August 1, 2021

One-third of Black voters less likely to vote for Biden after Harris joins ticket

Democrat voters as a whole may be on board with Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) as Joe Biden’s prospective running mate, but one key demographic isn’t so excited about her.

A recent Rasmussen survey revealed that just 18 percent of Democrat voters have an unfavorable view of the former prosecutor, One-third of Black voters surveyed in the poll said less likely to vote for the Democrat ticket because of Harris.

The mainstream media furiously condemns anyone that questions Harris’s claim to represent African-American voters as racist. However, according to The National Pulse’s Editor-in-Chief Raheem Kassam, Harris’s background does not give her carte blanche to speak for all Black voters:

While the media will continue to portray Harris as African-American, it’s important to note her mother was from India, and her father from Jamaica.

That’s not typically what people think of when they say “African-American”. I’m Indian, for example, and I don’t go around pretending to be black.

The survey also found that another third of Black voters said that Biden’s choice of Harris will make them “more likely” to vote for the Biden/Harris ticket, and the final third said the choice either will not impact their vote or they are not sure if it will impact their vote.

Another striking finding of this most recent survey is that Harris’s approval rating among Black voters is only one point higher than their approval of President Trump — a fact the mainstream media is doing everything in its power to supress.

37 percent of Black voters said they have a “very favorable” opinion of Harris, but for the month of July, Rasmussen said that Black approval of Trump was 36 percent due to a series of definitive actions boosting employment in the Black community and tackling long-sought-after criminal justice reform.

Joe Biden chose Kamala Harris to cover up a recent string of shockingly offensive gaffes towards Black voters — but it appears his strategy may not have the effect he was looking for.

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71 Responses

    1. They know a FAKE when the see and hear one, and she is the fake, and the fraud and the phoney. When she was a/g for california, she put away to many black people, to further her career, and played with the san fran willie, and tries to say she is black. so she is a LIAR also.

  1. The Dem’s have been making all the right decisions as far as I’m concerned. First Plugs, now this ? transparent laugh in your face about her sins to the black community? Yea She’s the one.

  2. Trump in a landslide….he has done more for ALL Americans regardless of race. People with a brain should be able to see this clearly, but for the propaganda media circus.

    1. If you really believe this then don’t bother to vote. Blacks will vote for Biden and not Harris. Every time Blacks think about not voting for Biden, they will remember Trump’s statements regarding Charlottesville; his racial remarks about Maxine Waters and other women; his ties with Putin; how he wasted two months saying that COVID19 was a Democratic hoax; Mitch McConnell; his lies about the payoff he informed Michael Cohen to give Stormy Daniels. Do I need to say more? Keep on supporting Trump and keep your crying towel handy come November 4th.

        1. I agree. Except, he is not useful. These people cannot read or understand how much our President has done for us. And that is in spite of the false drek that was taking place from before he took the oath of office. The Democrats are ignorant, including some of those in my own family.

      1. You and everyone else who think voting democratic won’t put the country in the sewer are way to stupid to see the forest thru the tree’s !!! TRUMP 2020.

      2. You haven’t a clue. This is going to be the biggest blowout of an election in American History. Even after all the Democratic mail-in votes are tossed or declared fraudulent because the dead, prisoners, illegals, dogs or cats still can’t vote. All the msm fake preaching is child’s play compared to your lunatic party’s creations of the virus, blm, antfags, and everything else to preoccupy the American People. 400,000 people would still be alive if Trump’s claims of hydroxychloroquine wasn’t made into a political NO-NO. This is fact. PERIOD. No matter what facebook, twitter, google falsely claim.

  3. Kamala is a wrong choice for Biden. She is too radical and now has sided with rioters. What’s wrong with this country? Riots are okay and killing innocent people while rioting is okay too?
    Country has gone too far left and we must change it, unless we want to see this country become like
    Venezuela. Trump started to right the course of this country. Let’s give him another chance this November.

