April 18, 2021

Bill Barr ends the debate about police shootings

The modern left has been lying about a supposed epidemic of racially motivated police brutality all summer. For too long, public figures have been afraid to set the record straight, out of fear of being called racist themselves.

Bill Barr isn’t afraid of much. During a recent CNN interview, he showed no fear, saying: “I think the narrative that the police are on some epidemic of shooting unarmed black men is simply a false narrative…The fact is that it’s very rare for an unarmed African American to be shot by a white police officer.”

I love that Barr not only proclaimed an unpopular truth, but he did it on CNN. The channel’s leadership must have been grinding their teeth at his boldness.

Watch the moment:

Of course, Barr is right. There is no epidemic of racist police shootings. As Heather MacDonald at the Manhattan Institute noted:

It turns out that white officers are no more likely than black or Hispanic officers to shoot black civilians. It is a racial group’s rate of violent crime that determines police shootings, not the race of the officer. The more frequently officers encounter violent suspects from any given racial group, the greater the chance that members of that racial group will be shot by a police officer. In fact, if there is a bias in police shootings after crime rates are taken into account, it is against white civilians, the study found.”

Barr has long been a reasoned voice on police reform. As Fox News reports:

Barr in a House hearing in July said it was “understandable” that African Americans harbored distrust towards the police, and acknowledged perceptions of bias during police encounters.

“At the same time, I think it would be an oversimplification to treat the problem as rooted in some deep-seated racism generally infecting our police departments,” he added. “It seems far more likely that the problem stems from a complex mix of factors, which can be addressed with focused attention over time.”

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51 Responses

  1. Thank goodness someone who is as level headed as Bart is addressing this matter. However, I do believe it is time for AG. Barr to address the indictment of those FBI officials who have perpetrated hoaxes and wild accusations against our President. I’m sure he can do two things at once!

    1. Yes, it’s time the left we’re held accountable. However we all keep wondering if this will really ever happen

    2. Yes…I cannot wait much longer!! And I wonder if mainstream media will ever acknowledge that this is even happening??? Leaving the sheeple in their la-la land (or should I say baaaah…baaah land?) of bliss….happy in the lies they do not know they are being poisoned with….until they finally wake up and smell the roses.

  2. The left is doing what they alway do. They, along with their propaganda machine have created a false narrative based on a lie! How many more times are they going to be allowed to get away with these murderous, destructive lies before something is done to ruin or stop them? It’s just pitiful that we actually have lunatics on our gov’t, the media and the civilian world who tell us – Oh but these liars are protected by the 1st Amendment regardless of how many people are murdered, robbed, lives destroyed and the complete and total annihlation of us and our country are just no big deal because they are protected by law! All I can say is if this was our founding fathers intent then they created something that is bound to fail and cannot survive because we can no longer protect ourselves or our country from these criminally insane lunatics!!

    1. Our founding fathers never dreamed that the press would become totally biased in their reporting or that foreign ownership or influence over them would ever be a problem. In our modern society there should be laws that protect us citizens from their biased and violence condoning reporting.

        1. What would you do under a constant attack. Act like a gentlemen with unwarranted respect. This would be like being run over with a bus and say nothing. Think about what is really at stake here; the rights of all Americans not just a single group.

        2. Tom, I had rather have Trump as an truthful unpolished politician, than those Lying Loonies in the Democratic Communist Congress who Don’t know what Truth really means, give me a rustic President over your Lying Con Gentlemen any day

        3. Oh, PLEASE.
          Leftists want to say the President is not genteel enough for them, yet they dress like giant genitalia to march in our streets.
          Condone the murder of full-term infants, police officers, anyone who doesn’t embrace their sickness. Burning business owners out of their livelihood.
          The credibility of the Trump haters, leftist Democrats is totally shot. So many Americans walked away, after all of that so-called tolerance and “caring” of your party. Republicans have issues too, but non-patriotism and hate are not part of those..

  3. If racism wasn’t talked about 24/7, there wouldn’t be the focus as it is today. The African/American has never had it so good. Athletics making millions. Blacks that get an education, work hard and pay their way are given priority when applying for jobs. I know – I was in the banking industry for years. We made every attempt to hire minorities when they qualified for the job…….as far as being oppressed, those days are long over. It’s time the blacks take responsibility for their actions. If the blacks didn’t commit the crime, and then resist arrest, they would all be living today. And they need to get a handle on children born without a father – 75% of that makes it hard for the mom to raise the kids and still earn enough to support them….most people, like myself, want more than anything to see all races succeed.

  4. In my opinion, the people in America need to really wake up! The news media paint our President Donald J. Trump as not being a smooth talker and demonstrates abrasiveness with the American people. Lets take a look at Barrack Obama who literally was a very smooth talker. Everyone loved his communication skills. What the American people did not realize, Barrack Obama’s communications 99.9% of the time were nothing more than lies! Donald Trump however, always tell the facts and the truth. People many times, do not like hearing the truth, and that is why they do not like our President Donald J. Trump. The American people have to realize that our President did not have to accept this job. He accepted this job because he saw the Democrats & crooked Republicans destroying our country to get rich. Factories closed down and millions of American citizens were out of work because they shipped the jobs to communist China. Donald J. Trump loves America and loves the American people. His intent is to put America back to work, make all American citizens prosperous, and remove the threeat from Communist China with the ability to destroy America. He also challenged the European countries from ripping off America as well. Think very carefully what I just indicated to you. God Bless our American citizens, and God Bless America as well as our President, Donald J. Trump.

