July 3, 2022

Bill Barr is sending more officers to DC

Rioters who thought that they could get away with another night of bloody mayhem got a nasty surprise when Attorney General Bill Barr announced that more officers are pouring into DC to prevent looters from running amok.

Breitbart reports:

Attorney General William Barr warned Tuesday that additional law enforcement will be deployed to Washington, D.C. tonight as part of an effort to crack down on protests and riots sparked by the death of George Floyd.

“There will be even greater law enforcement resources and support in the region tonight,” Barr continued. “The most basic function of government is to provide security for people to live their lives and exercise their rights, and we will meet that responsibility here in the nation’s capital.”

Barr comments followed a night of reduced rioting on DC after President Trump made the decision to deploy the National Guard:

The streets of D.C. were largely under control Monday evening after President Donald Trump deployed the National Guard to the city. There were only minor instances of violence, with several shop windows smashed on 14th Street. A CVS store was also reportedly looted. Police arrested dozens of protesters in the city for violating the city’s 7:00 p.m. curfew.

Barr and Trump’s response is an example of how to deal with the rioters. Lawless and violent elements respect only one thing – strength. Take note, Frey, DeBlasio and every other cowering liberal mayor in America.

It’s up to the police and the national guard to enforce the law judiciously and justly. With a few exceptions, law enforcement has been doing a great job.

One thing is for certain – the riots won’t be tolerated in America. Violence is unacceptable. It’s about time our leaders stand up for that principle.

What do you think of the rioting in America? Scroll down to let us know in the comments below!

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Lawrence (@guest_1003738)
2 years ago

The life of George Floyd should have never been lost, all four cops should see jail time and not just fired and given probation. Mr Flyod will never have a second chance and these police officers should not get one either and should serve the maximum prison sentence for their crime without parole. That being said, the rioters that are destroying property and hurting people and looting should be charged with domestic terrorism and spend nothing less then 10 years in prison.

Mataio (@guest_1020398)
Reply to  Lawrence
1 year ago

Floyed’s death is really a big for the democrats political campaign booster with all the lies, lootings, and destroyed the ecnomy of the US.

FRED K WHITE (@guest_1003750)
2 years ago

Rioting, Looting and Destroying Property are totally unacceptable. George Floyd should be honored and many of the people go too far to the point that is not an honor. We have a great Attorney General and President. If the rest of you don’t like living here, LEAVE.

James Williams (@guest_1003808)
2 years ago

As a former military NCO, with twenty years of service, I have always advocated deadly force to those who participate in the destruction of property and any type of bodily harm to citizens. Yes, I believe in God and I also believe that those who obey the law and go about their business peacefully, should and must be able to voice their opinions. But to loot, destroy property and/or beat a store owner, who might die from those injuries, these people need to be shot on the spot. There is no justice for them, because they choose to disobey the law and other peoples rights to life. I know there are those who will condemn my thoughts, but remember this, God commands us to remove all manner of evil from among us and people who are destructive are just plain evil.

Katie aherndon (@guest_1007683)
Reply to  James Williams
2 years ago


Bot (@guest_1003818)
2 years ago

The Democrats knew this was coming, so they began zero bail, cupcake DA’s etc. to subvert enforcing the law.

Mary (@guest_1003820)
2 years ago

Totally Inexcusable and Totally Unacceptable.iunderstand We Will Disagree We Don’t See thru The same lense Protesting Is One Thing But These Young Kids Get Out their Loot Rob Steal and Destroy Other people’s property Is Totally Unacceptable.These Kids Need put in Jail.and made Accountable for Destroying Innocent People’s Property.

Common Sense (@guest_1003826)
2 years ago

The death of George Floyd is very tragic as all deaths are by someone who takes someone else’s life. But George Floyd and the terrible officer who murdered him were not strangers to each other. They worked together in a club as security. So this was not a random act of white cop on black man, plus this cop had already 12 infractions on his record as a cop. He should have been gone a long time ago from the police force. Even the owner of the club that hired the two of them said that the cop had a short fuse and was reactive to situations that could have been dealt with less force.

George Floyd wasn’t a saint either but since he was killed I will not go into his past. So this like many are saying this is NOT about George Floyd this is an excuse to have the hired thugs to blend in with the protesters to create chaos and destruction of businesses, loot and to kill and hurt other cops who are NOT like this terrible cop who is in jail for murder 3 and awaiting trial. I have several questions who set up all those pellets of bricks place strategically in places across the cities for easy access for the rioters? Who planned all this and bused in these terrible rioters to destroy and create chaos? Who is paying for these rioters to do this like a job? People are saying it is Soros, Satan himself, and a murderer and made billions by killing and destroying other people and even countries. He was run out of Hungary for all the damage he did there and they are still trying to recoup from him. He was the one who created all the chaos and bused in people (Antifa) across the USA after President Trump got elected. I guess the liberals liked what he did the first time so why not use him again. Why are some of these liberal/Democrat mayors and Governors so hesitant and not wanting to help the people of their states and cities not lose their business or even their lives? I wonder how much money they are getting paid by Soros to allow him and his thugs to run amok in our cities and destroy people’s livelihoods and do bodily harm to people?