    1. The Democrats that will vote for Biden/Harris don’t even realize they will destroy America and take your guns away, your rights away and you will be stripped of Well FARE and Food Stamps, they plan to take Medicare out to some other stupid card that’s a freebie as they call it that might if you lucky pay for a asprin. If you Vote Democrat you will be helping them do away with freedom, not just our republican freedom, YOU DEMOCRATS will go down and back to slave days just like the Republicans will. You will have NO RIGHTS, NO VOICE and if you buck the rules of what they change, you will mysteriously disapere.. The end of life is in sight. Make the right choice for your life and your family. VOTE TRUMP HE HAS DONE MORE FOR YOU THAN ANY PRESIDENT THAT HAS EVER SET IN THE OVAL OFFICE. WAKE YOURSELF UP AMERICA BEFORE WE CEASE TO EXIST AS FREE. VOTE TRUMP

    2. Do people really believe that Biden, himself, chose his own VP? I do not think that he can choose his own pajamas.

  4. Who in their right f______ mind would vote for a communist like Joe Biden and kamala Harris to run this country!? They would destroy this country completely. Harris already says she is all for the burning and rioting of our cities! Can you believe this!? The only way the communists( democratic party) can win is to steal the election by mail in voting. It’s time for America to stand up and start shooting these f______ communist bastards that are destroying America.

    1. Well stated!!! Folks with 3 more brain cells than a cow know that the democraps would drive America in to the ground!!!!

  5. Two words to remove from our vocabulary – HATE & LIES!

    HATE leaves no wiggel room. Not up or down or left to right! When U say X person or organization HATES Trump what are people who happen to like or respect X to think?! They will often figure X knows something they do not so maybe they should listen and vote with them?! Use other adjatives to soften and ligitimize your reasoning and comment. Also facts to back up our comment!

    If U are going to say X is a lier, be prepared to say why and back it up with facts!! If you or I said some of the things about each other that politicians claim (both sides), one of us would have a slam dunk legal slander case for any court! The voters (public) is tired of this and turned off! The public are much smarter and tuned in then most think. Give them credit for this and act accordingly!

    1. All one has to do to say that the Democrats HATE Trump is to look at their ACTIONS even before he took office.
      All one has to do to say Democrats are liars is to look at all of the HOAXES, like the imagined dossier that they PAID to have made up and all of the other fraudulent charges they brought against him, including the attempted coup by Pelosi and her gang.

  6. WE NEED to STICK with President TRUMP……THEY ARE THAT DANGEROUS to our Country/People….!!!! I just wished that at least 70% of ALL voters would “understand” that BIG Fact……!!!! Just think, it’s NOT just about MARXISM, it’s about RADICAL islam too, trying to TOTALLY CHANGE this country/our way of live, into a BAD way of live, as they believe that we have TOO GOOD with our FREEDOMS and all….!!!!!

    1. I totally agree with you on this ! They’re praising and cheering every time a city is burning and our statues are being torn down .When our flag is burned and people taking a knee instead of saluting it .Their agenda I’d deeper and darker than we ever knew it was .America needs President Trump to make some bold moves to stop the terrorism in this country .

  7. Truth is Trump’s gonna win re-election in a landslide people are stupid enough to vote for Biden & have Harris end up being the President when ole joe forget’s where he lives 😏 Trump 2020

    1. People, we must vote Republican in ALL elections, NOT just for President! The President will not be able to get anything done if he doesn’t have a Senate and House of Representatives with some common sense! There’s NONE in the House of Representatives right now!!!

  8. We are not voting for Harris by herself. She comes with Joe Bidementia. It was Harris, or Susan Rice who had more baggage.

    1. You are forgetting that Biden confessed, that he black mailed the President of Ukraine. He should be indicted for that.

