June 29, 2022

Border counties sue Biden for refusal to ‘enforce the laws’

Texas border counties are suing the Biden administration over the surge in illegal immigrants that one county leader calls “inexcusable.”

“We’ve talked about immigration reform for as long as I can remember. Both parties have had control of Washington at one point or another over the last 20 years, and we have failed to do anything about it other than create the mess that we have today,” Val Verde County Commissioner Beau Nettleton said on Tuesday, according to Fox News.

“It is inexcusable,” he added.

Speaking about the recent group of up to 15,000 Haitian migrants under the Del Rio bridge, the commissioner addressed the undue burden Biden’s open border policies have created for their community.

“Fifty percent of the population of this city was sitting underneath our International Bridge – how is a town of this size, with our tax base supposed to deal with that problem,” he said.

“It is a complete failure of everything that is going on in Washington, for not just the last couple of years, but for many, many years,” Nettleton added.

The lawsuit may not end the border crisis, but it does draw attention to the growing issue as the number of illegal immigrants continues to surge.

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