July 4, 2022

BLM protestors go too far in Atlanta

Black Lives Matter protestors don’t care about black lives. It is hard to believe that a little girl had to pay with her life because her mother accidentally drove into a neighborhood occupied by armed BLM protestors, but that is what happened.

On the 4th of July, Charmaine Turner got off the interstate in Atlanta, Georgia, and found herself and her daughter at the Wendy’s where Rayshard Brooks was killed by a police officer earlier this month. Turner tried to turn around but found her car surrounded by armed black BLM protestors.

The armed protestors began shooting into the car and hit 8-year-old Secoriea Turner for the sin of crossing into the occupied zone. Secoriea was taken to the hospital but died from her injuries.

Secoriyah Williamson, the father of 8-year-old Secoriea plainly pointed out that Black Lives Matter killed his daughter because her mother had accidentally wandered into an occupied zone and found herself surrounded.

Secoriea’s mother made a heartbreaking plea for help in finding the shooters responsible for her daughter’s death. She said she understood the racial problems of the times, but said that she didn’t mean any harm, and her daughter certainly didn’t mean any harm.

The mayor of Atlanta, Keisha Lance Bottoms (D), who has allowed the armed occupation of the Wendy’s and the surrounding neighborhood to continue, also appealed to the protestors to stop the violence. She pointed out that the whole world is listening right now and that killing little girls wasn’t going to give a good impression to all those taking Black Lives Matter seriously. She said that “enough is enough. We’re fighting the enemy within when we are shooting each other up in our streets. You shot and killed a baby. And it wasn’t one shooter, there was at least two shooters.”

No one seems to be listening to the mayor as there was another shooting near Wendy’s on Sunday. A 53-year-old male was shot and killed and two others were wounded. Another 20 people were injured in shootings. Woe to anyone who wanders into this Atlanta war zone.

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Greg Rabon (@guest_1018597)
1 year ago


Jack (@guest_1018599)
1 year ago

Black lives matter is a communist group of people who don’t care about anyone they just want to destroy our country.They need to be stopped cold and made to pay for their crimes against all races and Americans.STOMP THEM OUT NOW!!!!!

RICHARD BEAL (@guest_1018805)
Reply to  Jack
1 year ago

when they are in prison the inmates should be told of their crimes and let the healing begin–the inmates can not kill them but anything else is okay

sandra Kramer (@guest_1018608)
1 year ago

If this is still happening on Sunday, what in the h….. are you doing Ms Mayer. Another person shot dead, two others wounded and 20 more injured in shootings. GET THESE PROTESTORS OUT OF THERE AND IN JAIL WHERE THEY BELONG!!! Words aren’t what we need now – WE NEED YOUR POLICE TO GO IN THERE, ARREST THOSE WITH WEAPONS AND THROW THEM IN JAIL. How long are you going to wait Ms. Mayer before you do this. Are you going to wait until another child, etc. is killed?

russell remmert (@guest_1018804)
Reply to  sandra Kramer
1 year ago

you do not deserve your position alleged mayor / the Army could stop these punks , not sure should order body bags

RICHARD BEAL (@guest_1018807)
Reply to  sandra Kramer
1 year ago

looks like a black democrat to me

Theodore (@guest_1018609)
1 year ago

Dumbing down has done its job.
I hope that all of you Democrats I hope that all of you black lives matter people I hope that all of you ignorant but heads get the picture you stupid. This is ignorance at its worst there are ways to go about things and they’re always not to go about things what you guys are done has been nothing but destruction I was taught a long time ago you don’t care somebody down you build them up you make them somebody you want people to listen to you you’re going the wrong direction you’re going to end up frying in hell and I hope you do. Could you deserve it. And another thing, you are being used you are being puppeted manipulated screwed because you know what when the people pulling the strings get what they want you’re the ones they’re going to come after you’re the ones that they’re going to castrate. And I don’t blame them. you want to get rid of all the freedoms go ahead why don’t you guys go to Africa back to Africa where you belong I mean you know you said your hound happy here you don’t like it here go back to your own country go back to where your roots are they want you if there’s open their doors to you that just came out publicly and said so go leave won’t break my heart cuz you’re not you’re not an American not if you do these things not if you operate this way. And you can take all the Democrat senators and congressmen with you and that house speaker what’s her name take them with you get going just you know go get out of this country now because I tell you something you’re next

Andre Morin (@guest_1018612)
1 year ago

Where is the police? The mayor is allowing this atrocity to happen! The chief of police is hamstrung? Good old Democratic area, watch what the future will bring!!!

