October 3, 2022

Black voices begin to emerge against Black Lives Matter organization

Not everyone and not every black person in believes that the Black Lives Matter organization cares about black lives. One black family in Atlanta knows BLM doesn’t care — Their little girl was shot to death by BLM protesters when her mother made a wrong turn. Another grandmother questioned the BLM movement’s commitment to black lives after her one-year-old grandson was shot in the stomach and died.

In fact, many people are questioning if BLM’s attentions are misplaced and need refocusing as hundreds of black people have been shot and dozens killed in Democrat cities like New York since May 25 when George Floyd was killed by a Minneapolis police officer.

Gun violence in black communities is increasing in Democrat-controlled Chicago, Atlanta, and other cities as BLM, Democrats, the mainstream media, and the nation focus on the relatively few instances of police brutality and demand that the police be defunded. For all their claims to care about black lives, well-funded BLM and media are creating conditions that are increasing violence by black people against black people in Democrat cities.

Some black people in NYC are not having it. On Saturday, Bevelyn Beatty and two others from At The Well Ministries did their best to obliterate Mayor Bill de Blasio’s street mural on 5th Avenue as NYPD officers tried to lead them away.

Beatty shouted continuously as she poured black paint on the giant yellow letters saying that BLM doesn’t care about black lives because they want to defund the police. She repeatedly demanded that the police be refunded. She shouted that black people are dying in the streets.

Stand up, take your country back, we are dying in the streets, they are gonna kill us, take your country back, Trump 2020, Jesus matters. 

No one was harmed as these Americans protested what Black Lives Matter is doing to their country. Watch this powerful and peaceful protest:

Not all Black Lives are down with Black Lives Matter. “Take A Look!”#JesusMatters pic.twitter.com/8gjUeQuAA4

It is striking to see the police trying to lead Beatty away, but the NYPD has to protect NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio’s precious paint project because whatever he does is official city business. The police officers did treat her with respect even as at least one of them slipped and ended up in the paint.


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