July 31, 2021

Bill Barr’s DOJ just went after Democratic governors for their nursing home coronavirus policy

Andrew Cuomo. Gretchen Whitmer. Phil Murphy. Tom Wolfe.

These are the names of four Democratic governors that just learned that they’re a target of a Department of Justice investigation into their deadly policy of sending coronavirus patients into nursing homes.

Thanks to Attorney General Bill Barr, even the media can’t protect them from the consequences of their actions.

Politico reports:

Federal officials are seeking coronavirus data from New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Michigan, which each issued contentious orders to admit patients who had tested positive, as long as they were medically stable, while hospitalizations spiked early in the pandemic.

…Over a quarter of the nation’s nearly 180,000 deaths have occurred in nursing homes. Nursing homes have become a hotbed of infection for several reasons: elderly people are particularly susceptible to the virus, staff — and early on visitors — brought the virus into the facility, and coronavirus spreads easier in communal settings.

At least one governor, Gretchen Whitmer of Michigan, is still pursuing the disastrous policy, even in the teeth of evidence that it’s killing seniors.

It’s imperative that the investigation moves quickly and decisively to save lives and hold politicians accountable for their actions.

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62 Responses

  1. The action from these people is reprehensible.these people in nursing homes the elderly need love and care also protection

    1. The governors should be prosecuted for the deaths of these elderly and vulnerable people. ALL of them should be recalled/impeached and kicked out of their job since obviously all of them are totally incompetent. Try behaving this poorly in the real world, with real jobs and see how long they last.

        1. Amerika is rigged, corrupt and evil. AG Barr will arrest no one. He is a swamp creature. He and Sect. Pompao just let Hitlery off the hook for her illegal acts. AG Bar is a slug, like most lawyers. WISE UP !

          1. I don’t think so but if you listen to CNN ABC NBC they will try to make it look that way bar follows the law

      1. Praise God some one with since has finally stepped up and pursued the guilty party now make them pay and get Sorosmake him pay for paying antifa to come over here and do destruction and cause chaos ! And Jerry nadler for his myth peaceful protest hahaha!.

        1. the same FBI that ran the coup of 2016, ran a coup in 1963, killing JFK. The same FBI gassed & burned 86 in Waco Texas, shot 4 in Ruby Ridge Idaho (2 died). They can’t see any red flags. They are corrupt, have been for a long time. The second amendment is for removing such incompetence from government.

    2. More than ever in their life they need our love and care and PROTECTION!
      What the gov. did is outright murder.

      1. Sports are not something I’ll be watching until ALL the politics are removed. Athletes, managers, coaches, owners etc. can protest, in any legal way, ON THEIR OWN TIME and not mine!

  2. Good for Mr. Barr. I think that what these Govs did is criminal! No one can be THAT stupid! This virus is being used to the fullest political extent. Everything is going against common medical sense starting from the behaviors of Fauci, and these governors!

    1. I completely agree. They, the Democrats & their Left Wing Agitators, have weaponized this virus against all of us and it’s time they were held accountable and the people of this country were given their lives back!

    2. You are so right. The idea was to make Trump look bad, not only because the number of deaths would increase exponentially and in addition they could accuse him of ordering them to do this! We all know the governors of each state were given the jurisdiction to handle this themselves. Who do they think they’re fooling? Did you see this happen in any republican run states! NO!!!!
      Democrats, filthy belly crawlers all! They care so much about the citizens of this country, RIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIGHT! MAGA 2020! Exterminate this jerks!

  3. Cuomo didn’t seem to care about anything except getting what benefited him! 6,600+ elderly people that he sent to nursing homes died because of his ineptitude! He should have to pay for their lives in some way!

    1. I could not agree with you more. They must be held accountable for their actions just like they would hold you or I. The elderly were blindsided and had no voice.

    2. Please do not forget that Cuomo made sure his mother was out of a nursing home BEFORE he made that mandate. Tell me he did not know exactly what the results of his murderous order would be. MSM does not tell people that, though it was shared once a while ago, I think. Just keep that in mind, please, and remind others. I am not sure they will be brought to justice=they are democrats, after all. Dems have teflon coating surrounding them. We may have to wait till the stand before God for justice.

      1. Didn’t hear of Grandma Cuomo’s early rescue (even from FOX!) but glad for her and sad for Guv, if indeed he gets what he deserves. Don’t know her status but sort of wish for her a tad case of dementia so she doesn’t have to know what her son has done! It would probably kill her!!!!

    3. Cuomo cried and cried saying they were overwhelmed with sick patients and understaffed. So Trump sent the huge Hospital ship. Nobody was sent over to us it, hmmm. Hospitals just on the outskirts of New York where they had prepped and cleaned and were ready for New York’s rising overload of patients didn’t get any! Why? Do you suppose he wanted to make a bigger mess worse and put the blame on someone else and try to hide the information. But he failed and he failed miserably because families of the elderly were extremely upset that the patients with Covid were even transferred to the Nursing homes and it was causing patients and staff to get sick and die. It also sent an alarm to the staff to those outlying hospitals that Cuomo had ignored the plan to use their facility for the overflow of patients for some dastardly plan that hurt thousands of patients that could have been avoided.

