September 29, 2022

Bombshell report indicates Kamala Harris’s staffers are quitting to avoid “Harris person” label from damaging future career prospects

Reports out of the White House indicate that Vice President Kamala Harris has become such a pariah that her staffers are running for the hills just to avoid being labeled a “Harris person.”

Over the last month, the Vice President’s office has experienced an exodus of staffers and now we know why.

The Vice President’s office is apparently afflicted by a toxic culture and those individuals working there fear that it will cause damage to their future job prospects.

Another factor that has led to Kamala Harris being such an unpopular boss is her own political fortunes. Vice President Harris has gone from a rising star in the Democrat Party to a complete failure.

The White House has done its best to keep Harris hidden away from the public. The Vice President has done such a bad job that some Democrats want to see her booted from Joe Biden’s reelection campaign, should he choose to run again.

Vice President Harris’s political career is in flames and there is little to be gained in working for her.

Americans should expect more resignations coming from the Vice President’s office as staffers run to greener pastures.




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