August 16, 2022

Rep. Andy Biggs says ‘most Republicans’ back motion to dismiss Pelosi

Rep. Andy Biggs (R-AZ) is on a mission to get House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) dismissed from her post, calling upon Pelosi to “vacate the chair” in a video published on Twitter on Friday. 

Biggs began pushing for the removal of Pelosi as House Speaker some weeks ago after she was caught flouting COVID-19 rules to get an illicit blow-out at a San Francisco hair salon.

“I’ve been leading the efforts in the House of Representatives to remove Nancy Pelosi as Speaker of the House,” Biggs wrote on Friday. “Most Republican Members of Congress wholeheartedly agree that this action must be taken!”

Biggs explained how his supporters in the House could go about dismissing Pelosi from her seat as Speaker, and said that he hopes that a motion to remove her will come to a floor vote.

“She’s going to end up as a footnote in history,” Biggs declared. “She’s going to lose Congress, the House of Representatives two times as Speaker of the House. That’s never been done before in the history of the country.”

Biggs announced this week that GOP leadership allowed him to bring the motion to force Pelosi out of the chair up for debate among the inner conference.

“I have spent many hours over the last few weeks, strategizing with my colleagues and talking to them about the necessity of taking this action,” he said. “Most Republican Members of Congress wholeheartedly agree that Nancy Pelosi must be removed as Speaker of the House.”

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) commented last week that he will initiate a motion to remove Pelosi as speaker if she attempts to impeach Trump to block his Supreme Court nominee. Pelosi appeared to back down on her veiled threats to impeach afterward.

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Robert Bates (@guest_1053102)
1 year ago

About time, she should have been forced out after her lame attempt to impeach the President the first time, what a waste of the tax payers money

Grace (@guest_1053166)
Reply to  Robert Bates
1 year ago


Dolores (@guest_1053244)
Reply to  Grace
1 year ago

What is taking so long to remove Pelosi?

Jeannine Ball (@guest_1053360)
Reply to  Robert Bates
1 year ago


Susan Epperson (@guest_1053105)
1 year ago

Nancy Pelosi is not helping the American people,she can’t.She is so full of hate for the president.She needs to leave on her own to avoid a scandal.The American people need someone who respects the needs of the people.She could care less.

Richard (@guest_1053116)
Reply to  Susan Epperson
1 year ago

I agree with Ms Epperson…………….

Leo (@guest_1053151)
Reply to  Susan Epperson
1 year ago

Agree! Getting older too.

frances gilmore (@guest_1053174)
Reply to  Susan Epperson
1 year ago

how true i can’t believe its taken this long to move forward/she and Shiff should have been impeached .

Jeannine Ball (@guest_1053362)
Reply to  frances gilmore
1 year ago

CLEAN HOUSE, literately

BUTCH (@guest_1053106)
1 year ago

She should have been forced out after all of non cooperating with anything that the Republicans brought up to a vote. She blantly disregards the Constitution and The Bill Of Rigjts. I want to say…VACATE THIS SEAT AND FILL IT A.S.A.P…..

maria (@guest_1053157)
Reply to  BUTCH
1 year ago

Absolutely. She is stupid like Biden, alcoholist and liar. She is against the American constitution, her only interest is to destroy President Trump.
She is a shame and causes only scandals .

Jeannine Ball (@guest_1053363)
Reply to  BUTCH
1 year ago

AMEN, SOON !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Maria T Deang (@guest_1053110)
1 year ago

Thank you, Robert, exactly my point. Just the thought that a sitting president, doing his best to protect America without accepting salary for doing the job, and then here comes somebody doing her best to spend public money getting him impeach for performing his job to protect America. Does that makes sense? She should be fired long time ago. She is full of hatred and she is also very unprofessional. How dare she is to tear the president’s report on the nation’s state of the nation’s address. She thinks she owns America. Her mantra is “what Nancy wants, Nancy gets”. This sounds like somebody else…..

