July 1, 2022

Biden’s net approval sinks to dismal -14 points

President Joe Biden has done an unprecedented amount of damage to the nation in just a year and a half — and the American people know it. With his approval numbers in a tailspin, it appears things will only get worse.

Biden’s net approval rating heading into the Memorial Day weekend was an abysmal -14 points, Breitbart reported. The picture becomes even bleaker in the breakdown of specific issues for the Democratic president.

A GSG/GBAOStrategies found that 56% of respondents disapprove of Biden’s overall performance compared to just 42% who approve. Moreover, a  RealClearPolitics survey found that Biden’s numbers are tanking month over month on key issues.

For instance, 59% disapprove of the way the president is handling the economy while only 37% approve giving him a -22 approval rating on the issue. In April, he had a -11 rating on the economy which underscores the worsening political picture.

The same precipitous drop has happened with his rating on the handling of Ukraine where 51% of respondents disapproved of his strategy compared to 41%  for a net approval of -10. In early April, his net approval was -7.

Biden is even slipping on the COVID-19 issue, one of the few where he has a positive rating. The president has a 49% approval compared to a 47% disapproval netting him a +2 rating on the issue. However, in early April and early May he had a +6 and +7, respectively.

Democrats are already in trouble heading into the 2022 midterm elections and may not hold onto their Congressional majority, according to CNN. Add to it that Biden’s most pressing problem is that he’s bungling the economy, and rising inflation is difficult to explain away to voters who are struggling to pay their bills.

Biden and the Democrats are turning voters off, yet they’re doubling down on the same tired and failed strategies that promise to make things worse. They’re either just painfully oblivious or they know something that the rest of the political world doesn’t know about what will unfold between now and November — and that’s the big unanswered question.

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