April 17, 2021

Bill Barr to undergo self-quarantine after internet outrage

Attorney General Bill Barr is reportedly self-quarantining after potentially being exposed to coronavirus due to his close proximity to President Trump.

Trump’s recent COVID-19 diagnosis has sent shockwaves through Washington D.C., prompting many within Trump’s close circle to get tested for the novel virus and self-quarantine out of caution.

Justice Department spokesperson Kerri Kupec said Sunday that Barr has had four negative COVID-19 tests since Trump’s Thursday diagnosis, but he will still quarantine for several days out of an abundance of caution.

Twitter erupted in outrage after Barr said on Saturday that he would not voluntarily quarantine despite a potential exposure. Barr’s multiple negative tests were apparently not seen as adequate proof that Barr was not spreading the virus further.

Now, as President Trump receives treatment at Walter Reed hospital, Barr appears to not wish to stir up further controversy.

Barr last attended a meeting at the Justice Department on Friday, and has been at his home over the weekend. He reportedly plans to stay home for several more days.

Several prominent Trump allies and aides have received positive COVID-19 tests since last weekend’s ceremony nominating judge Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court, including the first lady, Sen. Mike Lee (R-Utah), White House aide Hope Hicks and former White House adviser Kellyanne Conway.

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72 Responses

  1. I don’t know how many states are requiring masks. Our state does. But it was always made known at the Presidents rallies that masks were not required but people could certainly wear them.

    I am more concerned about the people who wish that our president dies. That is horrible and cruel to think about anyone. They should stop and think about how they would feel if everyone said something like that about them.

    I am praying that our president returns to good health as well as all others who have contracted COVID.

      1. is the FBI director going to kill another president in Amerika? Like they did in 1963? Is Barr in on it? surprised?

          1. Well said. BTW, if anyone should be suspect, it should have the finger pointed at members of the Democrat party since the virus seems to be spreading through the Senate as well. Amazing how the timing of this is just after the Senate confirmed that there would be a confirmation hearing on Barrett before the election. How desperate are they?

    1. Thank you Connie for feeling that way. Most democrats are so brain washed by the media that they have turned into people with so much hate towards someone who doesn’t deserve it. I myself will NEVER vote for another democrat after seeing how low down and dirty they are. I do not want to have people think that i am part of the low life swamp society.

      1. Amen it is sad with all the hate,evil that these peole are saying.i dont know how they sleep at night or anything else with so much hate .they have chosen to work for the devil and not god .that tells alot about a person.

    2. I’m overwhelmed by the hate n ppl with bad intentions. Defensive name calling just as democrats do. Breaks my heart n most definitely praying for him n all others that has tested positive. God bless America n our President.

      1. these dem are the lowest lowest people on earth
        i don’t care who you don’t like or not i don’t like Biden
        but i do not wish him harm of any kind
        these dem are lowest people on earth

          1. Even this won’t spell our country’s name wrong. Not with the letter k instead of c!!!

    3. My response to Connie :

      You are some wonderful person, have a good heart, have common sense and you are also very open minded !
      The so called “ democrats “ have turned into a totally different kind of “creatures “ full of hate,
      venom, viciousness, wishing death on people they don’t like, or don’t agree with, narrow minded, brainwashed… they don’t know kindness, they can’t have warm feelings but they instead have very strong feelings about getting power over us, the people, and keep it forever !!!
      We should all understand that this is who they have become lately and that will never change.

      If we really care for our country and want to keep it, we MUST re-elect our President, Trump for 4 more years !!!!

      1. Preach!! That’s really a well said. Hitting the nail on the head ; etc:
        Thank you very much Real Americans are rational until they are infected with TDS. The demonic rats lose all ability to think and Truth is not in them.

        We Must re elect Trump on November 3rd. Our Freedom is at stake🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸


    5. AMEN! and I agree totally wth your post.
      WHy only GOP members affected with the virus??????? Isnt this a bit curious???

      1. It’s a REALLY SELECTIVE VIRUS DON’t YOU KNOW!! It’s like Justice Scalia dying of a heart attack….,,

    6. I agree as well. Praying all who have tested POSITIVE will have
      an extremely light case and return back to work very soon. God Bless all of you for your very hard work Thank you very much

  2. What else are the demoncrats going to come up with??? This is ashame and anyone with a brain knows what they are up to…they cannot stand that they are LOSING!!!! What is next? Satan is their leader and is trying to ruin America…look at what George Soros…one of the leaders of this pack…did to England and Hungry!!!! Take heed people, he needs to be kicked out of our country. President Trump is doing fine and the majority of people are praying for him and God has a plan so we need to trust Him. President Trump will remain our president for the next four years!!!! The lambrane ones in the Senate and Congress need to wake up!!!!!

        1. Depends upon whose eyes need to be closed. As far as I am concerned, the democrats have both minds and consciences closed, so why not their eyes?

  3. Has Barr been with the president since the debate? If not, then why should he quarantine. Trump was exposed to the virus at the debate.

    1. That is what I am thinking also. Her quiver has been exposed and it is the virus infecting republicans including President Trump.

