October 5, 2022

Bill Clinton was visited by notorious pedophile Jeffrey Epstein 17 times in the White House

It appears Jeffrey Epstein was a prolific pedophile who enjoyed immunity because of the high-powered men he kept close to him. Former President Bill Clinton may have been one of them.

Epstein visited the White House while Clinton was in office at least 17 times, Breitbart reported. The first time was not long after Clinton’s inauguration in 1993 and appeared Epstein had a hold on the former president.

The embattled former president also flew on Epstein’s private jet and made the trek to his private island in the U.S. Virgin Islands, the Daily Beast reported. Now that Epstein’s alleged accomplice Ghislaine Maxwell is on trial for her role, there is fresh scrutiny on Clinton’s ties to the couple.

Virginia Roberts Giuffre, one of the most well-known accusers, is locked in a battle with Maxwell over defamation and made remarks about Clinton during proceedings. She has alleged she was coerced into sexual contact with Britain’s Prince Andrew along with other “politically connected and financially powerful people” as a teen.

In court documents recently unsealed from those legal proceedings, Guiffre hinted at the cozy relationship between Clinton and Epstein. “You know, I remember asking Jeffrey what’s Bill Clinton doing here [on the island],” Giuffre said to an attorney.

“Well, he owes me a favor,” Epstein had purportedly quipped. “He never told me what favors they were,” Giuffre said. “I never knew. I didn’t know if he was serious. It was just a joke.”

The details of what allegedly took place at the behest of Epstein and Maxwell are disturbing. The pair allegedly were involved in sex trafficking, often forcing underage girls they roped into their twisted scheme with promises of financial help to have sex with rich and powerful men.

Maxwell’s trial has begun the sick role she allegedly played is taking shape. Epstein died in prison with his secrets, but Maxwell may be the linchpin to reveal the whole disgusting scheme for all to see.




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