Anne Huitrado (@guest_1053123)
Reply to  Maria T Deang
1 year ago

I totally agree with Maria Teang!

Jimbo (@guest_1053124)
Reply to  Maria T Deang
1 year ago

Since she is an official elected government official can she not BE IMPEACHED. ???

Jeannine Ball (@guest_1053364)
Reply to  Maria T Deang
1 year ago

Well said Maria THANK YOU !

Teal Tiki (@guest_1053115)
1 year ago

I will NEVER forget how offended I was to see her sit behind the President during his Inauguration Speech tearing up his speech before he even finished. I felt she should have been removed immediately for her rude and disrespectful actions! Surely there were others who felt that way, she has gotten so brazen she flaunts her disregard for our LAWS! She tells people to behave in one way and then flaunts her disrespect for those same laws. She is not an honorable person, nor is she fit for her position!

Jeannine Ball (@guest_1053367)
Reply to  Teal Tiki
1 year ago

Again, Well said, she respects nothing, our country, our flag, our President, our traditions, our Constitution. If we are lucky she will spread her ugliness elsewhere, with her hairdresser of course.

Glenda (@guest_1053864)
Reply to  Teal Tiki
1 year ago

I totally agree with everyone when it comes to Pelosi, she thinks she is really the president .

Cyrano deB (@guest_1053126)
1 year ago

She should be dismissed from Congress! She has worked full time for the last four years to destroy the POTUS and everything he has attempted to do. She has done absolutely nothing to support or benefit the USA or its citizens! She’s become a cancer in our government! That’s sedition and should require her banishment from Congress and from the USA! Napoleon was banished to Elba – Pelosi could be banished to Guantanamo!

Mary Borawski (@guest_1053156)
1 year ago

I hope the removal of NP as speaker of the house position really happens. It is long overdue

Felix (@guest_1053159)
1 year ago

Nanc Leprosy, the lacra of society and the house. There is no place on earth for this creature. She belongs in hell with the devil. She is as evil as can be and never been a nice person. She behaves like she were a beauty queen. She is nothing but a frustrated woman. Time to get her out along with Schummer and Naddler.

D-Day (@guest_1053165)
1 year ago

Words cannot describe the odor that comes from this skanky woman’s actions. Nancy Pelosi is nothing more than a self centered, drunk, hate-filled, b!tch ! Get her the hell out of House, so we can finally get back to a functional government!

MAGA Man (@guest_1053167)
1 year ago

The voters have a really big opportunity to remove Nancy Pelosi from her position as Speaker of the House this November – everybody get out and vote Republican for all the GOP candidates for the House this Nov. With a Rep majority in the House, the new Speaker will become a senior Republican.
With a Republican Speaker in the House, the House can then get back to the work they were elected for – taking care of the country’s business, instead of pursuing Nancy’s personal vendetta – the overthrow of Donald Trump, a legitimately elected sitting President. An anti-globalist, anti Marxist president. An America First President.
By letting moderate Dems get back to work, Congress can become more productive and less hateful. The Soros-funded Marxist cabal will be made less potent, and Congressional officials can become more effective with their duties. That will be a benefit to us all – red and blue!
Get out to vote – in person – to upset the Left’s voter fraud scheme this Fall and vote for a Republican congress person, and we all become winners! Vote for a GOP House and vote Trump 2020!

looie bamis (@guest_1053171)
1 year ago


edward d burnett (@guest_1053172)
1 year ago

Actually there needs to be “TERM LIMITS” for all politicians. WE THE PEOPLE should be the ones to vote on term limits. Not the politicians. They work for us!!!

Ron (@guest_1053181)
1 year ago

Pelosi IS PURE EVIL!Get rid of her!

Ramona Allums (@guest_1053182)
1 year ago

Count me in too.

4 - Trump (@guest_1053192)
1 year ago

Wow I see my Comment wasn’t posted. I didn’t say anything bad.
Hmmm I guess they pick and choose what gets posted .
slide this in. Piglosi and the others needed to go a long time ago. Better late than never !!


