October 1, 2020

BLM demands white people give up their houses in Seattle

At a recent BLM protest in Seattle, Washington, demonstrators demanded that white homeowners give up their homes. The protesters claimed that the white folks in a historically black neighborhood were “gentrifiers” that made that forced black people out of their homes.

The “gentrification” of a neighborhood is generally cast in a negative light, but it really refers to the renewal of a rundown neighborhood which increases property values. Rising values drive lower-income residents out.

Seattle, Washington is a wealthy city with a population of fewer than one million people and a median salary of almost $94,000. White people make up 68% of the population while the Black population stands at about 7%. Asians make up another 15%.

Protesters now want the homeowners in that neighborhood to “give up” their homes to Black people. One protester put it this way.

Give black people back their homes! You’re sitting there comfortably — comfortable as f—k as if they didn’t help gentrify this neighborhood! I used to live in this neighborhood, and my family was pushed out, and you’re sitting up there having a good time with your other white friends.

That demand sounds a lot like the “requests” that Charlotte Helm, a cofounder of BLM Louisville issued in 2017.

 White people, if you can afford to downsize, give up the home you own to a black or brown family. Preferably a family from generational poverty.

She also suggested that white people let Black people live in rental properties for free. White people should will their property to Black people. White women should get their white bosses fired, etc. etc.

America can expect more of the same from BLM, as the Marxist organization gained tremendous support since the death of George Floyd. Expect guilt-ridden white liberals to cave into BLM demands and then try to force the rest of Americans to do the same. The city council of Asheville, North Carolina, a bastion of leftism in a largely conservative state, already caved to demands for reparations and voted unanimously to enact programs to redistribute wealth to Black people. According to ABC News:

The Asheville City Council voted 7-0 on a resolution Tuesday night that formally apologized to its Black residents for the city’s role in slavery, discriminatory housing practices, and other racist policies throughout its history.

The mayor of Asheville, which is 82% white, recommended federal reparations but felt that Asheville was doing the right thing.

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44 Responses

    1. Come prepared is what you are saying. Pretty much, we who own our own homes, have had to work day and night to afford that. Working is the key…and not all of us are millionaires…few and far between, I’d say. All of our lives we have been a two person working family, the kids went to school, got good grades, graduated and went out and got good jobs, so that they too could have a nice home. What is wtong wit that picture. If you didn;t think grades were important and you didn’t graduate…whose fault is that?..if you got hooked on drugs or sold them, whose fault is that? I f you got fired, because your language was foul, and every other word was f**k, whose fault would that be.?..and not the end of this, but if you think wearing jeans below the bottom of you bottom, is job enhancing…you were wrong and that is why you are now standing in the street. It takes smarts to go to school, get a job, save your money and then buy a home. No one gave us out homes for free…as you are asking us to do. AMD NO ONE IS GOING TO TAKE IT AWAY FROM US EITHER!

    2. We are well stocked and will NOT give up anything we own. All Americans are one people. Not Black or White–ALL OF US.
      We will stand on the side or what is right.
      Black Americans make up roughly 17 Percent of Americans, White people make up the rest.
      Let’s stop all this crap and learn AGAIN to live together and we will be better than having two groups, which is not sustainable and enjoy life as ONE PEOPLE.

    3. Just how many of you BLM idiots have such a great job that allows you the time to riot and burn down buildings. I guess none of you work right? And we taxpayers are paying your welfare checks so you can “do your BLM thing”. Why don’t you get some backbones and start being upright citizens. You have caused so many people to hate and despise you. People do not care what demands you have cause they WILL NEVER HAPPEN. Come to my house and you will meet my SW Guardian.

    4. Do you live in Seattle? If you do then you do not know how the damn democrats control the gun laws there in Seattle. They seem to have a habit to arrest any one who tries to “Stand Your Ground” when your life and property are in danger. With a democratic governor and mayor you will see that the “Democratic” prosecutor will charge you with first degree murder.

  1. I worked for my home and will not give it up to anyone . If you work for what you want you can achieve it . Do not expect it to be given to you . I had NOTHING given to me . You already have programs in place to help you if you want it .

  2. Mr. President, please sed the military into Seattle and take down the BLM. They can’t steal people’s homes just because they want to. Please stop them.