  4. President Donald Trump:
    Get well soon, we need your guidance
    and intelligence getting our great country
    back to what it once was.
    You are great!
    Michael D’Antono

      1. Timothy, the government has been abusing citizens for over 20 years, especially in the Clinton, Bush, and Obama years. Trump has been a breath of fresh air.

  5. Democrats!! Always blaming others, always with the right solution, pointing a finger to others If they disagree. Stop the “Blame Game”!! Chris Wallace, on FOX, is deflecting from his poor performance as a moderator of the first debate, to cast blame on the Trump family, and President Trump. Wallace’s lineup of guests on Sunday, all interrogated with questions regarding the administration’s Covid 19 response. He repeatedly asked guests, seeking that the administration was “above the rules”, and doesn’t care. Perfect example of why there is sooo much division in our country. The fake media continues to feed this fire! How long are we going to let it continue?!

  6. There are reports of so many members of the political circle testing positive – but I read that an extreme percentage of tests have yielded false positives. We have constant reports, refutation of reports, exposure of false statistics… so we do not know what we know. Attempting to sow confusion and insecurity was the charge against Putin in 2016 – is some agency achieving that with the corona virus?

  7. My reply to Alan have been canceled at least 3 times by this site which doesn’t believe we have the right to express our opinion!!!!
    Shame on them !!!!!

  8. My reply to Alan have been canceled at least 3 times by this site which doesn’t believe we have the right to express our opinion!!!!
    Shame on them !!!!!

  9. Amen it is sad with all the hate,evil that these peole are saying.i dont know how they sleep at night or anything else with so much hate .they have chosen to work for the devil and not god .that tells alot about a person.

  10. I would care less if I picked up the morning paper and read that Nancy Pelosi caught the coronavirus with a terminal result. Same for AOC, Pressley, Omar, etc..

  11. People are asking why Durham won’t release his report?

    It’s Not hard to figure out!
    If Biden wins, everything will be hidden under the rug, and every dirty corrupt person, like Obama, Biden, Comey, Peter Strozk, and the rest especially Hillary, who paid for the Steele Dossier, that started the Russia, Russia Investigation, and cost taxpayers 40 million dollars, these low lives will NEVER be prosecuted for their crimes, and will be given their jobs back, with back pay!

    So why release anything, before the election, because Trump, and Barr will be gone after the first of the year, and that will end all prosecutions, of these Warped Communist Traitors!

  12. With so many people losing loved ones to the China virus and so many people wishing harm on our President as well as those who do not share their political views is so demoralizing. I support Church and the right to bear arms. I support life . The pursuit of happiness. I support law and order. And all things that are good. But many of our fellow Christian and American people are not out beating people, burning down hard working American livelihood. If I am to honor and respect views not shared as my own , then why can’t others respect and honor my views. Peace, joy happiness, to be protected, to earn a living, an honest living is not too much to ask in return

  13. Glenda- Sorry to burst your little democRATic bubble but Trump is not going anywhere. After January 20th 2021, you WILL see heads roll with indictments and im praying MANY RATS behind bars.
    Trump won’t be up for reelection in 2024, so what does he have to lose??? Not a damn thing. ALL WHILE KEEPING AMERICA GREAT…!!!
    You should put the kool-aid down glenda…
    You too magda…
    Trump 2020…!!!

  14. How come Pelose, Schumer, Waters and those other Dems do not have the virus?????? Very interesting , is it not????!! Makes one wonder???????

  15. Our government has known all along who and when the plan to prevent/or oust Trump from office was hatched by Obama and his handlers.

    “Brennan briefing Obama on the idea that Hillary Clinton may have approved a scheme to blame Trump for colluding with the Russians means Obama and his top lieutenants knew from day one that the Russian collusion story was nothing more than a partisan hit job concocted by Hillary Clinton’s campaign.
    The Obama administration knew this fact and when Barack Obama met with former FBI Director James Comey, former National Security Susan Rice, and Vice President Joe Biden met in the Oval Office on January 5 that gathering now looks very different.
    Obama ordering Comey to investigate the Russian collusion hoax “by the book” now looks like an attempt to get it on the record that Obama wanted a legitimate investigation while really or-dering the FBI to undermine the peaceful transition of power to the incoming Trump administration.”

  16. Avatar666, you are so correct! Obummer ordered all the “ Russia collusion” investigations! He “ thought” he had the election all sewn up for Killary to win, but President Trump pulled the rug out from under that plan by winning. Sooo they had to start trying every dirty trick in the book to get him removed. So, the sham impeachment after two years and millions of dollars for the Mueller report, to the purposeful seeding of the corona virus brought in from the Chinese lab that formulated it, to lying( as usual) about everything. Presidentt Trump has done more FOR our country in less than four years than obummer did in eight! But—- obummer did a lot to bring our country down, and the dumbocrats are following HIS agenda! The senate needs to confirm Judge Barrett as soon as possible. She was already vetted to a federal judgeship, no need for hearings! The only reason the demonrats want hearings is so they can try to destroy a good judge, like they did Kavanaugh. But, he won out anyway. I say to McConnell, get that vote done, get the confirmation done as soon as possible, PLEASE! And VOTE RED ACROSS THE BALLOT! Get Piglosi and her minions OUT!

  17. What would the DemocRats do if they were in this exact position??? They would skip the hearings and confirm Barrett as soon as possible!

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