May 25, 2022

Coalition of Black male leaders says Biden must choose Black female running mate

A group of more than 100 male leaders from the Black community just sent Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden a letter ordering him to choose a Black woman as his running mate. 

Though Biden has indicated that he is likely to choose a woman of color as his vice president, Biden reportedly met with Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer (D) just last week, signaling that there is at least one white woman still potentially in the running for VP.

The letter was published on Monday in the Atlanta Daily World, and featured prominent Black voices such as Sean “Diddy” Combs, CNN’s Van Jones, and attorney Ben Crump, and television host Nick Cannon.

The letter opened by declaring that choosing a Black woman “HAS to happen.”

“As someone who has said throughout the campaign that VP Joe Biden needs to choose a Black woman VP, the urgency for that pick has gone from something that SHOULD happen to something that HAS to happen,” the letter reads. “It disgusts us that Black women are not just being vetted in this VP process but unfairly criticized and scrutinized.”

“For too long Black women have been asked to do everything from rally the troops to risk their lives for the Democratic Party with no acknowledgment, no respect, no visibility, and certainly not enough support,” the letter continued, noting that “more than 700 Black women signed on to a letter demanding a Black woman VP. And we, black men, stand in solidarity with them.”

Writers warned that the consequences of Biden not choosing a Black female as his running mate are dire. “Failing to select a Black woman in 2020 means you will lose the election,” the letter warned. “We don’t want to choose between the lesser of two evils and we don’t want to vote the devil we know versus the devil we don’t because we are tired of voting for devils—period.”

Despite the severe admonition of the letter, Biden has reportedly already narrowed his choices down to failed presidential candidate Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) and former National Security Adviser Susan Rice (D), both Black women.

Chair of the Democratic National Committee Black Caucus Virgie Rollins told Politico “He better pick a black woman. If he picks Gretchen, he’ll lose Michigan … There are a lot of Black people mad at her [Whitmer] in this state.”

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florida girl (@guest_1034887)
1 year ago

must be nice to be so delusional as to think you or a group of you’s can ORDER someone to choose a certain candidate for a v.p. are these people nuts???? I think the current state of the country is making people and groups think they are powerful. wake up, folks. you aren’t. last I heard, everyone in this country had something called a VOTE. we cannot be coerced into doing anything, regardless of whatever warped mind or the mainstream media idiots demand. to those I say, go pound sand.

Joan (@guest_1034894)
Reply to  florida girl
1 year ago

Well, Biden is easily led, so he may take these threats seriously! “C’mon, man!”

Jan Schilling (@guest_1034934)
Reply to  Joan
1 year ago

Since when can anybody give the presidential nominee a demand like that…who in the hell do they think they are! I believe that if a person is qualified to lead, regardless of her/his color, then that should be the pick! No one,…I MEAN NO ONE.;..has the right to demand anything…that comes across as a threat…and to me, and a few of my legal friends, that would cause some concern. Let me go on record here…I am a Republican…and will vote for our President Trump. But if i were not, I wouldn’t take this demand lightly….and seeing as they have done so much damage to our country in the last three months with their killing, destroying marauders, they have no place to make a Demand of ANY kind!

Terry C Turner (@guest_1034972)
Reply to  Jan Schilling
1 year ago

Even Martin Luther King said to judge people on their credentials and not their color.

Jan Schilling (@guest_1034943)
Reply to  florida girl
1 year ago

Atta girl! My sentiments exactly.
Who the hell do they think they are? Do they not realize…all of these BLM folks that you don’t get what you want by burning down, maiming people, causing pain and damage…you want people to recognize you as having worth…then act like it….talk like it! You will never get your “place” in society acting like terrorists…and that is what you are! I’m no mayor or governor, but no state I was in, if i were one of them, would tolerate this for more than a few minutes…then arrests would be made and i would pretty much forget you ever existed while you grew old in prison. Everyone has the right to peacefully protest…that is not what you did or are doing. Grow up…act like a civilized human being…not a marauding animal. You want to be thought of the way white people are…learn something about manners…peace….and behavior!

Carol V Basler (@guest_1034944)
Reply to  florida girl
1 year ago

I’ll say AMEN to that ! President Trump just received a great gift from his opponents !! Thank You,, Black Caucus.

Jane Goodwin (@guest_1034975)
Reply to  florida girl
1 year ago

Harris is NOT black. Neither of her parents are black.

