April 18, 2021

Biden’s odds cut in half after his flop of a convention

Joe Biden was always a tough sell. He’s old, gaffe-prone, and has clearly lost a step mentally.

But there was always the hope that a rousing Democratic convention could generate enthusiasm for his lackluster candidacy.

That didn’t happen.

The Washington Examiner reports:

Gamblers are shying away from Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden after he failed to get a substantial poll bounce from the Democratic National Convention, cutting in half his once-massive lead over President Trump.

The latest from the betting-market site Smarkets still shows odds favoring a Biden win, but they are tightening, and Trump still has three more nights to make his case at the virtual Republican National Convention.

The analysis shared with Secrets said, “Joe Biden’s lead over Donald Trump in our ‘Next President’ market has more than halved since its peak at the beginning of August. Trading activity on Smarkets currently gives Biden a 56% chance of winning the presidency, a drop of seven points since the end of July. Trump has climbed eight points over the same period to 43% — his highest position in over two months.”

Read the full story here.

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64 Responses

  1. The democrat convention was a dud! No positive speeches, just Trump bashing, lies, misinformation, etc. it sounded more like school yard bully talk than real platform information. But— Biden said he would basically take us back to all the Obama fails, plus higher taxes, shut downs, mandates etc. who wants that? We had it for eight miserable years with obama, not to mention all his “ sketchy deals” he made with Iran, the Muslim brotherhood, and others. We want a free prosperous country, not a nazi gulag! So we have to vote RED across the board, re elect President Trump. If Biden steals the election, we will loose our freedom, our country and be bankrupted, and—- he WON’T be the one calling the shots, Obama will. I doubt Biden will make it much past the inauguration( if God forbid he wins/ steals the election. They are working towards a “ no clear winner” scenario that would put Piglosi in as temporary president, then SHE could put Obama in as Vice President for her, then she would not be able to fulfill the office, making Obama president! We cannot let that happen! Wake up people, get all the demonrats out!!!

    1. What you said is all true.
      I hope people understand what is at stake here and vote For President Trump.
      He can do the job and
      Get things done.
      Right now, he is the only one. He is a patriot and loves our country and it’s people. We hold freedom dear to our hearts.
      God Bless America and President Trump!

      1. NOW, if we can only get rid of Pitiful Pelosi and Horrible Hillary and a few other democrabs, It won’t be so hard for Trump to accomplish what he’s trying to accomplish.

      2. Yes he is the best candidate the GOP could have. His track record demonstrates this, contrary to most all past presidents going for their 2nd term. His accomplishments are what he promised and then some. The dems have nothing positive to offer America and they don’t seem ashamed to admit it.

      3. Bidens campaign is made up of lies ,chaos, coruption and all the people behind him are corupt as he is ..lying come easy for them ..they believe people will fall for their bs..has no plans for the America citizen, except
        control and keeping us in the dark,poor as they get richer..obamagate.Trump 2020

    2. That’s the facts ! + add in the avowed America destroying soros crime network & NWO agenda goals which all equals to a totally trashed America .

    3. And having been Locked up in a MOLDY basement it seems that DEMENTIA JOE has developed MOLD on his ability to react to the Anarchy movement that lOOTS /BURNS/Businesses and kills Cops and American Citizen as he “PONDERS who is going to TELL him WHAT TO SAY REMOTELY or Where he is Actually and teaches the OLD “DUDE” that he has NO LEADERSHIP ability !

    4. All I got out of the DNC show was Biden plan $4 Trillion in taxes if the congress approves BUT Biden plan for Programs,is $6 to $8 trillion You do the math.
      I also shut them off because the garbage out of the mouths of Obama’s & the Clinton’s.
      Shakespeare keeps coming to my mind ” Will No one rid the USA of this burden of these treasonous people

    5. Then everyone needs to vote at the polls..DO NOT VOTE BY MAIL IN BALLOTS..THAT IS HOW PELOSI PLANS ON WINNING.. … If people can go to Walmart, HEB, Shopping, out to eat wearing a mask and doing social distancing or to the river ,PROTESTING and RIOTING without wearing a MASK.. THEN WE CAN ALL VOTE AT THE POLLS..!!!😡🤬

    6. yes exactly right, Piglosi and Hillary are not going to agree that Biden lost and Trump wins, no way, they will call it a stale mate and it is a tie….. I pray that President Trump wins by a LANDSLIDE AND THERE WILL BE NO WAY THEY CAN CHANGE THAT.

