July 27, 2021

Bipartisan bill seeks to expand public access to Supreme Court proceedings

Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-IA), ranking member of the Senate Judiciary Committee and Sen. Dick Durbin (D-IL), chair of the Judiciary Committee, decided on Thursday to introduce a bill that requires open proceedings of the Supreme Court to be televised — a massive and historic change to the high court’s traditional proceedings. 

The bipartisan Cameras in the Courtroom Act would require the Supreme Court to permit television coverage of all open sessions of the Court, unless the Court decides, by a majority vote of the Justices, that doing so would constitute a violation of the due process rights of one or more of the parties before the Court.

“Decisions made by the Supreme Court can resonate with our nation for generations, yet most Americans will never have a chance to see the highest court in action,” Grassley wrote.

“Opening up the Supreme Court’s public proceedings to cameras and other broadcast tools provides a window into the court for all Americans, not just those in Washington, D.C. I’m proud to support this legislation especially as we celebrate Sunshine Week,” he added.

Durbin also supported the bill, writing, “It’s time to put cameras in the Supreme Court so Americans can finally see deliberations and rulings on cases which will affect them for generations to come.”

He added, “This bipartisan bill shines a light into the Judicial Branch of government so more than just a few hundred lucky Americans can watch proceedings in the Court’s historic halls.”

Sens. Richard Blumenthal (D-CT) and Amy Klobuchar (D-MN) are cosponsoring the Cameras in the Courtroom Act.

In 2016, the Government Accountability Office (GAO) released a report highlighting the value of broadcasting video and audio coverage of Supreme Court and other appellate court proceedings.

The report noted, “Seating in the Court is limited and media organizations, as well as members of Congress, have requested video coverage of oral arguments. GAO was asked to review video and audio coverage of proceedings in the U.S. Supreme Court and other appellate courts.”

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57 Responses

  1. oh, so now “they” can threaten the judges during the decision making process and bring in the media to react accordingly. VERY BAD IDEA!

      1. If the SCOTUS have nothing to hide (like being blackmailed or taking bribes) it should be allowed! They aren’t exempt from the American people wanting transparency!

        1. It isn’t the Supreme Court in whole that needs watching. It is the Chief Justice that seems to be making bad decisions and threatening the other justices if they don’t agree with his opinion.
          Instead of requiring media coverage of proceedings, what doesn’t the Senate just bring Roberts before them and censure or remove him from the bench.

          1. I agree with Albert, the biggest problem with the Supreme Court is Roberts and before Americans can trust the decisions from the Court we need to get rid of him !

        2. I agree and I think that Americans should witness each justices comments. That would have been nice during the last election where violations of the Constitution would not be heard by this court. But I will have to say, if bad Dems are for it, I would be against it. I think that briberies or blackmail were a part of their inaction.

          1. A lot of truth here. Yes, Roberts is the immediate, short/term problem! You never saw this kind of crap when Rehnquist was Chief Justice. But Marilyn Lindsey is correct that the Dems will do whatever they can to pervert the process!

      1. Supreme Court made a bad decision when they would not take President Trump’s case of voting fraud…Look at this country now! Our country is falling apart day by day!

    1. oh yes,The communist democrat supporting liberal media NBC,CBS,ABC,MSNBC and CNN, would welcome televising these proceedings to twist everything to fit their hateful anti-American agenda !! the liberal media is as guilty of treason as the democrat party !!!

    1. democrat Schumer publicly threatened the Supreme Court once so these threats will magnify 100% if this VERY BAD IDEA IS ALLOWED !! People need to stand up and remove these COMMUNIST DEMOCRATS from power

  2. Good! It is time to hold the Courts accountable for their BIAS B.S. rulings! We the People Demand the Courts Clean up their act & follow the Constitutional Rights of ALL Americans! PERIOD!

    1. Well said. I would like to see them hooked up to a truth testing device and watch the needles swing when we ask about why they voted on certain cases — like the recent election challenges. Was it threats and intimidation, or are they shills secreted through the validation process and installed as moles for the Marxists. So far, we can see only the choices they have made, and some were questionable for the strict constructionists they swore they were.

      1. If you remember the supreme court was the only court that saw evidence of voting irregularities and fraud and said that this is overwhelming evidence but needs to go to lesser court and unanimous commented that this should not be taken by the medea as not valid simply because it was denied

        1. I don’t remember the SCOTUS declaring that at all. I do remember Justice Thomas saying the SCOTUS should have ruled and being joined by two other Justices. If they had ruled on all the evidence we may not be living through the Biden nightmare now

          1. I agree if the court did their job and been fair we wouldn’t be seeing this country going down. They will be so sorry for this in the long haul they will not be living in a free country for long. We want need them any longer. They can live in this mess forever.

