August 14, 2022

Blumenthal: Amy Coney Barrett must recuse herself from SCOTUS cases involving election

Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett’s confirmation hearing is underway, and Democrats desperate to block her placement on the court are ramping up their attacks.

Sen. Richard Blumenthal (D-CT) even went so far as to demand Barrett “recuse” herself from decisions involving the election lest she destroys “the legitimacy of the court and her own credibility.”

Panic is rising among Democrats that Barrett’s installation on the high court will somehow guarantee Donald Trump’s re-election and Blumenthal is demanding that Barrett preemptively commits to avoid involvement in any election dispute that makes it to the court.

Blumenthal complained during a Tuesday appearance on MSNBC’s Morning Joe:

The Republicans have the votes on this committee. They can prevail by raw power, but they don’t have the American people on their side. They don’t have history on their side. They’re losing because the American people want the next president and the next Senate to choose the next justice, and the American people want the Affordable Care Act. They want reproductive freedoms and sensible common-sense gun violence prevention, but there is an agenda here, and it is a pretty ugly one.

Blumenthal, who is a member of the Senate Judiciary Committee tasked with holding the hearings, declared that because Barrett’s confirmation can’t be stopped, the onus is on her to prove that she will bend to Democrats’ will once she is officially installed.

“The President of the United States decided, in the days after Justice Ginsburg’s death, he wanted to put another justice on the Supreme Court so she could decide this election. He made it absolutely clear. He articulated it,” Blumenthal declared.

“This justice must commit to recuse herself, otherwise, she’s going to destroy the legitimacy of the court and her own credibility,” he hyperventilated. “That’s why I demanded that she, in fact, take herself out of any decision involving the election should it reach the Supreme Court as Bush V. Gore did.”

“But I think the majority of the American people want the votes to decide it, not the Supreme Court. And this whole proceeding is not normal. It really is a sham when you think about it. Americans are voting right now, and the president is trying to, in effect, have the Supreme Court decide the election, not the American voters.”

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GM Reeve (@guest_1061952)
1 year ago

Why is Blumenthal still in government? He certainly does not speak for me. He is one of PELOSI’S Cronies. Part of the corruption crew.

William Sullens (@guest_1062053)
Reply to  GM Reeve
1 year ago

Amen!!!!!!!!!!! Amy Coney Barrett should not recuse herself from anything if she is confirmed to the Supreme Court. To recuse yourself means you do not have the faith in yourself to act responsibly as a member of the Supreme Court. I believe that Blumerall’s request is absolute non-sense.

Robert Morzenti (@guest_1062195)
Reply to  GM Reeve
1 year ago

He should have been jailed for Stolen Valor when he claimed he was in Vietnam and wasn’t. He’s a wannabe loser and shouldn’t be in the position he’s in. He’s a lying piece of crap.

Ken Porter (@guest_1062333)
Reply to  Robert Morzenti
1 year ago

As an Army Veteran I don’t understand how he is allowed to remain in the Senate.

SGT Preston (@guest_1062386)
Reply to  GM Reeve
1 year ago

Amen! Blumenthal is a Pelosi cretin. His pontifications plus a couple of dollars, will get you a cup of coffee in D. C…..and that’s about it. Ms. Barrett, hang in and do not be dissuaded by these democrabic blowhards who are legends in their own minds.

Jerusha Jordan (@guest_1062548)
Reply to  GM Reeve
1 year ago

Blumenthal hasn’t done squat for us here in CT….all his lies about serving in Nam when he never did……….Blumenthal lead voters in Connecticut to believe he was a Vietnam veteran when, in fact, he was never deployed to Vietnam. He obtained at least five deferments and later served in the Marine Reserve in the Washington area, according to a New York Times article in 2010.
There’s no evidence Blumenthal boasted of near-death experiences, or claimed to be a war hero; he did make false claims about returning back from war or serving in Vietnam.

Don (@guest_1061962)
1 year ago

Blooming Blumenthal must be drinking the water in Long Island Sound after the New York empties the garbage dumps

Sophie Fattig (@guest_1061972)
1 year ago

I hope Amy Wins. This seat. Prayers for her.

Karen (@guest_1061976)
1 year ago

I don’t understand why he can publicly black mail a justice and get away with it. He should be removed from the committee and then arrested for blackmail.

