July 4, 2022

‘Black Hawk Down’ pilot Mike Durant announces run for Senator in Alabama

Mike Duran, the Army pilot portrayed in the film “Black Hawk Down,” announced his run for U.S. Senator of Alabama on Tuesday.

“I’m Mike Durant. I’m a 22-year Army veteran, a Pro-Trump conservative, a businessman, and a father of six,” Durant tweeted Tuesday.

“I’ve served our nation before, and I’m ready to serve it again. I’ve got one more tour of duty left to serve my country and Alabama,” he added.

Durant will join a crowded Republican primary field in an attempt to replace Republican Sen. Richard Shelby who has announced his retirement following his current term.

So far, Alabama Rep. Mo Brooks has polled highest among contenders in the heated primary race.

“Between ridiculous vaccine mandates, trillions in spending, and constant assaults on innocent life and the 2nd Amendment, it’s clear that we need to mobilize people from outside of politics to step forward and serve,” Durant said, according to The Washington Examiner.

“President Trump showed us what’s possible when outsiders step forward and take on the insiders and the politicians,” he added.

Durant’s past could be a major asset as he seeks to lead Alabama as its next senator.

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