September 26, 2022

Biden’s first year in office ends with deluge of devastating headlines

President Joe Biden nearly has the first year in the Oval Office under his belt, and though the reviews from political observers and headlines from journalists from across the spectrum are pouring in fast and furious, they are likely far from what he wanted to hear, as Breitbart notes.

Mainstream media outlets began the year with the highest of expectations for what Biden was supposedly poised to do, but by the end of December, it had become glaringly obvious that reality had come down hard on the president, who is now swimming in a sea of negative headlines.

Though Biden campaigned against former President Donald Trump by declaring himself uniquely qualified to “shut down” the pandemic, the Wall Street Journal on Friday lamented on its website’s homepage the fact that “New Year’s Eve Celebrations Muted Once Again by COVID-19.”

The impact of the surging virus on the broader economy also dominated the front pages as the year drew to a close, with the New York Times emphasizing labor shortages in the transportation industry that prompted the headline, “Air Travel is No Holiday as Covid and Storms Cancel Flights.”

Despite all of the media’s early optimism, things for Biden have been on a steady decline since summer, with issues ranging from the Afghanistan withdrawal, supply chain woes, and inflation taking center stage and driving down his poll numbers to startling lows.

As commentator Joe Concha pointed out in The Hill, Biden ends the year at 43% approval among American voters, with a jarring 53% disapproval rating, numbers that represent a flip of where he stood back in January of 2021.

In Concha’s view, the downward spiral in which the current administration finds itself is unlikely to slow anytime soon, particularly given the fact that Biden’s massive Build Back Better initiative remains stalled in Congress due to what appears to be an intractable intra-party war between moderates and progressives.

With a Republican wave predicted to return control not just of the House, but potentially also the Senate to the GOP, Biden’s prospects of moving his agenda forward in any appreciable way look bleak, as do his prospects for re-election, should he even decide to seek it.

As Concha aptly concludes, the president’s problems stem mainly from the fact that he won the 2020 race “not because he’s Joe Biden but because he wasn’t Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) and he wasn’t Donald Trump, and his tenure in office will “likely only get uglier from here,” giving conservatives real cause for electoral optimism come November.




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