September 30, 2022

BREAKING: Biden is FINISHED – He’s Unable To…

President Joe Biden has contributed to a major crisis that’s on the horizon. By all accounts, things are about to get pretty bad — is he doing enough?

Seaport backups have created a bottleneck in the supply chain that’s only going to get worse if not fixed, Breitbart reported. There are more than a hundred container ships waiting off the coast of California with not enough people to unload or ship goods inland.

“My administration is bringing together the port operators, shipping lines, the labor unions, trucking companies, railroads, and others to speed up the port’s operations,” Biden promised back on August 11. He chalked up the problem to temporary factors, promising “these bottlenecks and price spikes will reduce as our economy continues to heal.”

To address the problem, Biden appointed a “Port Envoy,” John D. Porcari, to join his Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg, the failed Democratic presidential candidate whose only qualification for the job was that he liked to ride trains. Now Buttigieg, the former mayor who had a pothole problem while in office, is somehow supposed to help fix America’s seaports.

“Obviously it’s an incredibly complicated situation,” Buttigieg said on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” program Thursday. “Some of these things have been years and years in the making,” he offered as an excuse.

“We’re going to continue to see a lot of challenges,” Buttigieg further explained. “Not just going into the next year or two, but going into the long term.”

Despite his reassurances, this slow-motion disaster could impact Americans’ purchasing power just in time for the holiday season. It’s also a problem that could exacerbate inflation that is already impacting shoppers at grocery stores and at the gas pumps, The Hill reported.

Biden did not pick his cabinet based on qualifications other than the intersectional boxes they could check. Coupled with his own incompetence and the general problem with Democratic policies, this issue surely won’t be resolved any time soon no matter who else he tries to bring in to help.




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