October 5, 2022

Billionaire donor connected to Hunter Biden art sales draws concerns

Billionaire Moishe Mana recently hosted an art exhibition for Hunter Biden in Los Angeles, raising ethics concerns as he has served as a past major donor for Democratic presidential campaigns, including for President Joe Biden.

“The studio being opened by a political donor who has been involved in Democratic fundraising efforts involving art in particular and using art as a tool for other political purposes, really changes the way that this can be looked at,” Anna Massoglia, an Investigative Researcher at OpenSecrets, told The Daily Caller.

While the mainstream media has downplayed the political connections to Hunter Biden’s art that has sold for up to $500,000, a look at those involved reveals some concerning details.

The Hunter Biden art saga has drawn further attention as the White House has refused to get involved in revealing the names of the anonymous donors who have purchased Hunter’s art. While he is certainly permitted to create and sell his art, his beginner endeavors have sold largely based on his name and influence, with strong potential for ethical concerns.

The issue is further complicated by other matters involving Hunter, especially the information from his laptop that has revealed business connections internationally that seemed to involve then-Vice President Biden.

The art world may be financially supporting Hunter’s art, but it seems to be about more than the art. If so, an investigation should rightly be carried out, but Democrats are unlikely to do so when it involves the president’s son and one of the party’s major donors.





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