May 24, 2022

BLM board member helping Biden select Supreme Court nominee

An adviser helping President Joe Biden select the next Supreme Court nominee is a Black Lives Matter board member and critical race theory supporter.

Minyon Moore was announced as a Nomination Adviser for Engagement, according to the Washington Examiner.

“The President is proud to have Minyon Moore on his team as he prepares to announce and confirm an extraordinarily qualified nominee after seeking the recommendations of Republicans and Democrats in the Senate,” White House spokesman Andrew Bates said, according to the report.

In another interesting twist, Moore is also connected with Mark Elias, whose firm is helping BLM with its fundraising concerns and who has also served as the law firm behind Bill and Hillary Clinton.

The new connection may appear to show Biden is seeking outside help to assist in choosing his next justice, but Minyon is clearly an insider already connected to the left’s agenda.

Minyon’s selection instead shows more of the same instead of representing diverse viewpoints as the Biden White House claims.

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