August 8, 2022

Brady: Biden’s promises of ‘unity’ were an ‘absolute fraud’

Ranking Republican on the House Ways and Means Committee called President Joe Biden’s promise of bipartisanship and “unity” a “fraud,” according to a statement on the committee’s website.

Rep. Kevin Brady began his official statement saying that “It’s time to call it, President Biden’s call for unity has been an absolute fraud.”  

Despite the success of five previous bipartisan bills totaling $3.5 trillion, Democrats hijacked relief efforts and rejected GOP efforts in this bill to get vaccines distributed even more widely, to strengthen child poverty funding, to reopen schools, to help people return to work, and to support struggling Main Street businesses. 

Yet tonight’s speech was all about how President Biden solved everything. This is unity?

Every day since President Biden’s inauguration, he has allowed politics to divide the country, rather than honored his pledge to unify us. In a crisis, this is not the leadership we need—it’s partisanship we can do without.

The massive $1.9 trillion spending bill was signed by the president just days after it passed the first hurdle of the Senate and was easily passed by the House of Representatives. 

However, with every single Republican voting against the bill, in both houses of congress, it is reminiscent of the complaints offered by Democrats when Senate Republicans made moves without Democtats’ support during the last administration. 

Liberals called such moves an affront to equality, and Biden wasted no time in using that unrest (along with other things) to say that he would be different than the last administration in considering the other side. 

An article in Newsweek outlined similar calls for accountibility from Rep. Robert Aderholt (R-AL), a member of the House Committee on Appropriations. 

According to Aderhholt, Biden’s “actions have not lived up to his words” during his inaugural address in January. “It’s time for President Biden to end his 50 day drive to divide & become, as he pledged, ‘A President for all Americans.’”

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