September 30, 2022

Black conservatives repudiate BLM in viral video

Recently, Jess Weber, a comedian and citizen journalist, interviewed some California Black MAGA fans about the Black Lives Matter movement and posted the results to his youtube channel, Weberz Way.

The video interview is a refreshing relief from the constant screaming of BLM and the “peaceful protesters” that have dominated the conversation for the last three months.

The men, one of them nicknamed Maga Hulk, and another, Lucas the Abstract, vehemently and readily expressed their support for America and President Trump. At the same time, they also strongly repudiated the “help” of Black Lives Matter.

Lucas the Abstract declared that BLM is focusing on the wrong problem — Black men killed by white cops, which comprises less than one percent of the shootings of Black men — instead of the more catastrophic crime problem in Black communities: Black on Black crime.

He explained it this way:

It’s the same as if I was in a horrific accident. I have a massive head wound, I have a fractured leg, and I have a scratch on my finger. And here come the first responders and they want to tend to the scratch on my finger. And I’m telling you, ‘What about the wound on my head, what about my fractured leg?’ That’s what the BLM movement is, they are tending to the scratch on my finger.

Lucas the Abstract rejected the arguments of BLM and went on to say, “I am an American. I am a proud Black American. I am not oppressed, I am not oppressed, I am one of the freest persons in this world. Don’t come here and tell me how you want to help me.”

Lucas also said something that should drive all progressives wild, “I want Trump to win 2020, I want Trump Jr. to run in 2024, and I want Ivanka to run in 2028.”



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