May 19, 2022

Rep. Andy Biggs: ‘Isn’t it time to bring the motion’ to remove Pelosi as speaker?

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) has been targeted by Rep. Andy Biggs (R-AZ), who issued a call for Congress to approve an official motion to remove her from the position in an op-ed published by Fox News Monday morning. 

“Isn’t it past time for Rep. Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., to leave her office as Speaker of the House?” Biggs asked. “I call upon our leaders in Congress to put forward the Motion to Vacate the Chair that has been prepared and merely needs to be brought to the floor.”

Biggs cited Pelosi’s escalating rhetoric labeling GOP members of Congress as “domestic criminals” as proof that she is no longer fit to lead the House.

“The left hates President Trump and the Americans who voted for him,” Biggs continued. “In and of itself, it is a most despicable statement designed to divide the nation, but it shows a disregard for the institution itself.”

Biggs attacked Pelosi’s decision to allow the impeachment of Trump “based solely on animus toward the president, and not on any allegation of the commission of a ‘high crime or misdemeanor,'” and then doubling down after being proven wrong, “dragging” the nation through an “unnecessary” impeachment hearing.

Lastly, Biggs blasted Pelosi’s “elitist escapade” at the San Francisco hair salon last week that she attempted to blame on salon owner Erica Kious.

Biggs wrote:

The whole Hair-dye-gate drama is born of a sense of entitlement and privilege. It is believing that her wants trump other people’s rights.

Frankly, it is a narcissistic, authoritarian view.

That Pelosi is willing to crush the business of a single, working mom, by blaming her for her own bad judgment, calls to mind Soviet leaders who made sure they had all of their wants met—plenty to eat, dachas on the lakes — while the rest of society went wanting.

The Speaker is willing to show her power against the powerless, who have been shut down by command of the local tyrants for months.

Read the full op-ed here.

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Dan Gibson (@guest_1045274)
1 year ago

It is TIME to move on from the HAIR-DYE-GATE incident … at least that’s what GOVERNOR GAV said in CA yesterday. He’s obviously had it up to HERE with hearing of this SCANDAL. But lest we forget, the national APB went out on his wonderful AUNT NANCY when the story broke. He’s merely looking after family. And WHAT A FAMILY IT IS !

Dawn Doran (@guest_1045286)
Reply to  Dan Gibson
1 year ago


Josephine Lara (@guest_1045312)
Reply to  Dan Gibson
1 year ago

Sure hope all you said about newscum and piggy was pure sarc!

Pat (@guest_1045276)
1 year ago

In short, remove that “cut your head off and you won’t know you are bleeding” devil. Ripping up the SOTU did it for me. An agregious pitiful specimen of a so called woman.

Stevo (@guest_1045282)
1 year ago

They should put her in GITMO for attempted coup & 4 years of many acts of sedition. Not to mention a career of organized crime , and extreme dis-service to her constituents she has ignored all along , coupled with years of election fraud to stay in power as she did nothing beneficial for anybody .

Lil (@guest_1045487)
Reply to  Stevo
1 year ago


rabbit (@guest_1045718)
Reply to  Stevo
1 year ago

Stevo you are man man of my words. Sedition from the neck up on this woman. she is crooked and so deep in organized crime it reeks from her. She is a evil person who hates to be challenged. If I were the republicans I would buy up every billboard available in DC I would put up huge signs questioning her ethics with a sign of her getting her hair done. If you charge her with sedition and carry out the sentence, she won’t have to worry about getting her hair done again.

Pat (@guest_1045289)
1 year ago

I didn’t hear anything like that when Trump’s needless impeachment drug on for months unnecessarily. When the shoe is on the other foot it doesn’t take
long to hear complaining like you
can’t even imagine. According to how long Trump’s Impeachment lasted I would say there is at least another three to four months of listening to the salongate episode.

Gail F. Kahlenbeck (@guest_1045492)
Reply to  Pat
1 year ago

I don’t think she got her hair done once during the impeachment fiasco. Just looked like the same wig to me.

LB (@guest_1045291)
1 year ago

Thank you Rep. Biggs for your call to remove Pelosi. It’s clear she doesn’t represent the people’s interests. Same holds true for her useless nephew. Neither are fit for public service.

Josephine Lara (@guest_1045314)
Reply to  LB
1 year ago

YEAH AND AGREE BUT with all their $$$$, they pay off many and will still be around to ruin OUR state. We have tried to recall the scum, but keep getting waylaid. The top 4 or 5 biggies in CA with all their money and the hollyweirdos and their $$$ keep getting on OUR WAY! THE MAJORITY wants them out!

Prilmer Lipscomb (@guest_1045427)
Reply to  LB
1 year ago

Thank you for being brave to go against this lady who has done nothing for this country since President Trump took office except blasting him for everything he has done. Thank the good LORD for giving our President the ability to overlook these remarks from all the house against him. He is a man doing the job he believes in.
The democrats have turned into our enemy. What a shame and a disgraceful group we elected.
We desperately need term limits!

Ganavar (@guest_1045296)
1 year ago

Impeach, Impeach nutty Nancy.

SilverRascal (@guest_1045316)
1 year ago

Ms Nasty is only one of the disgusting specimens in the house that needs terminated. There are many, many others.
Much appreciation to Rep’. Andy Biggs for finally bringing her back to the light. Now hopefully they’ll actually act on it.
There’s a slew of them that ought to be frog marched out of the House in cuffs.

Nathan t nguyen (@guest_1045329)
Reply to  SilverRascal
1 year ago

Life is who you know.
Can the witch be rid off for good?
I doubt it.

