May 25, 2022

Black conservatives repudiate BLM in viral video

Recently, Jess Weber, a comedian and citizen journalist, interviewed some California Black MAGA fans about the Black Lives Matter movement and posted the results to his youtube channel, Weberz Way.

The video interview is a refreshing relief from the constant screaming of BLM and the “peaceful protesters” that have dominated the conversation for the last three months.

The men, one of them nicknamed Maga Hulk, and another, Lucas the Abstract, vehemently and readily expressed their support for America and President Trump. At the same time, they also strongly repudiated the “help” of Black Lives Matter.

Lucas the Abstract declared that BLM is focusing on the wrong problem — Black men killed by white cops, which comprises less than one percent of the shootings of Black men — instead of the more catastrophic crime problem in Black communities: Black on Black crime.

He explained it this way:

It’s the same as if I was in a horrific accident. I have a massive head wound, I have a fractured leg, and I have a scratch on my finger. And here come the first responders and they want to tend to the scratch on my finger. And I’m telling you, ‘What about the wound on my head, what about my fractured leg?’ That’s what the BLM movement is, they are tending to the scratch on my finger.

Lucas the Abstract rejected the arguments of BLM and went on to say, “I am an American. I am a proud Black American. I am not oppressed, I am not oppressed, I am one of the freest persons in this world. Don’t come here and tell me how you want to help me.”

Lucas also said something that should drive all progressives wild, “I want Trump to win 2020, I want Trump Jr. to run in 2024, and I want Ivanka to run in 2028.”


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Tommie Walker (@guest_1043512)
1 year ago


Robin Andrews (@guest_1043588)
Reply to  Tommie Walker
1 year ago

Finally someone actually recognized the real issues here.

Heriberto Valhuerdi (@guest_1043518)
1 year ago

Proud to see Black American to support this country and not a Socialist System that tells me how to live or control my money. We need to help all Black American Communities to stop crime on their streets. I retire from the US Army 25 years service and in Vietnam I serve side by side with my black brothers we all fought for freedom period.

Helen Burger (@guest_1043519)
1 year ago

This is great to hear from any black person because it proves that black people can handle their own lives as they wish and do not cow tow t those that still think blacks are poor trash and they need another person of any color to GUIDE them.

Mike (@guest_1043533)
1 year ago

What a breath of fresh air!

John Handforth (@guest_1043557)
1 year ago

Donald Trump Junior can’t run in 2024. Hunter Biden plans to be elected then, with the help of Barack Obama, possibly Michelle Obama and Hunter’s daddy, too!

Glen Baltrusch (@guest_1043585)
Reply to  John Handforth
1 year ago

Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!

Jack Hall (@guest_1043566)
1 year ago

Something you would never read on CNN or any of the other Fake News outlets.

Jan (@guest_1043587)
1 year ago

So great to hear that black people don’t need to riot and loot to be heard. These two were heard very loudly. Amen and thank you gentlemen. No Hunter Biden will not run, because he will end up other than the U.S.
Where is Hunter, now? Hiding out. Some speculate he might be “drying” out. I personally, don’t know and furthermore, I don’t care.

Glen Baltrusch (@guest_1043598)
1 year ago

Excellent article and video! Glad to see that someone’s finally starting to publish a bit of truth about our American Citizens instead of continuing to think that they are owned by ‘Slave Owners’; and that American Citizens don’t know how to think for themselves or know what is best for them.

Long van Pham (@guest_1043608)
1 year ago

Just like the communist cadres, the socialists always create the oppressors and sufferings so they would have enemies to tell common people to fight. Common people, if following those faked saviors to fight and win then they would find out the real truth: the real evil greedy oppressors actually are those cadres who had fooled them all along. It’s hard to have a real revolution to take back their rights and freedom.
It’s easier here in USA though. Americans will quickly finding out about socialism and will vote out all who had fooled them.

Paul Oler (@guest_1043618)
1 year ago

The election surprise for the Democrats is the departure by black citizens from the deceptive Democrat Party. I hope we will be given an analysis of the votes by party affiliation, age, gender, minorities status, and mortality status (were voters dead or alive?).

CHARLES WENZEL (@guest_1043622)
1 year ago

These dudes really are free!!! And they praise God, too. Probably why they’re so friggin’ sane!

Lisa Lane (@guest_1043812)
1 year ago

I absolutely agree 100% with your statement!

Jon (@guest_1043644)
1 year ago

Well said young man. A breath of fresh air someone who said it perfectly Well done and god bless you and your family

SilverRascal (@guest_1043685)
1 year ago

WOW! I’m all in for that!

GW (@guest_1043715)
1 year ago

Black Americans are just as good as anybody, no one should tell them their not, they are human beings just like every one and deserve to be treated like so

Richard Milton Wise (@guest_1043804)
1 year ago

I wonder, why BLM have no answers to the questions. Where is the money going to? Who is incharge of BLM? Why is BLM aligning with Antifa and the democrats?
I went to a integrated school in Gary, IN. in the sixties. Majored in history, ancient, world, asian, and US History. I went to IU and studied labor history. Two of my brothers were Doctors of Theologies. worked in the steel mills for over forty-six years. All races, religions, and genders We all had one thing in common, to build a better life for our families!

Lisa Lane (@guest_1043813)
Reply to  Richard Milton Wise
1 year ago

That’s what its all supposed to be about. But the Demobrats have a different agenda! Its sad.



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