October 5, 2022

Bill Maher admits that Biden should not seek a second term in 2024

Now that many on the left are finally coming around to admitting that President Joe Biden and his embarrassing polling numbers might not be the best choice for the Democratic Party in 2024, some in the media are piling on.

According to Breitbart, HBO’s Real Time host Bill Maher said the quiet part out loud during a recent taping. Maher said that Biden’s best move for 2024 would be for the aging, cognitively challenged the president to find a young Democratic rock star, back them, and then explore retirement.

The revelation came during an interview with Fox Nation host Piers Morgan, who asked Maher about Biden’s potential run in 2024, which has been a white-hot topic in recent weeks, with reporters constantly asking Democrats whether or not Biden should run again.

“But don’t you think the smart play actually is — I think Maureen Dowd wrote this last week — the smart play for Biden, I don’t think he should run again in 2024 –” Morgan said.

“I agree,” Maher responded.

Morgan added: – for the benefit of the Democrats. I think what he should do is ride this wave he’s on now and say, now, actually, I’m not going to run again, find a young, dynamic person in the Democratic Party that he could get behind, and then they’ve got a good chance, I think.”

“Absolutely,” Maher said, adding, “Be the sheriff who rides into town, I saved the town. And now, I’m Clint Eastwood and I’m riding out. Thank you, and good night.”

Maher, blunter than his Democratic friends, is one of many Democrats who’ve either outright said Biden probably shouldn’t run in 2024, or who have strongly suggested it, usually through extremely awkward answers when asked that question by reporters.


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