Teresa (@guest_1003849)
2 years ago

It’s so obvious those Democratic Mayors and Govenors failed with COVID and now the vandalism. To let their communities be looted and burned is absolutely STUPUD!!! These so called leaders SHOULD NOT BE IN PUBLIC IFFICE. They cannot lead and give in to the vigilantes when they should be caring for the citizens that live and PAT TAXES IN THOSE COMMUNITIES!!! POOR LEADERSHIP!!!

Rose Dryden (@guest_1003853)
2 years ago

The unbridled chaos after the horrible abuse of Mr. George only detracts and minimizes the actual episode in Minneapolis.
Now all attention is on the rioters who take advantage of mayors and governors do not want to ” offend” anyone! Not only were these businesses shut down for months, now there isn’t even a structure to return to!! Those who imposed these shutdowns never went without a paycheck! I am ashamed to say I’m an American!

Corinne Merriman (@guest_1003951)
2 years ago

i can understand peaceful protest..its the right of every citizen who feels that an injustice has occurred to voice their concern..What i do not understand and DO NO CONDONE is angry and hurtful rioting, burning, smashing, and looting from innocent citizens that had nothing to do with the injustice.To me, that is an act of war on the American public as a whole and should NEVER BE TOLERATED!!! I applaud President Trump calling out the National Guard to defend our homeland.and AG Bill Barr.. WELL DONE..May these paid ruffians of George Soros REAP WHAT THEY HAVE SOWN to the fullest extent of the law

Jon (@guest_1004004)
2 years ago

Sad but once a cop has turned, and many have been turned, they are no longer police but become threats to society. A police force needs restraint. They need psychological training. Not training to shoot a gun. There are many good police who follow good order. But those who infest the ranks with violence need to be removed. Tough to show restraint when you are attacked.

Gloria (@guest_1004006)
2 years ago

It is so unfortunate to find even one “Dirty Cop” in the precinct. We have to remember, that even though that
one bad apple gets punished , and fired, does not guarantee that it won’t happen again. It is a constant and
urgent policy to be vigilant because someone else that passes all tests can be hired and turn out to be a bad
apple too. So the important thing to do is to act quickly, and check on all complaints that may come in on an
officer. That police man that murdered George Floyd had many complaints and someone must have dropped
the ball in not following up. Perhaps if they had been diligent in investigating and checking him out he would have been fired and this horrible ordeal and crime would have been avoided. As long as these bad apples get identified, punished and fired, there is no need to demonstrate or protest. It’s when they get overlooked and no one investigates and they continue to be allowed to stay in the force, the people feel the need to protest and react. However, we must realize, that it is a constant problem and must be managed quickly. It is
indeed unfortunate that we have among us bad apples so it is imperative to be alert and get rid of them immediately when they show themselves and need to be terminated before their evil tendencies escalate.
If all Police Chiefs and policeman are alert to this problem and react appropriately, it would stop much of this
protesting and demonstrations because people would have the confidence that they are dealt with and not allowed to stay on the force to mistreat and bully the people they arrest. It’s just like an illness, you treat it as soon as you discover it, but it doesn’t mean there will be no more illness to deal with in the future.

Sharon Ryg (@guest_1004009)
2 years ago

I am appalled that this could happen. If people want to protest peacefully, fine, but once they start defacing property, that’s when force needs to come in. I’m so mad. Throw those violent protesters into prison. Start building more prisons, open Alcatraz.

Penny L Keifer (@guest_1004062)
Reply to  Sharon Ryg
2 years ago

I so agree . Open Alcatraz lock them all up

Normand Snow (@guest_1004431)
Reply to  Penny L Keifer
2 years ago

Label them terrorists and send them to the prison in Cuba

Pam White (@guest_1004063)
2 years ago

I am appalled that this violence and looting has been allowed to continue for over a week. Peaceful protest one thing. Once it became violent and destructive it should have been met with force. Too many innocent people have been hurt and killed for nothing. Respect is not demanded, it is earned.

Roslyn Grosky (@guest_1004387)
Reply to  Pam White
2 years ago

You are so right!

Sherry (@guest_1004074)
2 years ago

This is not honoring Floyd’s memory. All the officers have been charged. It has to go to court now. Give it time to make it’s way through the system.

Mike (@guest_1004095)
2 years ago

We need to have these forces available because of sissy democrat mayors and governors afraid to defend citizens when needed. Also, paying bail from outside parties like democrat candidates should not be permitted. These protests are not legal once they cross the line damaging and looting. At the point, jail them and leave them there without bail for a week- maybe they’ll think twice.

LeeAnn Leonard (@guest_1004374)
2 years ago

I agree, put all of them in jail including Hollywood, politicians and anyone else they catch destroying and hurting others or property and keep them in jail until they have their day in court. Then once they are locked up give them nothing but bread and water like days past.

Chris hasquin (@guest_1004381)
2 years ago

If there gonna act like terrorist lock them away ,terrorist don’t get bail. It’s sad when people take advantage of someone’s death for there own gains or agendas. What about the innocent people who were hurt from the looting and businesses being burnt ,insurance doesn’t cover everything some people are on a fine line of losing everything they have to have this happen to them is just unfair

เบอร์มงคล (@guest_1005311)
2 years ago

I always spent my half an hour to read this web site’s articles or reviews daily along with a mug of coffee.

De (@guest_1074205)
1 year ago

Always consider the cost of wise, you will make some decisions that make you loose for now but win better in future.



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