    1. Excellent Narrative by Mr. Steve Winner! Truth, Justice, Equality, Morality,Charity, Mercy and Faith are the foundation of this beloved country! God Bless USA and prayer for the righteous!

    2. I agree completely! There are many planning sedition/ treason. Those complicit must have citizenship revoked, be tried, sentenced and incarcerated or exiled! The rights of the righteous must be supported, freedom is the RIGHT TO CHOOSE / question now is choose between what!?

    3. Steven, I profundly agree with you. Do you remember how Obama, that velvet tongued deciever, used the slogsn, “Yes We Can”? He never did tell us what he meant by that. “Hope and Change” What did he mean by THAT?! He hoped to deliver our country to the highest bidder beit Iran or China? CHANGE??? Well things have certainly changed and did so under his leadership, one of them being the beginning of BLM!

      1. Do you remember when Trump said that the virus wouldn’t be around long and deaths would be short of the 100,000 predicted then??

    4. Great article. Obuma was and is a snake. Time for Barr to get those swamp restored on trial and in jail. We have been patient too long.

    5. If you believe that Trump always tells the truth, I have a bridge to sell you because you sure are gullible enough to buy one. Do you want wooden, concrete, or steel?

  5. Barr is absolutely correct, more blacks died from shooting on black on black and more white died on shootings from blacks and police, all we need to see is the FBI statistics. By the way Floyd as per autopsy he died of various drug consumed by himself like fentanyl etc.

  6. I completely agree with Mr. Barr. There is a problem with racism, and sorry to say, there always will be. But it has nothing to do with the police. You just hear more about it because the media always print the shootings of black people up front for everyone to see. When it is a white person, the article is way back in the paper. It isn’t even talked about on TV or in the internet. All they say is there was a shooting during “what ever”. I commend Mr. Barr for coming forward and saying what he said.

  7. Barr is really doing a great Job. He has to put up with the Democrats while trying to do his job. How many Police Officers have been killed by Blacks compared to how many Blacks are killed by Police ? When did you ever see a Democrat Complain about a Thug killing a Police Officer ? They seem to think the police should wait and let the Thug take the first shot.

      1. Carool, I have always contended that democrats can think from point A to point A and anything beyond that is an enigma. And they invented lying!


  8. This is getting old. If they would only listen to the police commands and not resist, they wouldn’t get shot. The one in Kenosha resisted, kept advancing to his vehicle and got shot. The officer could not allow him to enter his vehicle. Fake News!!

  9. This site is being cancel cultured too. You won’t post what I say. You’re not part of the solution…..you’re part
    of the problem.

  10. Served thirty eight years in Law Enforcement and have never fired my weapon at any human! I attended many schools regarding defusing and alleviated violence. Law enforcement officers, not all might have not been properly educated in these matters. Although racism does exist, many of these incidents have occurred by the alleged perpetrator failing to abide by the officer’s command! More education in the police institutions regarding these matters are severely needed!

  11. I still think Americas big problem over at least the past 5 years at a minimum has been the bias against conservatives by CNN and CNBC and others. If you don’t listen to Fox news at least part of the time you
    don’t get the proper perspective. I’ll say it another way, so Demarcates who won’t watch Fox understand what I’m saying. CNN, MSNBC and others omit and distort the truth or in other words lie.

  12. Fact…..they’re are more white people shot by police every year than there are any other race of people. Fact is…blacks don’t won’t to obey the police. That’s why the get shot. It’d blacks would obey the police and do what they were told, 99.9% of them would be alive today but you donut hear that bedroom the media so you? That’s because they’re communist and have a communist agenda.

  13. Why are you not exposing the lies the dems used against Trump in the 2016 election
    From their own mouths “no one is above the law” Let’s lock the whole bunch of them up the way they did Flynn

  14. It’s time somebody stood up to the Democrats and said we are tired of this We the people the disgrace of seeing one burn the flag it makes me sick. As a grandparent I’m thinking of my children and my grandchildren just like all the decent people in the world that’s what we live for let’s make it better for our children

  15. Some people just don’t get the idea that when police tell you to stop, it not a suggestion.
    Every time a cop stops someone they risk their own life, regardless of the situation, I.E.: They don’t know how the person they’re talking to is going to react. The rules, if you can call it such, is very simple, comply.
    If you choose to ignore the command or request, you may suffer the consequences. That’s up to you.
    Not difficult to figure out. Their not out here doing this work and providing their services for their health.


  17. Arrest the known leaders of BLM/ANTIFA. throw the keys away and arrest Biden’s vp candidate..Harris for aiding and abeting terrorists and find out who is funding these murderous sickos..Ask Biden who should pay for the millions of dollars of damage these animals have done..and ask him if he believes in these communistic perps?

    1. George Soros is paying the BLM and others who are protesting. He also paid to bus, also paid, people to events where Trump was speaking in the 2016 campaign.
      Look no further than his bankroll when the left needs a handout
      Just saying!

  18. Fact: The Declaration Of Independence around the 4th sentence states the people have the right to throw out the government and replace it’s members. Think about that and go and read it. This will give everyone a semecond thought.

  19. Had those that were shot NOT resisted and fought with Police, it seems to be the norm for blacks now, they would probably be home now.

  20. Left out of the narrative is the elevated tension of officers responding to 911 calls in high crime areas or pulling over vehicles identified to be operated by or registered to individuals with existing or previous bad acts on their driving records. Law enforcement have becoming sitting ducks. Additionally, black families should be teaching their children o listen and comply with the instructions of law enforcement. The idea that they teach their children to fear police based on skin color does nothing more then teach the fear we are seeing in black children today

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