$28 a day, you would get caught up in the IRS’s dragnet. $28 a day. This is wrong,” Ferguson said. “Americans do not want the IRS looking in their bank accounts. And the federal government has no business looking at your private bank accounts or your money. People are sick and tired of this,” he added.

Many people are concerned with so many areas of American life now encroached on by the government. Digging into people’s spending, including on platforms like Venmo where they may make transactions with other individuals, is intrusive and immoral.

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