March 3, 2021

Bill Barr crushes hopes for appointment of special counsel to investigate Hunter Biden

Any hopes of prosecuting Hunter Biden — or Joe Biden, for that matter — for using his influence in the US government to strike deals with foreign governments is now essentially dead in the water.

Outgoing Attorney General Bill Barr just announced on Monday that he doesn’t believe there is any need to appoint a special counsel to investigate allegations against the Biden family, clearing the way for Joe Biden to escape independent investigation or prosecution if installed in the White House. 

In his final press conference before his planned resignation just before Christmas, Barr shocked Trump supporters by declaring that the Justice Department is handling any investigation into the Biden family’s dealings “responsibly and professionally.”

“I think to the extent that there’s an investigation, I think that it’s being handled responsibly and professionally,” Barr declared Monday morning. “To this point I have not seen a reason to appoint a special counsel and I have no plan to do so before I leave.”

Appointing a special counsel to investigate whether the Biden family abused the former Vice President’s office for financial gain — and whether those deals represent a national security risk — would protect such an investigation from interference from a Democrat president.

However, it’s almost a given that a Biden-appointed Attorney General’s first order of business is to axe an investigation into the Biden family, or at least put it on the back burner throughout the duration of Biden’s tenure.

Though Bill Barr appeared to be aligned with President Trump’s goals throughout the majority of his term as AG, in recent months, Barr has repeatedly publically undermined the President, leading to speculation that his abrupt resignation was planned in order to avoid a contentious dismissal from Trump.

Do you think President Trump should attempt to appoint a special counsel to investigate the Biden family? Scroll down to the comments section to let us know what you think!

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112 Responses

  1. If that was Trump boy they would have him put to death, but Biden and his whole family have done Treasonous things and should be prosecuted to the fullest then hung in the front yard of the White House for all to see. Then go after the rest of them that stabbed our President in the back and destroy them. After we get rid of these Evildoers then this country will be Great Again. QUIT covering up for these Corrupt people because the more you do the Worse It Gets. Wake Up People this is Our Country🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

      1. I have always supported Bill Barr but I guess Chubby just can’t take the heat — he is running scared from the Left. Get the heck out of your office and go hide somewhere with your tail between your legs. MAJOR DISAPPOINTMENT, WE THOUGHT YOU WERE BETTER THAN THIS.

        1. I think that Barr was threatened by the left supporters. Their is a lot of evil opposing the Republicans and a lot of money supporting the Democrats. People can either be bought or threatened. We have to get to the bottom of this corruption.

      2. He never did anything to prosecute Omar; that was my first hint he is just a jolly ol’ fat man.
        Maybe he’ll make a better Santa….but he has no good presents to give America.
        He became a swamp creature in record time. BIG TIME DISAPPOINTMENT!

    1. I totally and completely AGREE with your comment. Letting Biden march on with his crimes is despicable, disgusting and worthless of Attorney General Bill Barr. Were it you or me, he would have had us in prison decades ago, but for that lizard in Congress, who is far dumber than my dog, to be set free is despicable and our “government” should override Barr, then fire him.

    2. I agree wholeheartedly! This is our country, & I think they have forgotten that they work for US. The U.S. Citizens!!! We want legal U.S. Citizens to have legal votes, & the crimes to pay for their crimes!!!

  2. Yes, there should be an investigate the Biden family. They need to put them through the same as Trump. But there is more on them then him.


    1. Dismiss the colluding seditionist Barr immediately. He is part of the colluding obfuscation Leftists and never should have held the position of D.A. of this administration. He has been a weasel since his lying days of pretending to be a Libertarian and running for president under that banner. He has no ethics just deceit.

    2. I guess the Bulldog is just useless puppy. Biggest disappointment but I guess , money and threats just shows how deep the swamp is, maybe he also part of the muck.

  4. Yes the biden s should stop being favored and prosicuted. Joe biden is not presedentially fit to be our presedent. Mentally or physically.

  5. Barr did America a terrible dis-service when he announced the FBI,etc. are doing a credible job and no investigation is necessary on the Biden’s. If you stall long enough and do nothing it appears that the Biden’s will “skate”. Thank You for nothing Mr. Barr and good riddance .

    1. Definitely appoint a special counsel. There is enough evidence to warrant an investigation. Americans would definitely lose faith and respect for our government if no action is taken.

    2. All dishonor & disgrace! It’s called being “bought”. The future of this great country will no longer be about the “constitution”, it’s now about “MONEY” & “POWER”.
      All the true “CULPRITS” will be remembered?
      TIME WILL COME!!!!