    2. No, you are really voting for Harris. Biden, if he makes it to inauguration, will be out asap. You see that the old man cannot finish a sentence. Can you really see him meeting with North Korea, China. Iran or Israel. He was with Obama throwing Israel under the bus. He is not capable of thinking, unfortunately his lovely wife has allowed him to be a laughing stock. Just remember – a vote for Biden is a presidential vote for Harris. Please don’t throw away our Republic the United States of America. Vote Republican all the way, and for our President Trump 2020.

  9. The first anchor baby to run for VP. Next it will be a CCP anchor baby raised and groomed under communism. Harris will have set the precidence. “Natural Birth” is anyone born in USA.
    The demoKKKrats pi$$ on the Constitution at every opportunity.

  10. I wouldn’t vote for Harris if you paid me. It has nothing to do with race, stupid is color blind, It’s because, like Biden, she’s a lying, cheating, weasel (But then it is Washington after all). Don’t misunderstand, I find more than a few faults with Trump as well, but it seems to me that he’s at least tried to keep his campaign promises and has done pretty well, and, for whatever else he may be, he’s certainly NOT stupid. I know from experience, you CAN NOT fix stupid.

  11. “NEVER” in my life of almost 100 years have I felt so “riddled!!” WHAT is the matter with people today??!! This is NOT the Democratic Party of yesteryear…it’s a “wild” mixture of wild people – young people who have no real knowledge of politics…who get “what” they want by hook or by crook…and old people “hanging on” for dear life…etc. getting rich trying to “run the country”..All should have a limited time in Washington… Pres. Trump might not have the personality they wanted…but a “Business man he is…and he performed!! We became a country again…yet, he is persecuted daily! To see our beloved country be “devoured” by the “vermin” of various groups who set fires to our cities, try to demolish our police force…dismiss our historical sites disgustingly sad!
    May God Bless America…Yes, I said “GOD”…for “those” who do NOT believe!! GOD BLESS AMERICA!!

    1. Dems lie about what soci$lism really is. It has been around sense the days of the kings and queens, that lived in the castle, and partied 24/7 while the peasants ( sl$ves ), worked their rear off keeping them happy.

    2. American people PLEASE listen to ajk. He summed up the issues excellently. If you want to get this country back on track again, vote Trump back in office in November.

  12. Despite the Democrat’s strong efforts to block Trump’s forward progress. The Democrat have failed in their tantrum inspired hatred of our duly elected President of the United States of America. We, the citizen of the U.S.A., are much better condition than we were after eight years of Barack Obama’s administration. The Dems are following up by proposing a Presidential and Vice Presidential candidates that are nothing less than pathetic.

    1. If black people knew what Obama really did for them, the KKK wouldn’t need to hang him, black people would.

  13. Trump still gets my vote because he’s not a career politician. He’s also very smart for this country & not in a career politician’s DC way of promising what he has no intention o following through with

    1. Biden wins and Trump goes to jail in New York. Keep supporting this man who tells lies at a rate of 60 per one minute. Just remember this when you cast your vote for Trump,”Hell is only half full and there is still plenty room for both you and Trump”. Two Corinthians, Yes you can tell how rooted in the Bible and how religious he is. A joke!

      1. You are dumber than a box of rocks if you believe that nonsense you are spouting. All democrats have done is tear this country apart.

      2. OMG ! Do you believe for an instant that The Demonutz haven’t lied ? Everything they say , is a lie !
        Something you need to learn is ” How to Troll ” President Trump is Great at Trolling the Demonutz and obviously people like you !

        Remember what people keep saying about the Communist Demonutz . When you loose everything you own and loose ” your right ” to speak. Then come here and tell us , How right you were ! ( if they will let you ) !!

  14. These are all great comments and it is high time that people with common sense respond when they ssee what is happening in the electorate. Biden was a horrible choice for President and Harris is no better but Biden did not obviously know better. If America would just wake up we could get back in line and start acting like “smart” people who want what is best for the country. Forget those who simply vote party line. These folks obviously have no clue of what they have just done and if the D-party wins each and every one of those who vote Democrat will come quickly to regret their vote.