    1. Look, all of you need to stop begging the government to do something and act yourselves. You seem to forget about the fact that in this nation, the people are the government. Stop begging for help and help yourselves and your neighbors.

  3. It’s going to take a organized effort by real citizens to put a end to this I back President Trump 100% but his hands are tied
    Time for the people to get this under control.

  4. The BLM is going to far and soon it will show, they will not get their way soon, they are a bunch of Idiots, it is alright for them to commit crimes but it is not alright for them to commit crimes against others

  5. IF you don’t work, you can not reap the fruit of others labors, just demanding someone leave there house because they worked hard and improved it is not just.


  7. NO. I will say that again, NO.
    I worked to have a roof over my head, rented or bought,
    at minimum wage jobs ……….and without a college degree.
    If, I can do it, then they should try too.

  8. Only a Democrat could think that someone who had nothing to do with anything should pay someone else who had nothing to do with anything because neither had been born when this incident was going on but the second someone thought that the first someone should pay them because the first someone may have had an ancient ancestor that might have benefited from something that the second someone’s ancient ancestor might have been involved with may have done and now they want to get paid for something that neither one ever did.

    1. Oh yeah! They also want Mount Rushmore destroyed because it’s on stolen land? do they realize that this full country was stolen from the amarinds?
      So, maybe we all should leave this country.
      But we’ll see them out the door first.

    2. HMMMM did we pay the Indians for their land? OH, guess we gave them reservations to live on. Doing well are they? If anyone is granted anything its them! They were here FIRST! Many of the slaves were brought here to work, I ask what would they have done if they had stayed in their own country? Seems books I read they were called servants. NOT one alive can prove lineage back to a slave brought here by traders. Stop all the BS and do like most of us have, school and work! NOTHING IS FREE HERE OR ANY WHERE ELSE! Guess you did not take advantage of affirmative action, set up for you especially! I call it special treatment and being given a job before white folks who had education and more knowledge!

  9. It’s not just your homes they demand, it is also your salaries that they demand you hand over to them. Time to get out the guns and ammo and start protecting your homes against these pieces of garbage.

    1. So they want to take over my job? they can put stitches in one of their hommies who got a shiv in his ribs..they want to start an IV, take blood from an arm, take a body to the morgue…those are my jobs as an RN…I make good money graduated from a good nursing school and university, and worked hard all my life helping others…and own nice home. I WORKED hard for that…no one gave it to me…and NO ONE IS GOING TO TAKE IT FROM ME!

  10. I’M telling you, and you had better take heed.I’m a 21 year ret. vet.Had plenty of ARMS Training and I know how to use them so you all just try and take my home from me.And I have a lot of vet friends that will come to my AIDE.And I will be there for them also. And I live in SC,LOVE IT.So I’m not going anywhere.

  11. I worked 2 jobs for 42 yrs. My wife also worked. We retired. We get doc sec too. My house is of for after 25 yrs we raised 3 kids that are successful. I give up nothing! Go to hell. Earn your living if you can figure that out!

  12. If they really want a tribal war they should look to the recent “unpleasantness in their “ancestral homeland” (specifically Rwanda) to discover what happens when two armed tribes, one a minority population, battle each other. The might find it instructive. In this case, the only possible “winners” would likely be outside forces but that would only result if the conflict was lengthy, which is unlikely. Semper Fi!!

  13. I have ABSOLUTELY no respect for the BS BLM. They are george soros army… paid by him and they are not intelligent enough to realize that he has no interest in them

  14. The only way to stop this nonsense is to get Trump re elected. Make sure you get out and vote the Pres. back into the White House!

  15. Well as I stated previously I’m not quite ready to give up my home. But I do have a couple things I’ll share if it becomes necessary.

  16. here they go! Commies get rid of police/traditions/church/democracy and then they want to take your home. I cannot believe that all of America does not see thru these commies, Militias and anti protest groups must continue to rise up and extinguish BLM/ANTIFA . They have one mission: Destroy America..I think they will be surprised very soon to find out they are considered a deadly virus with strong vaccines in place….

  17. I am with everybody. It is time for President Trump to do something about this insane thinking. Send in the troops to every city that needs it!

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