September 29, 2022

Biden’s words come back to haunt him as COVID-19 deaths higher under his tenure than Trump’s

Though then-candidate Joe Biden spent much of 2020 campaigning on the proposition that he could and would end the COVID-19 pandemic, shockingly, more deaths attributable to the virus have been recorded during his first 10 months in the White House than during the final 12 months of former President Donald Trump’s tenure – a time when coronavirus vaccines were inaccessible.

As Breitbart notes, Johns Hopkins University statistics reveal that when Biden ascended to the Oval Office, there had been 396,442 virus deaths in the United States, and as of Wednesday, the country had registered 792,971 such fatalities since the first case of the illness was confirmed back on Jan. 21 of 2020.

Even the New York Times had to admit the truth about the death toll under Biden, regretfully declaring, “This was supposed to be the year vaccines brought the pandemic under control. Instead, more people in the United States have died from COVID-19 this year than died last year, before vaccines were available.”

This stark reality brings to mind for many Biden’s own words, uttered during a debate with Trump last fall, in which he brashly asserted that “anyone who’s responsible for that many [COVID-19] deaths…should not remain as president,” even though at the time, the tally sat at roughly 220,000, as Breitbart added.

White House press secretary Jen Psaki was reminded of Biden’s statement earlier this month by Fox News correspondent Peter Doocy, who asked if that is “still the standard now that more Americans have died under President Biden than President Trump.”

Unsurprisingly, Psaki skirted the issue, saying, “I think the fundamental question here is what are you doing to save lives and protect people,” repeating the false assertion that the former president “was suggesting people inject bleach” and saying that he “continued to provide a forum for misinformation” that kept vaccination rates lower than they otherwise would have been.

Doocy followed up with Psaki by asking what ever became of Biden’s pledge to “shut down” the pandemic, with the press secretary answering simply, “We’re working on it.” WATCH:

Trump was all too eager to point out the hypocrisy of the current president’s prior statement when compared to his his current conduct, stating that his successor has been “badly” beaten by COVID-19, reminding everyone that “[Biden] said anybody with his results should leave office,” and asking a question to which millions of Americans want the answer, namely, “Well, Joe, what are you waiting for?”




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