May 13, 2021

Bill Barr stops motorcade, turns around to thank police supporters

I don’t think it’s an exaggeration to say that Bill Barr is the best attorney general we’ve seen in decades. He’s fair, even-handed, and dedicated to his role, even if the media refuses to acknowledge it and does their best to villainize him at every turn.

Barr is also a patriotic American who isn’t afraid to acknowledge that he supports the people and institutions that make this country great.

He did just that this week, turning his motorcade around to thank citizens who had gathered on a street corner holding pro-police signs that said “Back the blue.”

Watch the moment here:

This is why Barr is such a good fit with President Trump. Both men have gone out of their way to listen and support the forgotten people of this country.

Elites take notice: this is what wins elections.

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