          2. Obviously something is happening in the Supreme Court that is nefarious. Robert’s has too much power over the other justices in deciding what cases to hear.
            If they had agreed to review and rule on the Dominion case snd obvious evidence of fraud during toe 2020 Presidential election, Biden would never be our president and many democrats would be serving time in prison right now.
            We must have confidence in our highest court or we won’t have a country much longer.
            Chief Justice Robert’s should himself be in prison for what he has done behind closed doors in influencing court decisions.

    2. Amen ! Judges of the High Court should NOT have any connections to any party! They should be completely Independent and not leaning to democrats or republicans!

    3. We need term limits for all judges top to bottom. There is more fraud in the courts than people realize. Also there pensions ( 80% of salary )needs to brought down to normalcy.

      1. Absolutely need TERM LIMITS!!!, but they will vote against it to keep their benefits and money rolling in

        1. That is why we need to have a constitutional amendment, a referendum by the people, so that the congress can’t change it. We also need to address the issue of congressional immunity. It would make the congress more transparent by taking away what they hide behind.

  3. Good. Just by the way they handled Trumps cases go to show you they are one sided and been bought out by the left. Unbelievable they act this way and think they are not going to be called out. Pathetic losers. Sit on your butts until you are 80 plus years and draw a fat check for doing nothing productive.

  4. I say Yes to make Public & Educate
    No for blackmail threats on cases unless bill has provisions for
    Run court on Court TV Id be huge.

  5. Let the people see what the courts are doing Roberts is bought and payed for I don’t know by who but it’s obvious he’s not going by the constitution and he knows it treason is not enough for Roberts

    1. Open the courts to unbiased, non-fake news media for all to see.
      Any News Media showing Bias to either political party by broadcasting fake-news should be banned from the airways and social media.

  6. I think the bipartisan idea – The Cameras in the Courtroom Act is a great idea, it’s about time – cause what they decide affects all of us…. we should see how they work – they are no better than our Congress which gets televised.

  7. I really can’t see what difference it makes anyway, they are all BOUGHT AND PAID FOR ANYWAY !!! They will always be on the liberals side, always have, always will !! Courts are there for the criminals, not the honest people, they will ALWAYS BE OUR ENEMY !!! MADE UP OF SCUMBAG LAWYERS, THEY ARE THE PROBLEM, NOT THE SOLUTION !!!

  8. I have to agree the court proceedings should be public. I don’t want it to become a circus but we have a right to see cases tried.

  9. Good plan, not a good plan. It all depends on reality and honesty….two serious things to get many folks to deal with reality and honesty. If they allow an audience to interfere, they should take the visitors out and lock the door while they make their decisions. Personally I feel this nation falling apart, based on solely the democrats and the lazy republicans. The left leaves out decency and honor, and the right has trouble telling others they are wrong, the issue is out of sight, etc.

  10. Why does a camera open them up to blackmail? Openness seems to me to go well, with democracy. Blackmail with or without cameras seems to me to be possible!

  11. I believe that broadcasting the procedures to the public will result in decisions that are made for the fairness to Americans.

  12. I’m all for honesty,integrity ,and publicity too! But tend to feel that this country will fall before things get better…

  13. The constitution is a compilation of what the government is not allowed to do. It is the shackles and hand cuffs, the jail cell used to confine the government and prevent it from enslaving the people!

  14. I am in favor of it. Maybe Judge Roberts would clean up his act. I read somewhere that he yells at the other judges, if’s his way or the highway! Roberts, in my opinion, is part of the swamp. He never should have turned his back on 75 million American voters. He gave our freedom away for dumb and dumber to be in the Whitehouse. The 2020 election was rigged and stinks to high heaven!

  15. The rules if I read them correct===The Actions of the US Supreme Court will always have there actions in private. Trouble is the Democratic party are trying everything they can to get the upper hand in every thing. In 2022 Actions among the country are changing considerably. The democratic are trying to change everything to their advantage. Time will come when the democratic will be sorry. The old story –when you foul around with something that should not be changed–(IT WIIL COME BACK TO GET YOU/Doubly) I think the democrat will be VERY SORRY THEY PLAYED THIS ACTION LATER. The writers of the U S Constitution and the Bill of Rights and the Declaration of Independence–WILL BE VERY UPSET–

  16. I am a concerned as to some types of intimidation from our “politics, at this time. This did not concern me 15 to 10 years ago. So much in media and “politics” rallying rioters and other groups will disrupt and distort the truth and process. I think a lot of privacy should be given in the system. We have to trust something formulated in the USA Constitution! Just prayer will not work!
    We need to go by our laws and a lot of tradition which is devastatingly absent!! Let us make America GREAT. again with loyalty, honor. trust and and law abiding!

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