Josephine Lara (@guest_1053195)
Reply to  4 - Trump
1 year ago

Mine seem to get lost also! Wonder who does the deleting? Wanna bet its a rat, who hates the truth? Watch this get dumped also!

FRED H. SMITH (@guest_1053369)
Reply to  Josephine Lara
1 year ago

they don’t like mine either, guess the truth hurts

Rosemarie Wilson (@guest_1053221)
1 year ago

I wish you SUCCESS in this endeavor! Nancy Pelosi is in great part responsible for the major problems and negative issues in AMERICA.

BerniceThomas (@guest_1053645)
Reply to  Rosemarie Wilson
1 year ago

Yes it is time for her to GO! Most of the people in Congress have been there to long and does not work for the people . I can name several that does nothing but cause trouble and draw a paycheck.

Bernard Clark (@guest_1053241)
1 year ago

It’s about time !!!
Pelosi has caused so many problems how does she live with it.
She has been the thorn on our society.

Patricia Darrah (@guest_1053258)
1 year ago

I agree with all the above comments. This woman should have been charged with treason a long time ago. She is hateful, disrespectful, and does not care about the American people. Term limits needs to be for all persons in the House, Senate, and Court systems along with the President. If these people can’t do a job for the American people in 8 years, they are not suited for the job.

Rev Jim (@guest_1053336)
1 year ago

Throw “IT” out with the rest of the pond scum! This HOUSE has left to it, Very Little respect due to the waste of time, money and anything else that can be touched by them. Congress will have to re-earn RESPECT and TRUST. That will take much time and effort and done ALL in the open view of WE THE VOTERS… Can they (Congress) do this???

Patty (@guest_1053375)
1 year ago

At last!!! Yes pelosi should go, willingly or by bieng removed! She is NOT doing her job, bullies everyone, including potus, thinks SHE owns our government! She is still holding America hostage to HER petty demands for a relief bill that we all need. Most of her demands to fund any relief has no correlation to the corona virus or to help the American people, most funding for HER pet projects! Time to bounce her now! She is a disgrace to our congress! Vote RED, get them all out, Schumer, shiff, Nadler, and pelosi! The American people have had enough! Also bounce the “ squad” for their anti American actions!

Tony Morris (@guest_1053494)
1 year ago

Way to say it Patty….there are many in Congress that need a new job in 2021. A major Republican turn over would make our President’s next four years better than ever. This Nov. 3rd is gonna be a big deal for America…..let’s get the swamp water a few feet lower, take away the creatures hiding places and get some new blood in House. It is such a waste of time watching Pelosi and her criminal gang claim America’s Constitution is in good hands with her and her buddies. What a farce that is….time for a change, has been for a long time… President Trump will do wonders if unimpeded by the bickering biddy and buddies.

Mike Siegfried (@guest_1053502)
1 year ago

She should be hung for treason

wilbert clarence Jennings Jr. (@guest_1053955)
1 year ago

She is drunk with her power and it has cost millions that could have been better used . I think she received kick back from the supposedly impartial investigators attempting to convict the President of something he didn’t do. She doesn’t even represent the values of many Democrats, but for those that support her they are coconspirators of the millions of innocent death they will be judged for as they stand before a very real GOD.

Alila Barreras (@guest_1056300)
1 year ago

Nancy Pelosi is a person with bad feelings, a liar and a slanderer, she has more wrinkles in her heart than in her face, the hatred that consumes because “we the people”voted for Donald Trump in the 2016 elections and we are going to vote again for him in November for being a president who works for free for his people, wants the best for the Americans and tells the truths that the corrupt politicians keep silent. Nancy Pelosi is not only a traitor for the Republicans, it is for the Democrats that the country no longer wants them in power thanks to the bad behavior that Nancy has had. The Democrats are the ones who must remove her from office because she is a disgrace for the Democratic party.

Portal XMC (@guest_1076244)
1 year ago

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