September 30, 2022

Biden’s polling lead in home state Pennsylvania collapses

Just after Joe Biden’s campaign called a lid on all campaign activities for the next three days, a devastating new poll was released showing that Biden’s once-solid lead in Pennsylvania has completely collapsed.

Restoration PAC/Trafalgar Group survey released Monday found that Biden leads incumbent Donald Trump by just 1.1 percent —  47.5 percent to Trump’s 46.4 percent. A Trafalgar survey released last week showed Biden holding a 2.3 point lead over his opponent.

The survey, conducted from October 13-15 among 1,041 likely voters, is a continuation of Biden’s poor polling trend since August. Even worse for Biden, the poll ended just a day after the explosive revelations implicating the Democrat nominee in his son’s shady overseas dealings.

As more information regarding the Biden family’s abuse of the then-vice president’s office is released, Americans are unlikely to give the presidential hopeful a pass.

Pennsylvania is not only a major battleground state, but it’s also Biden’s home state, so this poll only adds insult to injury.

“It looks like the race is essentially tied across the important upper Midwestern swing states” remarked Restoration PAC founder and President Doug Truax in a statement. “We believe President Trump has the stronger message down the stretch that will tip the balance his way.”

Democrats will try to undermine the findings of the Trafalgar group’s poll, but the group has been characterized as “one of the most accurate polling operations in America” by RealClearPolitics co-founder and President Tom Bevan since correctly predicting the outcomes of 2016 and 2018 elections.

Democrat strategists appear uneasy as well. With just over two weeks to go until election day, many national ‘polls place Biden firmly in the lead. However, Democrat National Committee chair Tom Perez admitted on Sunday, “I always caution people, never to go on the ‘poll-er-coaster.’ We take nothing for granted.”

“We cannot become complacent because the very searing truth is that Donald Trump can still win this race, and every indication we have shows that this thing is going to come down to the wire,” Biden’s campaign manager, Jen O’Malley Dillon, wrote in an internal memo obtained by the Hill.


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