  15. When we take a good look at Kamala’s family history we see a family that owned hundreds of slaves both black and white. When we look at how Kamala Harris got started in her polictal career we see she earned her introduction to politics as district attorney it was not a matter of truly being worthy of the position. Kamala actually slept her way to the top she was the mistress of San Fran Sisco May Willie Brown satisfying his every urge and in gratitude Willie cleared the way for her to get a job she was in no way qualified to handle simply because she was willing to spread her legs for those in power. I truly wonder who she entertained this time to get to the top. Old Joe won’t last the full four years and Kamala believes he will be gone within six months making her the big cheese in the rats nest able to walk away with a few billion just as Barrack the illegal Alien managed to do. Kamala will do whatever is necessary to benefit herself even if she has to screw we the people. What a wonderful choice don’t you think. A person i know buried deep with the Democrat dung pile shared with me that Kamala shared that she might be willing to share what she knows about Joe if she was not his first choice. This sounds like black mail to me but you cant believe Kamala could be that corrupt and willing to do anything to get what she wants. You decide whether or not this would be something this woman of Indian, Jamaican heritage the descendant of a slave owner would do. God bless America.

  16. Kamala! You know what…I am not going to waste my time trying to get liberals to go republican. They are way too stupid. They care nothing about this country just getting the best president we ever had ousted. They think it’s okay for commie ANTIFA to burn, loot and kill. If they are arrested let them go to do more nasty crap. BLM are just as bad. They do the same crap while being led around by the nose of the white ANTIFA who are more clever communist trained white people!

  17. Well, if you ain’t black, you ain’t black, or something like that. I didn’t know Harris was black until she was picked by Biden. She looks white to me with a little suntan. I think Biden should have picked someone with a little darker skin.

  18. Biden-Harris could possibly be the worse ticket the Dems chose.
    POTUS re-election in a landslide is for certain now.

  19. Biden should have come out of his basement and done a skin pigmentation test on Kamala. Joe ! Kamala isn’t Black ! You’ve been lied to . Pick Again ! Try Hillary. Didn’t Billie used to always say that he likes his women the same way he likes his coffee. Black!
    Hillary must be black.

    1. She calls herself a woman of color. Now that’s a stupid statement. We are ALL people of color. I have NEVER seen a white person. Lots of pink ones and brown ones and black ones etc etc.

  20. Harris is a big phony only out for herself. She does not like Biden in any way ,shape or form. Biden has to drop out of the race and she knows it, so does the DNC.


  22. Everybody had BETTER be sure when they vote. Unless Biden is replaced, and there is good reason to believe he will be, there’s a chance Harris could become the president. And that,Dear Friends, would finish sending the nation to the trash dump.

  23. They don’t publish my inciteful comments. Guess I must be getting too close to the truth for the liberal censors on this site. Time to unsubscribe.

  24. To all these young generation people. I am 73 and in the old days when I was your age(s) socialism was a good term for teens and young people. Than meant you and all your friends constantly intermingled in different events and activities TO SOCIALIZE which means everyone was interacting with many of their peers, for fun. You were a SOCIAL person and they were too. SOCIALISM is a completely different thing. It is a mantra and a plan and a system where you have no individual rights, free speech, education, opportuntiny, heath care, etc. The socialist leaders in charge will monitor their minions (you), and tell you what job to do, where to work, regulate your pay, where you are allowed to live, which healthcare facility to get in line for and when you can get your surgery, how much money you’re allowed to save to try and better your (now miserable) life, if any. In the food store if, they have any. Their will be one grocery chain run by the government. Don’t go down the aisle and think there is a choice of which brand of toilet paper, or bread, or cereal, or soap, or shampoo, or foods. There will no choice except one. That will be the government’s selectee. The aforementioned things I just said are the TIP of the iceberg of a socialist disaster. Like the car you’ve got, forget it, that will be gone.
    SOCIALISM does not mean socializing. WAKE UP.

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