Alan (@guest_1045330)
1 year ago

This is the best news of the week get rid of piglosie

James (@guest_1045331)
1 year ago

Need to trap the creature from the blm (black) lagoon!
Queen of the lagoon!
Clean the swamp Mr. Trump!
The American people know this promise is the most difficult to keep.
It will take 4 more years to clean it all including (Shumy the blind gator, and shifty the snake dragon).
Trump 2020!

Maria (@guest_1045339)
1 year ago

It is time for the American People to say enough. The silent majority needs to have their voices heard. Get rid of Nancy, Adam, & Chuck and everyone will be in peace and get along.

It’s time President Trump to Clean The Swamp and fill it with fresh clean water.

Marlene (@guest_1045474)
Reply to  Maria
1 year ago

I don’t agree that getting rid of only those 3 will bring sanity to the demoscum party. You need to remove Nadler, Waters, and Cummings to that list.

Terry (@guest_1046333)
Reply to  Marlene
1 year ago


Kevin (@guest_1045340)
1 year ago

Democrats will cheat,lie,steal what ever it takes to stay in power if stepping on the little people along the way that is ok with them. I believe there are democrat leaders involved with china creating this virus for they have proven to do what ever it takes to gain the power they crave. I dont have any proof its just a feeling for they have proved to stop at nothing to take over power.

Eli (@guest_1045341)
1 year ago

It would be a relief to see Pelosi go, however, who do they have in mind to replace her? That will bring on new drama.

Cheryl (@guest_1045342)
1 year ago

Please please please remove the evil witch of the country. Make it happen ,and you will hear the cheers of the whole United States. Pelosi is too old to be in politics and remember she was sweating it out last time afraid she wouldn’t get chosen for S of the H. Since she made it she has made all Americans miserable.We are sick to death of her . All her lies and deceptions make me sick and hopefully Karma gets her good.

Terry (@guest_1045361)
1 year ago

YES, remove her as Speaker of the House before she can do anymore damage. ALL she does is spread HATE!!!

Marlene deRonde (@guest_1045371)
1 year ago

Term Limits for members of Congress. No career Politicians-!!!

Randy Justice (@guest_1045384)
1 year ago

As far as prosecution goes, Pelosi will NEVER serve a day for anything that she has ever done or ever does, the only way to get rid of this cancer short of murder is to vote her a$$ out of office. I can’t understand how she keeps getting elected, does she have dirt on THAT many people ?? The only thing that WE can do is to vote Republican and win the house majority in November and send her to the back of the bus where she belongs, wake up, we have the numbers to defeat these liberal fools, now go and vote Republican and show the liberal idiots that we are serious !!!

GW (@guest_1045387)
1 year ago

Pelosi needs to be removed from congress not just speaker of the house, Pelose and Biden are the top two liars in the USA

Steve M (@guest_1045388)
1 year ago

Have you seen the state of San Francisco and the I 5 corridor? Those are the people that keep re-electing her. I hope they at least remove her from the speakers chair.
The amount of people fleeing California is astounding.

Colin (@guest_1045397)
1 year ago

Please! Drop Piglosi out from The Congress!She did nothing for The Americans People so far! She has been a treason and want to destroy our country for Chinese Communist Money!So were the DemoRat Party too!
Please ! VOTE for The Republican Party for all the level of our government system!
Get rip all the Demorats

Joann aka Giovanna (@guest_1045435)
1 year ago

It is time to let her go,she’s been in way too long she thinks she’s above the law, the people voted him in, she obviously is not with the people! But only for herself. Get her out!!!

Donald Cline (@guest_1045465)
1 year ago

She can be required to vacate not only the chair, but her office, by any citizen listing her violations of the U.S. Constitution and citing Section 3 of the 14th Amendment. Look it up, people! The Constitution of the United States is still binding on government regardless of Democratic beliefs to the contrary.

rosemary A Hug (@guest_1045469)
1 year ago

It is time to remove Nancy Pelosi from any Govermental post. She is a disgrace.

Mary E Newcomb (@guest_1045480)
1 year ago

Please Please will someone remove that sickening woman! She is only about herself and has no respect whatsoever for the seated President and no conscience regarding all that she has done!

Patty (@guest_1045491)
1 year ago

I agree Piglosi needs to go, and so should Schumer, occasio Cortez and the rest of the squad. We need a speaker who cares about our country and our people, who will do the job. IF there is another democrat who is trustworthy, put that person in. BUT we have to vote them all out, institute term limits, and demand our congress do their job. Working FOR the American people and our country, NOT for themselves and their wallets.

Patty (@guest_1045529)
1 year ago

Fire pelosi and never let her work in any government affiliation and fine her on all her abuse of POWER over all the years and her evil followers She need to go NOW AND THE SALON WOMAN I WANT HER TO SUE THE HELL

Danita Tetzloff (@guest_1045571)
1 year ago


Faye (@guest_1045647)
1 year ago

Add adam schiff to that lier list. He is really wicked.

JoeyP (@guest_1046068)
1 year ago

It’s been time for a LONG TIME . . . And be sent to FEDERAL PRISON with Nadler and Schiff, SEDITION and TREASON as per the U.S. Constitution, HIGH CRIMES against The POTUS and the American People, operation of an ILLEGAL COUP. One Enlightened and HOPEFUL Patriot. Team Trump and his allies 2020.

LONE WOLF (@guest_1047133)
1 year ago

We should not allow Pelosi to resign. Instead, we should insist that she be arrested and charged with treason and corruption and other crimes against the American People!

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1 year ago

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