September 29, 2020

Michael Bloomberg backtracks on promise to financially support Democrat nominee: Report

Democrat nominee Joe Biden is rapidly losing his polling edge, sending Democrats into a panic. While nearly every former Democrat presidential candidate has fallen on their sword to ensure Biden’s success, there is one former opponent that has quietly resisted.

The New York Times reported on Sunday that former New York City Mayor and billionaire Michael Bloomberg has stabbed Biden in the back by refusing to financially bolster Biden’s campaign after promising to do so in January. 

According to the Times, as the Biden campaign looks for ways to make inroads in Florida, “at least two pro-Biden groups have approached Michael R. Bloomberg …. about the possibility of funding an enormous blitz against Mr. Trump in Florida, arguing that delivering the state’s 29 Electoral College votes to Mr. Biden would effectively end the election.”

However, Bloomberg’s team responded to the request by explaining that the billionaire “has not approved any plans for spending money in the presidential race.”

This statement is a shocking reversal from Bloomberg’s pledge in January — when he suspended his ailing campaign –, in which he said that he would continue to pay nearly 500 staffers to do whatever it takes to get Trump out of the White House.

Axios reported at the time:

Mike Bloomberg will pay for the nearly 500 staffers on his presidential campaign to continue working through November to support whoever wins the 2020 Democratic nomination, even if it’s not him.

Bloomberg has pledged to spend $15 million on efforts to drive voter turnout, and his staffers could help that push effort in key states.

Biden is rapidly losing Florida voters to Trump after neglecting the critical swing state for much of the summer. Bloomberg’s pledge to spend millions in “key states” would come in handy for the Biden campaign right now, but it appears that Bloomberg has no plans to make good on the pledge.

Fox News reported on Saturday that Bloomberg has been attempting to “insert himself into the Biden campaign and influence policy,” according to insiders, but the Biden campaign doesn’t want his input, only his money. In turn, it appears that Bloomberg may be withholding his financial resources despite his former pledge to do whatever it takes to oust Trump.

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47 Responses

  1. The demonrats chickens have come to roost they have no chance of winning anything now that they have shown there colors the colors of the Chinese communist party scum

  2. Why of course I will voice my opinion. I read not so long ago that the two best mayor’s of N.Y.C. would have never left this city in the in disgusting deplorable condition that it’s in now — They are Michael B. and Rudy G. ** Trump and Pence for Four More Years 😘 🤗*

  3. Bloomberg is no dummy. He understands that there are personal and financial risks in supporting a candidate whose decline is beginning to emerge. Why back a loser like Biden when the cost would be a huge black eye for his image. Besides Biden is not calling the shots. He is being controlled by his handlers including Bernie Sanders and Kamala Harris.

  4. Biden is the only person I know of that can stab himself in back. Can’t blame anyone else because Biden is a real bad bad choice for a candidate to run for the presidency of the United States of America, when he should be running from it. The DNC maybe thinking about the 25th Amendment of the Constitution to replace him IF elected, which it isn’t going to happen, because God has chosen President Trump to be our President.

    1. Wow and you think Trump is the best! He has no morals, lie after lie and is as bad as he can get. Anyone on Medicare and Social Security better think twice before voting for Trump. Pity people like you who do not do your homework on Trump….

      1. Helen, WOW is right, I can’t believe that anyone who has done there homework correctly would think that the corrupt lieing treasonous dumbocrats with there communist ideology would be good for America. Are you afraid he might take your welfare checks away? Obviously your to blind to see the forest thru the trees. Donald J Trump 2020. He has done more in 4 years for everyone in this country than the dumbocrats had done in 8 years. They did nothing but rape and tried to sell us out in order to line there pockets with cash. If you don’t like hearing it you can go to HEL EN WAIT

        1. 100%. These people do not even try to understand what great things our President Trump has done, while the worst people try to oust him. If they would only read ALL his accomplishments under duress, and his promises kept. But, maybe they would not be able to understand what they are reading.

      2. He has delivered on all of his campaign promises. You cant ask for a better President, I bet you think Barry Obama was a good President don’t you. Sorry you are ignorant to the facts & are a Democrat sheep!

      3. It sounds to me, my friend, that you listen quite too much to the Liberal Media. that lie about Social Security and Medicare was told by Biden about Trump. It is Biden, Harris who will take away Social Security and ruin Medicare for all citizens. I mean no disrespect, but you sound kind of, well, young and impressionable. I apologize, if you are not. I’ll tell you what. Try listening to Sebastian Gorka on the am channel in your area. Or even Rush Limbaugh, or Glen Beck. Get some news from someone different. Just for now and until you vote. Or go ahead, vote for the Biden/Harris ticket if you really want. I dare ya! It will be a lost cause vote because unless this election is rigged, our next President will be the one we already have. Do some leg work, research all the lies that the left and their media is force feeding you. Again, I mean no disrespect, Helen. But it does amaze me how good people swallow whatever the “Drive By media” tells people. Did you watch any of the Democratic Convention? Everyone who spoke was sooo full of hate. Did you listen to President Trump’s speech and those he had speak? the love for you and I and this precious country just oozed. Please! I beg of you, don’t follow the Hateful Democrats down that hole to oblivion, Think for yourself, my sister.
        Respectfully submitted,
        Nicki Riley

      4. That’s a democratic lie Helen. President Trump already said he will not touch Social Security or Medicare. Democrats always LIE and tell you they are protecting Social Security while they push GRANNY OFF A CLIFF OR STICK HER IN A INFECTED NURSING HOME.

      5. Helen dear.
        PLEASE get your head out of the sand & the sand out of your eyes! Has No morals ? & President TRUMP is fighting Everyday for “We the PEOPLE” & AMERICA you DEMONRAT !

