September 30, 2022

Biden’s Food and Drug Administration green-lights mailing abortion pills

The radical left holds the right to abortion as the paramount issue for women. However, it seems they don’t consider the danger to women’s health.

The Food and Drug Administration gave the green light for abortion-by-mail by loosening restrictions on procuring abortion pills, Newsmax reported. The agency previously relaxed the in-person requirement to obtain and fill these prescriptions but has now made it permanent.

“The FDA’s decision will come as a tremendous relief for countless abortion and miscarriage patients,” ACLU attorney Georgeanne Usov said of the ruling. “However, it is disappointing that the FDA fell short of repealing all of its medically unnecessary restrictions on mifepristone and these remaining obstacles should also be lifted.”

Mifepristone, which when taken in conjunction with another medication, causes a pregnancy termination, was one of the few medications that couldn’t be prescribed remotely even at the beginning of the COVID-19 lockdowns. The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists filed a lawsuit to have the requirement lifted only to have former President Donald Trump’s administration reinstate the ban after a Supreme Court ruling.

This most recent ruling Thursday means that patients can now get their abortion pills through a regular physician and even receive the medication by mail. Nearly 40% of all abortions are already committed through this method, though pregnancies after ten weeks are ineligible for the drug combination.

Prescribing physicians still must attest that they will be able to care for patients who suffer excessive bleeding, a fact that’s telling about the risks. This is one of the more dangerous side effects that requires emergency care and makes allowing mail-order pills a risky endeavor.

“The Biden administration’s reckless move puts countless women and unborn children in danger,” Sue Liebel, state policy director for the Susan B. Anthony List, said in a statement. “Abortion activists’ longtime wish has been to turn every post office and pharmacy into an abortion center,” she said.

“They promote abortion drugs as easy, painless and private.  Science says otherwise,” Liebel went on. “Women who take chemical abortion pills are significantly more at risk of serious complications and more likely to require a visit to the emergency room. Some women even die,” she pointed out.

Abortion is a sin against nature, an evil that pits a mother against her own child. It’s a sad day in American when committing that sin has become that much easier — and more dangerous.




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