LAURIE JENKINS (@guest_1018633)
1 year ago


NANCY JO EVILSIZOR (@guest_1018641)
1 year ago


James B. Saladin (@guest_1018689)
1 year ago

Yes she is the problem..

Kenneth Wortman (@guest_1018661)
1 year ago

My sincere condolences to the family for the loss of their daughter. This is a tragic event that the left has created. They support BLM and Antifa both which are communist organizations. They claim there is racism throughout this great nation which is false. My heart bleeds for the loss of life by all. I read the reports of the black lives killed throughout our nation and no one cares about them. It took killing an 8 year old little girl for the mayor of Atlanta to finally speak out. A sad day when a baby has to die for fake news and made up leftist radical agenda. God bless

Frank T (@guest_1018703)
Reply to  Kenneth Wortman
1 year ago

Remember she only spoke out ,not like she actually is doing anything.

Dianne G Entwistle (@guest_1018663)
1 year ago

Another mayor with too little too late. They should have been cleared out and arrested a long time ago and a little innocent girl would still be alive.

P Lightfoot (@guest_1018695)
1 year ago

This is what happens when demonrats run things and it will happen if they run America only on a much grander scale they must be voted out from all branches of government all they want is total power so they can control you
Vote TRUMP and vote red all the way SEMPER FI. U.S.M.C.

Frank T (@guest_1018699)
1 year ago

Mayor Bottoms could have prevented this death, unfortunately she is part of the problem and not part of the solution. BLM doesn’t care about anything but political power. The sooner the message gets out what they really are the better.
As for you mayor how many more need to die before you actually do something?????????.

spike (@guest_1018794)
1 year ago

whatta bunch a thugs.

Barry w vann (@guest_1018815)
1 year ago

Start shooting these terrorists and it will stop…..always does.

Barry w vann (@guest_1018817)
1 year ago

Have y’all noticed that 99% of the violence is coming from communist( democratic) controlled cities??…..mayors communist,governors communist etc etc. That ought to tell you people a lot right there. Look what America would look like if they get communist joe voted in.

Eileen (@guest_1018886)
Reply to  Barry w vann
1 year ago

They hate Trump so much, they don’t care. Wish I could figure out why they hate him so much. Everything I have heard them say about him sounds like they are talking about the dems, not Trump.

Gloria Summers (@guest_1018826)
1 year ago

This is 100% the Mayor’s fault!! She should be arrested and put in jail. The family should sue her and make her pay for the rest of her life!!
My condolences to her family and also for the 57 year old man that was killed by those murdering BLM!!! They are nothing but some sick mother-f’ers!

kc (@guest_1018848)
1 year ago

many Prayers and Blessings to the family of Secoriea.
blm say a peacefull demonstration??? really .. don’t think so
they have displayed nothing but “VIOLENCE AND HATE”
they carry guns, pipes,sticks, fist,kicking, hurting their fellow man till they bleed, and hate language,,, mmm don’t think so!
is this our human race now?
civil conversation is needed as a country. learn from the past and build the future, this is how you do it.
Shame on this kind of mentality.
share the love

Mary (@guest_1018852)
1 year ago

BLM is just another arm of the the demonic party………././.

Janet (@guest_1018871)
1 year ago

This organization is not for Black Lives. It’s an organization of rebels and fascist that want a nation of hate and armed conflict, they want control. These ‘demon’crats are putting their hate above our nation and they don’t care about the race of the individuals. They are not for any Lives!!! They are for themselves and the demoncrats are helping to arm them. The mayor is definitely to blame. She’s a big part of the problem. Throw her out!!!
Pray we are able to keep Trump in the white house. Trump 2020!!!

Thomas (@guest_1018873)
1 year ago

The killings of blacks is going on now look at the weekend. More than 50 blacks killed by Blacks but there lives aren’t important

Jim (@guest_1018888)
Reply to  Thomas
1 year ago

Thomas, Black Lives ONLY matter if a White person kills a Black person and they can get some propergander out of it. As a retired Officer I saw so many Blacks who were murdered and not one of the ones I knew about were killed by a White person. We MUST get rid of the thugs and sick people in our society no matter what color their skin happens to be.

Meekster (@guest_1018935)
1 year ago

When dealing with RABID ANIMALS – you do what’s necessary.

F (@guest_1019209)
1 year ago

They thugs need to change their signs, t shirts. As “not all life matters’
career criminals apparently do.



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