      6. Biden is the king of liars learned from Obama. How can you cast stones with all the touchy freely Biden does. He’s a dirty old man and has lost touch with reality. You may not like Trump but he has kept his promises and actually cares what happens to America unlike the puppet run by Soros, PELOSI, Harris and the rest of the Demoncrats.

    2. You are overlooking the obvious: Biden is the cleanest, most honest, most likeable candidate the Democrats have. He’s their best speaker; his programs offend the fewest potential Progressive voters. If the Democrats had anyone better, they’d be running that candidate rather than Biden even if it did mean they’d lose the support of the CCP. Or maybe not… That might go too far.

      1. Wow! Like many you’ve totally not done any homework at all. Sick minds think alike n you’re in love w a pedophile. Disgusting n deplorable filling his pocket w your money. 2020 Trump/Pence a woman of integrity thank you very much

      2. Francisco, Biden’s got an almost 50 year history of screwing the American people, and making millions off of the taxpayers. Just wondering if you’ve been out of the country you apparently haven’t had the opportunity to listen to Joe speak lately.

  5. Why should and billionair support Biden, Trump has doubled and trippled their income is had the brains to use the Stock Market.

  6. Why should and low income person, and women, regardless of race, vote Damocrate, Trump as done more for them any president in my lifetime and I am 89, right the woman has the right to do with her body as she wishes, so does the man, but that does not give us the right to kill unborn, heart beating babies. YES MILLIONS OF HEART BEATING BABIES HAVE BEEN KILLED. MURDER IS MURDER AND ALL SHOULD BE ARRESTED AND PROSCUTED FOR MURDER.

  7. Cuomo, Needs his NON-ESSENTIAL’S taken off and put down his throat. PUT this WORTHLESS , UNGRATEFUL PIECE OF GARDEN VARIETY GUTTER TRASH in PRISON and charge him with MURDER is the 1st Degree for the 100 ‘s of NURSING HOME DEATHS in NY STATE. SERIOUSLY, this WORTHLESS PIECE OF GARBAGE needs to Serve sometime behind BAR’S. It needs to be no least than 365 Years in PRISON without a possibility of PAROLE.

  8. Cuomo, Needs his NON-ESSENTIAL’S taken off and put down his throat. PUT this WORTHLESS , UNGRATEFUL PIECE OF GARDEN VARIETY GUTTER TRASH in PRISON and charge him with MURDER is the 1st Degree for the 100 ‘s of NURSING HOME DEATHS in NY STATE. SERIOUSLY, this WORTHLESS PIECE OF GARBAGE needs to Serve sometime behind BAR’S. It needs to be no least than 365 Years in PRISON without a possibility of PAROLE.

  9. You are a liberal waste of skin, stop listening to bought and paid for George Soros news. Your voter registration should be taken away, untill you can show some kind of smarts. Have you not listened to Trump at all?? He has done everything he said he would do, and that’s not good enough for you. Go join the other crying liberals that listen to propaganda from Trump haters. TRUMP will do a other 4 years as good or better than this 4.look what he has been through with the democracts!

  10. Watch out , money can’t buy happiness . Hillary took the money and ran like a rabbit , thank you hollyweird for all that money ! and Bidens in the same boat , but he got to put the plug in ! Mr. Wrongway can’t get nuttin right .

  11. Joe, are you sure you didn’t leave a fork between the cushions? Nanci keeps putting a fork in everything she does lately. Maybe the both of you should switch to sporks, less dribbling and you can shovel what you’re serving faster.

  12. I guess the censure police won’t let me tell the truth here about biden. he and Jill are adulterers. so is Kamala. just ask Jills first husband. ask Willie Brown of California. they have spoken of this in the media. Biden is a demented moron. Kamala is in lockstep with communists. to save America, vote republican in November.

    1. I believe Bidens are child abuse and traffickers why else would they buy an island next door to Epstein and put it in Joe’s brothers name. Epstein and his cronies were being investigated and Joe being VP at the time easily found out so he sold the island to distance himself. They are scum of the earth.

  13. Growing up in Scranton, Pa. I have watched Biden for a long time. He’s nothing but a piece of crap politician. He, like Obama, is banking on the stupidity of the American people as was recorded being said by Jonathan Gruber, architect of Obamacare. I hope people have wised up by now. Trump might be rough but he keeps his promises and cares about the USA.

  14. I imagine he’s fed up with backing one LOOSA already this year…himself…LMAO! He isn’t about to spend millions more on a “blithering idiot,” and that running mate who couldn’t get more than 1% in the primaries! LMAO!

  15. i will bet in bidens cloudy mind that he still thinks he has that 10 point lead and that is what his handlers are telling him! the funny thing i saw this week was his so called townhall in kenosha where counting him was less that10 people with only one getting a prepared question that she called a lie and spoke on her own! there must be very little enthusiasm on bidens side!

  16. Bloomberg is another dumb Billionaire copied Gulliani who fixed New York and then was at the end starting to ruin New York because he ran out of ideas which Gulliani in place I feel he is starting to lose his mind too that’s why nobody wanted him or President either

  17. BIDEN and HARRIS. THE ticket with opposing views on issues.

    BIDEN. The Lone Candidate with opposing views on issues.
    But he thinks he’s got it together Jack !

    Stay in your basement Joe. The Federal Government will send decorators over to make your basement look like the Oval Office complete with a hotline (red phone) a direct line to Communist Red China, so you can communicate with your people. Well, in reality the phone will be a direct line to perhaps the last pay phone in Chinatown in San Francisco.

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