October 2, 2022

Bill Barr’s DOJ just went after Democratic governors for their nursing home coronavirus policy

Andrew Cuomo. Gretchen Whitmer. Phil Murphy. Tom Wolfe.

These are the names of four Democratic governors that just learned that they’re a target of a Department of Justice investigation into their deadly policy of sending coronavirus patients into nursing homes.

Thanks to Attorney General Bill Barr, even the media can’t protect them from the consequences of their actions.

Politico reports:

Federal officials are seeking coronavirus data from New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Michigan, which each issued contentious orders to admit patients who had tested positive, as long as they were medically stable, while hospitalizations spiked early in the pandemic.

…Over a quarter of the nationโ€™s nearly 180,000 deaths have occurred in nursing homes. Nursing homes have become a hotbed of infection for several reasons: elderly people are particularly susceptible to the virus, staff โ€” and early on visitors โ€” brought the virus into the facility, and coronavirus spreads easier in communal settings.

At least one governor, Gretchen Whitmer of Michigan, is still pursuing the disastrous policy, even in the teeth of evidence that it’s killing seniors.

It’s imperative that the investigation moves quickly and decisively to save lives and hold politicians accountable for their actions.


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