Sean Keith (@guest_1035006)
Reply to  Jane Goodwin
1 year ago

I guess her Jamaican BLACK father would have to disagree with you on that one, as would her Indian (the country India) mother, who MARRIED the Black man who is Kamala Harris’s father. You probably saw that right wing photo that showed Kamala Harris with two supporters who right wingers identified as her parents. They were not.

63 Marine (@guest_1034992)
Reply to  florida girl
1 year ago

Florida Girl,
You are on point!!! Sleepy Joe is only a puppet for the left. IF and I say IF, he manages to cheat and win,
he won’t last 6 weeks due to his mental condition. I don’t think a woman can run a country because they
are way too emotional and America doesn’t need an emotional person with their finger on the “Red Button”.
No offence to you, you sound like you have it together. I know a lot of women including my wife who I would
hate to see in that position.
Have a good week!!!!
Semper Fi,

Joan (@guest_1034889)
1 year ago

So, since he has “narrowed it down”to two women of color, both of which are as corrupt as he is, and that is saying something, this letter may be just a red herring. But that Biden will be afraid to pick some one who might actually be more respectable and experiences, with some real wisdom, and not foolish whose lies come easily, will become obvious once we actually get a pick. Wasn’t he supposed to name his VP pick back in July, and then by Aug 1, and now here is is Aug 11, and still nothing. Typical, talk but do nothing and be as indecisive as possible, Dems. Wow. You have to be a complete moron to vote for this guy-and that includes members of my family, who claim to have a couple of brain cells left! Wgad.

florida girl (@guest_1034890)
1 year ago

sorry, I forgot to add vote republican. vote Trump 2020. MAGA. KAG.

Chrisp (@guest_1034929)
Reply to  florida girl
1 year ago

Thisthis has to be the worse I have ever heard of elections being set up so far as telling them who to choose , aweful .

Sean Keith (@guest_1035008)
Reply to  Chrisp
1 year ago

Why do you say that? Trump was pressured for months by right wing white supremacists to pick Mike “racist boy” Pence.

Concerned (@guest_1034892)
1 year ago

Does nobody think this is Racist? REPUBLICANS are colorblind. It’s the Dems who have been working the Color card for centuries. It should have NOTHING to do with the right person for the job.

Jeff werner (@guest_1034895)
1 year ago

The only job Biden ever created was for his kid to make millions of corrupt money. This guy hasn’t a clue how to run a little League team, let alone a country.

Bill Chandler (@guest_1034897)
1 year ago

Joe Biden is a no good piece of s___. That idiot can’t put two words together. Now I know we have a lot of idiots that call themselves demorats, but surely they have enough brain cells left to never think of voting for this thief. All of his VP picks that he is being told to pick are all as bad or worst than him when it comes to speaking the truth and not stealing. No one with any brain wants another black in the office after the last crook. Wrong timing for this.

David Tomlinson (@guest_1034906)
1 year ago

Vote Red!! Save our country,stop this color bullsh**! What does color have to do with anything?? Why must people think that way ?? If we can order people to put who thay want in, why not an Indian?? They were here first, and the white man raped them, took there land, I think it’s time for an Indian.

NANCY JO EVILSIZOR (@guest_1034907)
1 year ago


Chris (@guest_1034932)
1 year ago

I love it

FRANK (@guest_1034913)
1 year ago


Therese M Caruso (@guest_1034915)
1 year ago

It does not matter I guess if they are not qualified just that you must pick one, this is so racist and again racism will NEVER end in this manner, thank you Obama! Trump2020!

Romanr (@guest_1034927)
1 year ago

We have three months before November 3rd, and sleepy Joe is blackmailed by the group of color men! It does not look very professional!!!

Jan Schilling (@guest_1034939)
Reply to  Romanr
1 year ago

Diddy Combs? Really…we are going to let a rapper decide who will possibly one day run our country when Joe hits the dirt? Where have we gone to and why are we there? OMG…this has sunk to the lowest now when we let black activists think they can tell a Presidential candidate whom he should pick…with that added threat in there.Talk about racist!

Troy Gill (@guest_1034935)
1 year ago

Joe your not going to win but about 7 states maybe, all liberal crap holes. Pick you want . Your not going to win any elections…..

Ross Campbell (@guest_1034941)
1 year ago

Next they’ll say no more secret ballots

Jim Ferguson (@guest_1034953)
1 year ago

Wow. Who is the racist now. Doing anything because of color makes your judgement racist.

