May 24, 2022

Biden’s ‘Putin price hike’ inflation excuse met with skepticism from fellow Democrats

Though the Biden administration did its best to lay blame for the worst inflation numbers in 40 years at the feet of Russian President Vladimir Putin, among those who were skeptical of such claims were members of the president’s own party, many of whom were not shy about making that fact known, as Breitbart reports.

Even before Tuesday’s official release of the latest dire inflation data, White House press secretary Jen Psaki attempted to get out in front of the story, claiming that Russia’s war in Ukraine was responsible for the pain being felt by American consumers, repeatedly referring to the “Putin price hike.”

Once the official figures emerged on Tuesday, Psaki’s boss, President Joe Biden, repeated the assertion during a Tuesday appearance in Iowa in which he declared, “Putin’s invasion of Ukraine has driven up gas prices and food prices all over the world. So everything is going up. We saw it in today’s inflation data.”

Those representations from Psaki and Biden run counter to evidence presented by the Wall Street Journal this week, citing data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, indicating that “the inflation trend began in earnest a year ago at the onset of the Biden presidency” and that “[i]t has accelerated for most of the last 12 months,” well before Putin’s invasion of Ukraine commenced.

Much to Biden’s certain chagrin, not even Democrats seem to be buying what he is selling in this regard, with liberal Ohio politician Nina Turner letting loose on Twitter, citing massive inflation figures in a host of consumer categories, including fuel oil, gas, used cars, and food and opining, “[c]orporate politicians are not the answer.”

Though Turner represents the progressive end of the spectrum, the administration was also the recipient of harsh criticism from moderate Democrat Sen. Joe Manchin (WV), who said on Tuesday, according to The Hill, “The Federal Reserve and the Administration failed to act fast enough, and today’s data is a snapshot in time of the consequences being felt across the country.”

“Instead of acting boldly, our elected leaders and the Federal Reserve continue to respond with half-measures and rhetorical failures, searching for where to lay the blame. The American people deserve the truth about why record inflation is happening and what must be done to control it,” Manchin added.

Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis of Florida, however, wasted no time in providing the kind of truth and insight referenced by Manchin, saying, “When you’re printing trillions and trillions of dollars, the idea that you can just do that ad infinitum without there being any consequences was completely foolhardy.”

Perhaps the White House arrogantly assumed that the American public would blindly and uncritically accept its “Putin price hike” deception as explanation for the devastating inflation consumers are experiencing each and every day, but with new poll numbers showing Biden’s approval rating at a dismal 33%, that was yet another a miscalculation that could prove devastating to his party this November.

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