June 30, 2022

Bill Gates makes shocking comments on school reopening, vaccines

Bill Gates has become a coronavirus celebrity in 2020, mostly on the strength of his early speeches warning about the possibility of a worldwide pandemic. Since then, he’s been actively involved in the development of vaccines.

But Gates, whose liberal politics and globalist bent have earned the suspicion of conservatives, doesn’t sound like an unbiased philanthropist when he talks about the current crisis. In fact, his comments have taken a political turn.

In a recent interview on CBS Evening News, Gates made the startling claim that the US is in worse shape than other countries when it comes to coronavirus mortality. In response to President Trump’s claim that US mortality rates were better than other industrialized countries, Gates said: “By almost every measure, the U.S. is one of the worst. I think we can change that, but it’s an ugly picture.”

But is Gates the impartial fact-driven voice that he portrays himself to be? A quick fact check is in order.

Numbers from the popular Worldometer coronavirus counter today prove Gates wrong. In chart form:

Far from being the worst, the US has a lower mortality rate than the UK, France, Spain, Italy, and Belgium, among others. Note that these European countries have won repeated praise from the left for their repressive lockdown policies.

Gates is playing fast and loose with the facts.

Watch the interview:

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Michael Cieslak (@guest_1028044)
1 year ago

Bill Gates , along with Fauci and China , own part of the Vacine Patents, so he is only after the money, he is another Deep State Person, willing too sell out the USA for money.

Lawrence Greenberg (@guest_1028522)
Reply to  Michael Cieslak
1 year ago

Gates is also a big believer in overpopulation, so he is into depopulation. And there is more than a little bit of evidence that ANY vaccine (none of which are safe in the first place) developed so quickly, i.e., without adequate time for thorough testing, especially without time for determining potential negative long-term effects, may very well kill more people than it saves.

mike hornbaker (@guest_1028562)
Reply to  Lawrence Greenberg
1 year ago

Exactly how much time is needed for testing?? I understand that the closest to usable production is in stage 3? testing. Thats the same protocol as before when time spent didnt matter. Then, just how much time, list of checkoffs needed cleared before use, etc have you decided is needed to prove bad long term effects? I undestand doses are being paid for ahead of time, in case all tests I see nothing wrong here. If you are that concerned, you may go to the end of the line for this vaccine if & when it clears. No one wants to interfere with your options.

Lawrence Greenberg (@guest_1028618)
Reply to  mike hornbaker
1 year ago

Normal vaccine development time is at least 3-4 years. That is to make sure that negative side effects will have a chance to show themselves. This has been learned the hard many times over from past very bad experiences with vaccines too soon rushed to market. And do not worry: I will not be at the end of the line – I will not be on the line at all. My immune system has served me very well. I do not take vaccines and I do not need them.

Kate Hite (@guest_1028650)
Reply to  Lawrence Greenberg
1 year ago


Christiann (@guest_1028582)
Reply to  Lawrence Greenberg
1 year ago

Since Gates is into depopulation he needs to start with himself and his family!!

asianladyphil (@guest_1028655)
Reply to  Christiann
1 year ago

100% agreed

Brown (@guest_1028620)
Reply to  Lawrence Greenberg
1 year ago

Gates is an enemy of the United States. He and soros have paid to have this virus produced and are now wanting to give everyone the vaccine to make more money in the factory they own in China and when you get the vaccine you also get a chip so they can keep up with you and you what you are doing.

Wayne Long (@guest_1028532)
Reply to  Michael Cieslak
1 year ago

Yes and he needs to keep his nose out of places it does not belong ! He has. I medical background just a Big pile of money to buy his way in whatever he wants!!!

Loydl (@guest_1028634)
Reply to  Wayne Long
1 year ago

Wayne Long Bill Gates is only interested in the money and noteirity. he is a jerk along with That so called dr Fauci both are unwanted.

steven wilson (@guest_1028636)
Reply to  Michael Cieslak
1 year ago

yes he is one of the quilty persons that spread the virus he wants more money

Kristin Decker (@guest_1028774)
Reply to  Michael Cieslak
1 year ago

I agree 1000000000%. I hate the man. He thinks he is God & knows everything. HUH, little does he know.

Craig Michael Vandertie (@guest_1028050)
1 year ago

Billy Boy Gates is a wicked man as is his wife Melinda, even hinting at lowering world population through any means necessary should frighten anyone if the Gates are involved in the creation of the Covid-19 vaccine.