  6. Yes, a Special Counsel should be appointed along with a staff of his or her choosing just like the 2 year Mueller Investigation and Repubs. should incist on this! It is high time for the Repubs. to learn how to fight fire with fire and stop letting Dems run rough-shod over them. This is “our” country and folks need to wake up before it is lost…

  7. Barr is a Bush appointed nitwit, that should never have been put in the position he is in. Everyone knew the Bushes were traitors why would their staff be any different. I can’t believe that so many traitors to our countries constitution, exists in our present day government. It is sickening to see, these disgusting government traitorous people, doing their best to ruin our country. I thought that the Clinton’s Obama’s and Democrats were our big problem but it is worse than that. Half of the Republicans are just as bad as the Democrats. The people in this country are tired of these traitorous people in our government. It is time to clean house even if it means to use the military to do it


    1. How nice to know someone everyone respected can now be called the vilest –filthy person on the planet—Money speaks to so many people–& you learn who you are when it happens to you—What a terrible person for President Trump to be introduced to —Heart breaking in for sure—The only thing good here is the world knows & this man will always feel the burn from now –maybe thu eternity—guess we should pray for him —& I will try—He is not a nice guy on this earth–but he is our brother & a son of God—It honestly hurts for me to say or think that but I know that is a fact & God Forgive me for hating him for harming our country–Guess he does not know tho that God is in Charge & He will have his revenge—–You know he looks like a Democrat—-

  9. A special counsel should definitely be appointed to investigate the BIDENS. With just the little bit that Mr. Bobolinski presented on t.v. with Tucker Carlson should be enough to convict Joe and family.

  10. What has happened to the need for absolute truth in our country? We are verging on a more complete split as election details are made public. Decisions must be based on truth, not what many factions want you to believe. Investigations must be forthcoming if trust in government will every reach the levels of the past. It is the right of everyone to a fair and trustful government. Don’t bury your heads in the sand and accept the current see nothing nonsense. Disgusted in Michigan politics!

  11. We all watched AG Comey blatantly and brazenly display extreme partianship for Obama/Biden and against Trump. AG Barr did not allow his office to be manipulated in the same way, and did his best to operate in accordance with DOJ guidelines. For the sake of our country we should all wish for that to continue. Sure, it is a disappointment that Barr won’t appoint a special counsel, but the acting investigator of Hunter Biden should be allowed to continue until Biden takes office. Here’s why: were President Biden to fire that prosecutor once he is in office, he would literally destroy the myth he has been selling to the country that he will not interfere in the investigation, and he and the Democrat politicians will face the country’s wrath. I don’t believe he could survive a scenario that makes Watergate look like a Boy Scout outing. And I do believe the Senate Republicans, IF they are in the majority, will cut the head off the snake.

    1. Very good observation about AG Barr. I think you are right. But think about this. Does the Democrat party really care if Biden takes the fall. With Kamala sitting in the wings waiting for the big push?

  12. Looks like Barr is just the same as Comey, at al! Always thought he was a gutless wonder and it appears I am right! However, Barr you word means nothing of as of Wednesday, December 23, 2020. You handed in your resignation I believe. A temporary head of the Department will be sworn in. Maybe he will have more guts than you!

  13. I hate to believe this about Barr but he is acting like part of the swamp (ocean) .Durham probe,nothing? We all seen the lies under oath, felionies,stalling release of damaging info on not only Trump Russia but Hunter. Also claiming not enough voter fraud in Mi, Penn, Az, Wi, Ga, No, to even investigate. Really. Happy to see you go. Maybe we’ll get a honest AG intime to get to the truth. Stop

  14. Wow I wonder when it is going to end. People breaking our laws and then throwing in the peoples faces and nothing being done. If we the people dont start saying enough is enough and our laws are for everyone this country will never be free. Joe Biden is a joke and should never of even been allowed to run for President.

  15. Trump has to take the blame. His appointments of Barr, Wray, Sessions, et. al. were grave disappointments. Hang in there, Matt

  16. I think if there was any way to look at the money trail it would reveal everything. Hunter, Joe, James, would be indicted for treason, leading to Clinton’s and Soros as the backbone, AND many players on both sides of the Dem/Rep spectrum shud be disbanded and kept from any govt position in perpetuity. I’ll guarantee that the Billions the Dems scooped from so many sources was used to pay off many influential people(who now own multi $M offshore accts to live off of when the trouble starts in the US). John Roberts being the first.

  17. I wonder if Barr’s family has been threaten if Barr enforces a special consul. If not Barr should go down as a swamp creature at the highest level.

  18. By all means a special prosecutor should be appointed post haste! The Biden’s think they are above the law, like the rest of the sewer roaches in the demonrat party! They should be investigated for all their dirty dealings, and the findings should be made public for ALL to see! The cover ups go way back, and a LOT of people should be exposed. Time for a reckoning, and investigate Obama as well, he is in on all this crap up to his big ears!

  19. I agree Hunter should be investigated but its a really big can of worms that will lead to Joe Jill Kamala and then on to Clinton and Obama. It appears its ok to take millions from foreign countries as long as you pay your income tax on it.

  20. I am so disappointed in Barr. He is one of the burs in Trumps side and I always liked him. We were all scammed. Increasing prayers for Trump for courage and wisdom. Gods will be done.

  21. Things are working out pretty much the way democrats planned and they aren’t even in office yet. Well some of us will remember when we had a free state, many more will realize their freedom is over. Unfortunately for all of us, we are going to become slaves to the state.

  22. Yes, I believe that a Special Council should be appointed IMMEDIATELY and be our President Donald J Trump!! We can’t let the Biden’s get away with what they have done, if the shoe was on the other foot, they would crucify Trump and/or his family!! I say, Investigate it ASAP!!!

  23. Barr , Durham and all that are holding office in Washington DC are swamp creatures that need to be extinguished . All of them betrayed that people elected them in office , it seems like we the people are working for them . They all become millionaire to be exact and we the people become poorer and poorer and with this pandemic we all need money to them it’s ok because they all have the money they needed so they don’t really care.
    Hoping people will wake up who they will elect in the future

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