  4. The real problem is that all four governors took that step strictly and only for political reasons to run up the death count and effect the election. The same goes for the sea of false positive testing which was manipulated for the same reason. The same goes for the wildly inflated death counts from the drunk who fell out of the dumpster to motorcycle accidents as these numbers were heavily inflated for the singular function of effecting the election. The same goes for suppressing at least three known treatment options. All the lying rats responsible for this should be in prison forever.

    1. I don’t believe all the deaths are COVID related. Many of these people had underlying conditions.

    2. Absolutely correct, and I agree 100%. They want us under lock-down and their control in order to manage their own agenda. It’s time we take our lives back and they are held accountable for their actions. We all need to go to the polls to vote on Nov 3rd- #TRUMP/ PENCE 2020!!

      1. Thank you AG Barr for stepping up and holding these governors responsible! What they knowingly did is a horror story! All those poor elderly people who couldnt have family visit them and they did not have to die! Plus holding back life saving medication, like hydrochloraquin, was also reprehensible! So many people didnt have to die this way! Please make them pay to the fullest extent of the law! Their arrogance and selfish agenda needs to be ousted from public service forever!

    1. Now theres an idea.i wish ,take Obama’s too.ugly manly Michelle obama keeps popping out of her box just like her husband .can they please someone put a lock on their Jack in the box sick of them .

  5. Why does no one have the balls to investigate fully Pelosi and Schumer et all?
    Bill Clinton was a pervert and a degenerate. He should be in jail along with his scumbag wife. And perhaps Bette Midler.


  7. With all the empty warehouse space,

    Why was there a need for tents in the parks or overloading nursing homes and tractor-trailers left on streets?

    Other than for Media Purposes.

  8. It’s great that Gen. Barr is looking into this situation, but, as with every other “investigation” into government official’s wrongdoing, nothing will be done about it but talk !!! Gen. Barr talks a really good game, but he is really short on action !! It will be a cold day in Hell when any Government “fat cat” is actually sent to jail for anything that they have ever done while in office, nobody has EVER had the balls to actually have them locked up for their wrongdoing, it’s just not done, EVER !!! THE CLINTON’S ARE PROOF POSITIVE OF THE FACT THAT GOVERNMENT OFFICIALS CAN ACTUALLY GET AWAY WITH MURDER THEY HAVE DONE IT FOR DECADES !!!

  9. Political Purposes most likely was the major contributing factor.

    Definitely was/is a better way of doing business.

  10. The Democrat Party truly is Evil. In tough times people who love their country come together and set aside differences. The Democrats are evil,envious and self centered.They are worse than Cancer and sneaky as Covid. I never have seen such Evil and they also recruit Criminals to do their dirty work. They truly are terrorist in every sense of the word. We must not allow them to hide in the shadows while others do their corrupt actions for them. We must address them straight up and if it comes to it we should be willing to take them out before they destroy America with their Evil,scheming ways.

  11. Democrats want to blame Trump for everything from hurricanes to riots well it is about time They are being held accountable for their actions. Ordering nursing homes to admit covid-19 patients into their facilities was and is wrong and someone should be held responsible for intentionally endangering elderly residents.

  12. We need to stop all mail in ballots. If we don’t, dems will have every illegal in this country vote biden. Millions of illegal votes against Trump.
    If you can go to Walmart or Home Depot you can go to the poles and vote. President souls stop all mail in voting.

  13. I am so glad Gov. Wolfe from Pa was recognized as one of these governors . Also Dr. Levin should be recognized also. She knew what Wolfe did! Why else would she take her mother out of a nursing home at that time and move her to safety, Her hands are dirty also! They both are liars and both should be put out of office and punished!!!!

  14. They are aparantly serial killers.
    1. Impeach, 2. Trial 3. Guilty? If so
    Then Gas! They are no better than anyone else.

  15. Send them to prison this is where all criminals are sent. Teach them a lesson they are not above the law. This was no accident it was all intensional.

  16. Thank you Bill Barr for going after these democratic governors who deliberately put sick people into nursing homes against CDC’s directives, thereby causing many many deaths that did not have to happen!, Those poor people who didnt even have family visit and were alone! These governors need to be held accountable to the full extent of the law, along with those that held back life saving medication, like hydrochloraquin
    Which cause many more unnecessary deaths! Please do not let these arrogant and self serving governors get away with this atrocity!

  17. Let’s hope that the DOJ investigation into dems apparent policy includes the consideration that the first persons attacked were seniors in nursing homes in Seattle and in many communities across America it has followed that seniors are being attacked as Obama has indicated in his administration as President, that seniors are of no value their time is up and are just a cost now since they no longer produce for the country. It is not surprising that 25% of the victims DOA are seniors. It is not surprising that its also an area that has contunually been attacked since with the worse conditions of medical assistance.

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