Corazon (@guest_1028051)
1 year ago

Bill Gates is dangerous to our nation. He’s siding wth communists.

nan LENY (@guest_1028524)
Reply to  Corazon
1 year ago


Karole Conaway (@guest_1028581)
Reply to  Corazon
1 year ago

Gates is dangerous to the entire world! So is his wife. She says they should vaccinate black people and the elderly first and any vaccine from gates is a ticket to the grave!

Nate (@guest_1028052)
1 year ago

Bill Gates can’t be trusted.

Daniel (@guest_1028054)
1 year ago

There another person who is in China side, bill Gates. He’s money hungry. He belongs in China and his family.

Jack Parnell (@guest_1028061)
1 year ago

Another communist

Patty (@guest_1028101)
1 year ago

Gates is probably behind the corona virus outbreak, since HE wants to “ cull the population”, meaning kill off a lot of people! He wants HIS vaccine to be given to everyone, if anyone trusts him, we are in BIG trouble! He said on the Colbert show a while back that he thinks the next thing to hit within two years would be a biological weapon! Telling on himself? Absolutely! He was kicked out of India for the things he did there! He needs to be kicked out of the u.s. as well! He is all about population control! Does that sound like a humanitarian idea? Hell no!! His lame Gates foundation is by no means a humanitarian foundation! Is is to get more money for himself, at the expense of world wide citizenry! Anyone who wants to reduce world population by any means possible is not humane! And, no one should accept his “ vaccine” under any circumstances!

Charlotte Boll (@guest_1028310)
Reply to  Patty
1 year ago

Bill Gates should be tried for crimes against humanity like the Italian politician Sarah Cunial had requested in her speech before the Parliament.

Ric Parks (@guest_1028427)
Reply to  Patty
1 year ago

You’re right. He plans on a vaccine made from aborted baby derivatives. Refuse to accept it!

Ric Parks (@guest_1028424)
1 year ago

Bill Gates supports abortion 100%. He also supports making COVID 19 vaccines from derivates of aborted babies. Some people here in America have too much money and too much time on their hands to work against our Country’s foundations. George Soros, wanted in an open warrant in Hungary for many years, just donated $220 million to BLM, a known Marxist organization, to enable them to continue their violent protests and anarchy in any manner they choose to do so. Cash flow and negative national influence by American multi-billionaires deserve constant Federal oversight.

Raise The Barr (@guest_1028568)
Reply to  Ric Parks
1 year ago

The State Department and the Department of Justice, are hot on the trail of the father and son Soros duo, collecting evidence of their involvement with the funding of several organized crime organizations that are actively involved in the disruption of our nations Judical system. Once they have acquired enough evidence, both will be indicted most likely with acts of treason with the full intent of causing irreparable harm to a sovereign nation. If convicted, it will bare the death penalty. Their distorted view of World Globalization is the spawn of evil and an all out contempt for humanity. When the wealthiest of all people, use their wealth to control people, it is the ultimate form of slavery!

Karole Conaway (@guest_1028584)
Reply to  Raise The Barr
1 year ago

Send them all back to Hungary!

nan LENY (@guest_1028526)
1 year ago


Mikey (@guest_1028565)
Reply to  nan LENY
1 year ago

He destroyed 100,000’s of pc’s several yrs ago to FORCE updates on systems… Now he’s in bed with Chinese, WHO, UN, CDC, SOROS, GLOBALIST, … NWO…
I’m not big on meds and I hear HE is pushing to make this vaX MANDATORY? I’m thinking – YOU, WIFEY, AND KIDS CAN GO FIRST! Random selection of viles, administration by random Dr. ALL BROADCAST LIVE – maybe on a TED TALK? FOLLOW THE MONEY EVERYONE – it translates to POWER- brut force, and those who cave in and submit WILL PAY A HUGE PRICE (IMHO)

Raise The Barr (@guest_1028533)
1 year ago

Mr. Gates!
Please put your money where your mouth is! Not you mouth where your money is! We all know it’s locked in tightly with the WHO and China! If you are who you claim to be, along with your wife, stay out of the politics and do what you can to help with a vaccine ASAP! For you of all people, to make false claims to frighten Americans in an effort to change the political landscape in this country is morbidly unprofessional and doesn’t speak well for your humanitarian endeavors.