MAGA (@guest_1034955)
1 year ago

So him using the n word in the past does not bother you? Him telling a black man that he is not black if he does not vote for him, does not bother you? Him being a democrat which stood for slavery does not bother you? Where the hell are your priorities? I guess someone can put you in chains as long as they give you something free, huh? Shameful.

MAGA (@guest_1034956)
1 year ago

As long as the person is black, that’s all you care about? You do know that’s racist, right? Color is the only qualification? If someone told him to choose a white person, you would have one huge hissy fit. Self righteous a-holes.

Robert W (@guest_1034976)
1 year ago

Already he’s obeying orders instead of making his own mind(??) up and he’s not even the POTUS yet. Just imagine if Iran ordered him to let them take over our country what do you think he will do??? Scary thought of BiteMe as POTUS!!!!!

Howard (@guest_1034982)
1 year ago

Another case of the inmates running the insane asylum…

Anthony Morris (@guest_1034984)
1 year ago

Well folks….to top this all off…..I just read that the presumptive Presidential Democratic Nominee for these great American States has just twittered that he has chosen Kamala Harris as his Veep Running Mate. Whew, glad that is over… we can just elect Mr. Trump again.

O Olon (@guest_1034999)
1 year ago

INSANITY……………….So when a few people demand that you chose because of color and not qualifications ……..what does this tell you? OUR WORLD IS SO RACISTS AND BIDEN IS NOTHING BUT A WHITE PUPPET.

Lloyd (@guest_1035005)
1 year ago

The secret service should be knocking on the doors of all 100 black terrorist who call themselves pastors. How do they get away with threatening a candidate for the president of the united states. Remember millions for defense but not one cent for tribute and certainly no giving in to the threats of criminals of all sorts even if they are carrying a Bible spouting Jesus Loves you. Declare these one hundred as well as BLM, etc. terrorist and send them to Gitmo.

Will The Democrats sell out all American people and cave to the damans of criminals? If so get ready for a third world once known as the United States. Do not vote Democrat in November

Sean Keith (@guest_1035010)
1 year ago

Just so all you pretenders know, Trump was pressured by the extreme racist right to pick Mike “racist boy” Pence as his running mate. Time to get off the line that Biden was TOLD to pick a Black woman. Kamala Harris was the top choice for weeks as Biden eliminated all those under her for consideration, but each one had to show why they would have been a better pick, but none of them could. It looks like you are all reading the same right wing script.

unclejim (@guest_1035051)
1 year ago

Well all i can say is that we still live in America or don’t we who the Hell are these people telling someone who they have to nominate I’m not a Biden supporter but this is still America home of the Free

Patty (@guest_1035097)
1 year ago

Just goes to show everyone that Biden is a PAWN! Harris is the worst choice, next to Susan Rice! Susan Rice can’t even tell a scripted lie right, andSHE was obuttheads national security advisor? She got filthy rich by screwing our country over, lied about Ben Ghazi, covered for killary and Obutthead as he was busy stealing the election AGAIN! She is a traitor! Harris is no better! The democraps think Harris will shred Pence in the debate, but i’m Betting they are in for a huge surprise! Don’t mistake his “ meekness” for weakness! He can hold his own! And show her up for the “ talking head” she is!

James Whit (@guest_1035114)
1 year ago

How racist ? If a Caucasian had made those remarks, riots would occur.

Kurt Walker (@guest_1035124)
1 year ago

Well, ‘Ol Joe has picked his running mate and did I ever blow it. I was convinced that Susan Rice would be the pick. But thinking about it I guess he made the best pick for himself. She will have to carry the ball since his mind has skipped town. And most likely she was picked for him based on that. I’ve said that I didn’t believe there would be any debates since Biden’s “condition” has worsened and the democrats don’t want him at the convention. If I’m wrong on that I’m gonna just shut up.

Martin Syvertson (@guest_1035151)
1 year ago

And thus sets the tone for a Biden presidency, should he by some miracle gain the office. He’ll be just a figure head being yanked which ever way is the new black (Did I just say that? OH oh) moment du jour.

FrankAboutIt (@guest_1035496)
1 year ago

The joke is on the black community.
Kamala Harris IS NOT Black; and sleeping with blacks doesn’t make her black.
Research it. It’s easy to find.

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1 year ago

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