  2. GOD Almighty, WOW! You go, Patty! You said it ALL!!! Indeed, I am sooooooo confident, our President, Donald John Trump all the way 2020 and 12 more years. He is rock-n-rolling thru-n-thru and having so much fun at it in making America greater and the greatest!!! Y’all stay safe and well now! Peace Out, America!

    1. I totally agree. I believe if Joe
      Gets in there I will actually get
      Sick as well as a lot of people?
      Please vote for Trump so we can
      start living normal again.

    2. Constitution states President term is 8 years. Too bad the founding fathers forgot to include Congress.

  3. Vote every democratic out of office and just maybe we can move forward. After everything that’s come out about the Russian hoax. The Democratics can’t accept the outcome. This can only end one way Vote for Trump and maybe we will sleep a little better at night

  4. I can see Hilariously mounting the donkey and riding in to save the day. Can you say three time loser.

      1. I wrote that in a post yesterday! She looks just like an Old Ms Piggy. And she has a husband that acts like Kermit the frog! Oink, Oink, Oink all the way home…”PRISON!” 🐷

  5. Biden will destroy what Mr Trump has gotten back for us . The Democrats are the problem !!! They would do away with policing and allow leftist radicals destroy our freedoms . We would not have any. We would have higher taxes. No say about anything. It has to stop. Vote TRUMP !!! Don’t believe what some polls say. They don’t really know . We know we want TRUMP .

    1. You know what you call a Biden-elected world with all the hoodlums and anarchists running around? A target rich environment.

    2. Don’t forget they are for tearing down the border wall and letting all the illegals in that we will have to support not what I want Americans and America first the heck with illegals

  6. Biden couldn’t run a cub scout meeting, much less our country. A vote for Biden is a vote for the communist Harris.
    Be very careful how you vote as this is the last chance for America.

    1. You can go to Russia or join the looters, sorry your so stupid.. Get Biden and walk him around…dementia Joe.

  7. Only a complete idiot fool would vote for a Bribe em Harris presidential ticket even if bribe em could win he already said he would do only 4 years I wouldn’t bet on 4 weeks can you even imagine Harris as potus and who she would pick as v p if the silent majority doesn’t stand up and vote these scum out America is lost
    TRUMP 2020 and beyond SEMPER FI. U.S.M.C. for TRUMP

  8. Biden couldn’t find his way out of a wet paper bag, let alone run a country.
    Vote red or we will be taxed so much we won’t even be able to stay in our homes. I for one do not want to live in the street.

  9. Joe and his ho will NEVER run our show !!! Tell Biden to take his token ho back to his basement and stay there !! VOTE REPUBLICAN AND STOP ALL THIS STUPIDITY ONCE AND FOR ALL !!! MAGA and KAG !!! 2020 REPUBLICAN LANDSLIDE !!!

  10. Biden is just a puppet for Obumma……….he wanted Kamala because he has always been sweet on her and she would do whatever evil Obumma wanted her too…..that is what mistresses do, right? Biden would be removed very quickly if he were elected and this Ho would take over…………….another puppet for old drooling mouth Soros, who buys anyone he wants…………….he got his money by betraying his Judism and going with Hitler when he was a young boy……………..stole wealth from the dead Jews killed by Hitler ………………. he will meet his maker and find out just what all his money won’t buy him trying to get into our Father’s Heaven……………………Burning for eternity.