Heinz (@guest_1028542)
1 year ago

Back in 1985 when on a business trip to Budapest was told by a company executive that George Soros betrayed his own kind to the Nazis in WWII to enrich himself. Those ended in the death camps.
A ordinary guard at one of those camps ,who never killed a single inmate goes to jail even today Double standards as long as you have the money to keep yourself free. Where is Israel to demand him to face the courts to face justice?
Bill Gates is not a person to be trusted.

Rodger Shull (@guest_1028548)
1 year ago

bill gates, to a bite out of the apple of sin and evil and now he is a ADDICT, for the power and money that apple produces, if his vaccine is so good, he needs to test in on his family, 1st.

thomas e coles (@guest_1028556)
1 year ago

Bill gates is a quack and a hack fool. Hopes he gets the virus. Best thing to happen to him.

Amy Schutz (@guest_1028558)
1 year ago

Bill Gates is a Freakin Maniac And why in the Hell is he even allowed to speak about this at all? That Freak thinks he has the right to say who lives or dies that evil vile wasnt he on The flight logs of Epstein’s Island? So that makes him a pedophile! That sick prick should be tortured and sent to prison .Get rid of that sick bastard!

Leann O'Bleness (@guest_1028594)
1 year ago

Gates is a spawn of evil along with soros and his son. He want’s the world population to go down and is what ive hears his hand in other vaccines in Africa and India caused fertility issues in women and worsening health problems. Including death in other’s. He wants one world ordet with a decrease in population he hasn’t any say in anyone else’s lives reproduction or anything else.vote wisely vote Trump to stay free with your choices for your life.

GW (@guest_1028616)
1 year ago

Gates is being payed by the Democrats, to run his big mouth, he is a coward just like the rest of the

Kristin Decker (@guest_1028775)
Reply to  GW
1 year ago


Dan skelton (@guest_1028628)
1 year ago

I believe Obama. Gates..Fauzi and China
were possibly complicit in the creation
and distribution of the virus…if true I
am sure he is well versed..
Just a rich liberal…all for the New World Order
and tagging us like cattle…
If you love your country and your FREEDOM

Phyllis Little (@guest_1028698)
1 year ago

I would like someone to investigate the possibility of Soros and Dems having this virus spread to try to blame Trump for the COVID 19 spread or maybe they were even behind the virus creation. Dems and Soros will do anything to try to keep Trump from getting reelected. If this were found out to be true, the Dems should get no votes in 2020. Truth needs to prevail.

Kristin Decker (@guest_1028776)
Reply to  Phyllis Little
1 year ago

What a WONDERFUL idea!

Kristin Decker (@guest_1028777)
1 year ago

Anyone with negative ideas about Bill Gates I agree with 100 fold!

Patty (@guest_1029112)
1 year ago

All above posts are right on target! All this “ pontificating” by Gates is a load of crap! Ask him why HE refused to have his children vaccinated? If he develops a vaccine, he , his wife and family should be the FIRST to take it! If they refuse, we will know there is a problem! Of course they could fake taking it, or be injected with a harmless solution to fool everyone! If ANYONE believes him, they are putting their lives at risk! He is a rat, pure and simple! Don’t go for any vaccines!

Patty (@guest_1029756)
1 year ago

Gates already has stated that there is something in HIS vaccine that will change your DNA. In other words, his plan to cull the population is embedded in the vaccine! NO ONE should take this vaccine, under any circumstances! As far as Gates is concerned, WE are his guinea pigs, to infect, control, destroy! He needs to be arrested for crimes against humanity! He needs to be investigated! WHY is he allowed to create anything? Especially vaccines! He is NO HUMANITARIAN! Who is HE to say the population needs to be reduced? He is NOT GOD, though he “ thinks” he is! Is he afraid he won’t have all the money, power and fame? YES!! Get rid of HIM, STOP any thing he develops as far as vaccines, he helped create the corona virus a long time ago! His evil plot cannot be allowed to continue!

Patty (@guest_1029779)
1 year ago

Gates is playing everyone! He lies, contrives, portrays himself and his “ foundation” as a humanitarian enterprise! Population control is NOT humanitarian! He is a RAT! He belongs in prison for life for crimes against humanity! President Trump needs to shut him, his foundation, and all his cohorts down. That includes Fauci, his partner in crime and Brix as well. They DO NOT have the best interests of anyone in mind! Only power, control, money and death to half the population!

1 year ago

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