Captain Obvious (@guest_1062009)
Reply to  Karen
1 year ago

into the oven Blumenthal…

Marilyn (@guest_1062329)
Reply to  Karen
1 year ago

You are absolutely right Karen! Why do the democrats get away with all their garbage? This is so wrong.

Michael D Perry (@guest_1062004)
1 year ago


iamvirgo (@guest_1062705)
Reply to  Michael D Perry
1 year ago

10000 percent agree!

Captain Obvious (@guest_1062006)
1 year ago

Drink the Kool-aid Blumenthal,
drink the Kool-aid.
bah bye
I said bah bye!

harold mitchell (@guest_1062050)
1 year ago

who does he think he is????REALLY!

Le Bron James (@guest_1062069)
1 year ago

You all are racist white republicans that are so privileged, want until Biden wins!

Pat K Dietrich (@guest_1062137)
Reply to  Le Bron James
1 year ago

Talk about being privileged! That guy is a real a – – hole!

iamvirgo (@guest_1062709)
Reply to  Pat K Dietrich
1 year ago

Will the real le bron james please stand up!? Itsa troll!

Darlene T. Irwin (@guest_1062169)
Reply to  Le Bron James
1 year ago

No one cares what you think.

Shirley (@guest_1062313)
Reply to  Le Bron James
1 year ago

Wake up , don’t use your skin not all African American agree with you.
Look how democrats said about our country accused of racism , who is doing that you and democrats .
If it doesn’t go your way republicans are racist

Carol (@guest_1062335)
Reply to  Le Bron James
1 year ago

Only if DemocRats cheat will Biden win. He can’t even talk where you can understand him and know what he’s talking about. Pull your head out

SGT Preston (@guest_1062391)
Reply to  Carol
1 year ago

Biden is the worst candidate the democrabs could have put in, if they really wanted to win. He is a waste of time, with his increasingly severe dementia. Only reason he was put in was so that he could be replaced by Harris

Brenda (@guest_1062581)
Reply to  SGT Preston
1 year ago

I agree. All Biden knows how to do is lie. He has lied about the college he attended, church he grew up in, etc. even after he is told something is false, he continues to repeat it. This guy is full of corruption.

George McBenge (@guest_1062412)
Reply to  Le Bron James
1 year ago

Look in the mirror,moron! For a guy who’s one and only legacy to be remembered for is throwing a ball through a hoop,talking smack,and being an all-around butthole!

Bv (@guest_1062196)
1 year ago

Amy Barrett better not recuse herself from the elections because the democratic ( communist party ) already know that they are going to cheat in the election.

kevin getsinger (@guest_1062228)
1 year ago

Blumenthal is a POS.

Roslynne Steinberg (@guest_1062305)
1 year ago

The Dems are so desperate, they will try anything to stop this wonderful judge! As far as I am concerned, the Dems are digging their own graves!

Andey (@guest_1062331)
1 year ago

What American people is Blumenthal referring to? Because that’s not what I am hearing and reading out here among the American people.

TAIWAN COMMONER (@guest_1063054)
1 year ago

This guy is a total idiot. Nice try but ain’t gonna fly. No precedence, no legal footing. He can wish in one hand and spit in the other. These liberal fools think rules, laws and morals don’t apply to them. Why do blacks vote for people who want to keep them slaves? A WHITE LIBERAL will not SAVE American Blacks. People can only save themselves. THAT is a fact of life!

William (@guest_1065898)
1 year ago

Do you know I have been paying attention to the latest nominee for the Supreme Court in the corrupt Democrats heads are spinning around like their own bearings ball bearing As long as everything goes the way the criminal Democrats wanted to go everything is fine but when our president that they tried to destroy by a major coup I want everyone to think why the Criminal Democrats are fighting so hard to get this president out of office is it because he has cut off all of their kickback money the criminal Democrats that are in office right now are the most corrupt in American history they are more corrupt Then you’re my boss back in the 30s if we want to keep our constitutional republic free we must fight and fight to win and it’s time for Mr. barr and Mr. Durham To bring all the evidence of this criminal activity to the American people and it must be done before the election there is no way that these two men are honest and love their country they can see the corruption that’s going on in our government I am sick of the lying that goes on by government officials it is time to make it a serious crime to lie to the American people with a 20 year sentence in GITMO and there is no mercy for traders to our great country it is time for everyone to pray for our elected officials especially for our great presidentDonald John Trump I could go on and on but I will end by saying God bless the USA God bless the Trump administration and God bless our patriots

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