  11. I’m really proud the way the Republican Convention is going. It is really showing just what Donald Trump is about. The stories from people themselves that are true and not made up and no one tells them what to say let’s folks know all about President Trump. He really loves and cares about we the people and our our God given country, the United States Of America! We want to keep our America not give it to someone that would let China take us over. The handwriting is on the wall.
    Vote President Donald Trump! (Donna)

  12. My guess is that the Democrats are using the same “polls” as those that declared Hillary would be President, in order for Biden to have any imagined chance of winning. Don’t be fooled, they are “polling” their own people and ignoring what everyone else wants, as usual.

    The only position I would vote for any Democrat be given would involve a stripped or orange suit and a small barred room for a few years, til their was an opening on the gallows, after their conviction for treason, conspiracy to support terrorism, and numerous other charges including voter fraud.

  13. The DNC was not just boring and full of lies and attacks on the president, but they all were so phony especially Kamala Harris, who never means what she says. The hypocrisy on all was obvious beginning with the Obamas down to corrupt, pathetic Joe Biden. Obama’s ugly wife saying she loves this country when we know she doesn’t, neither does he, all they care about is power and money for themselves. A Biden win will be the fall of our country this is why we must all vote RED if we value our freedom. Neither Biden or any of those clowns could do and work as hard as president Trump has, and none of them and for obvious reasons love this country and people like Trump does.

  14. Along with President Trump we need a bigger majority in the Senate and we need to take back the House of Representatives so Pelosi is no longer Speaker of the House.

  15. Read all comments. Thank you all. The RNC has lifted my spirits up at all long hard day of work. I can’t wait for tonight! The big difference between the DNC and our support for the RNC is that one is dark, ugly and it has an ugly face to it like Michelle Obahma’s. The RNC sheds hope, light and confidence, just like that of Melania Trump. Face it Demoncrates. You LOOSE!

  16. Vote every corrupt politician, Democratic out of office. Biden has no Leadership ability. The Dems have nothing to offer America. Dems believe in Social Justice, They refuse to fulfill their responsibility, we, the innocent citizens are not accept the looting, raiding, and destruction. We can not let them get power.

    Vote RED across the Board is the only way to maintain our FREEDOM. TRUMP 2020. Four more years, Trump will Clean out all levels of Swamp, and make America Great Again. God Bless America.

  17. I totally agree…what the Dems are spouting are just all phantasies….
    Cannot wait to have our Pres and Vicepres back in the White House…yeah


  19. Im not voting for no communist and thats where the Democrats represent. They plan martial law, take your guns and they look at people as their slaves yet the Democrats dont like it when you call their hand to that. Democrats have already let the cat out of the bag by wanting and planning a government take over of the people. Your money will be taken and we all will be slaves.. Sell your Soul to the Devil to have a piece of bread. No thank you if you vote Democrat, this will be a lifestyle that will never change back. You will be a slave and they will do away with Voting for any more Presidents. If you vote Democrat just be like a bird open your mouth and let the Democrat you elected shove it in your mouth and you better like it or you will be shot. Its Holocaust all over again!
    Trump has helped America, all races in America. What other President ever cared if you had money during a Pandemic or anything else. Trump did what he said he would do in his first 4 years. No other President kept ANY of their promises. The Senate has set in their chairs for so many years the imprint of their behinds are in the chair. There should be limits to those offices. Hillary is waiting in the wings with her eye on Biden taking oath pf office and stepping down. Anyone who is mentally unstable should not even be allowed to run for the office of President much less carry on to the Presidents chair. He is not capable of knowing if his socks match much less run the country and Hillary is squirming in her chair to be picked as VP. Get real. She must have her eye on some other 100 year old items she didn’t steal when they left office. If you want your life back America after this Pandemic you better vote RED TRUMP/PENCE otherwise our country will become a communist led country. This is no joke. It will be too late once its happened. Too late to shut the gate after the bull has escaped. VOTE TRUMP BY A LANDSLIDE

  20. Dems think smoke screen will prevent absolute exposure of Obama, Biden, Clinton and abettors ! It’s called treason !!! They are as unamerican as it comes ……. vote for our POTUS Mr. Donald Trump !

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