August 8, 2022

Biden’s dog Major bites another staffer one week after return to White House

President Joe Biden has some problematic progeny. At least this time it was only one of the four-legged family members.

Major Biden, one of the president’s two German Shepherd dogs, bit a National Park Service employee Monday, Breitbart reported. This is the second bite for the rescue animal in a matter of weeks.

The pup bit a Secret Service member on March 8, causing injuries significant enough that the employee had to be treated by the White House Medical Unit. At the time, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki dismissed concerns, stating the animal was still “getting acclimated” to his new environment.

The latest bite happened to a National Parks employee on the White House South lawn. The unnamed employee, who was working in that location at the time, had to seek treatment from the staff medical personnel as well.

“Yes, Major nipped someone on a walk,” first lady Jill Biden’s press secretary Michael LaRosa admitted. “Out of an abundance of caution, the individual was seen by WHMU and then returned to work.”

Biden defended his pet, telling ABC News he was a “sweet dog” after the first incident. “Eighty-five percent of the people there love him,” the president told ABC News. “He just — all he does is lick them and wag his tail. But … I realize some people, understandably, are afraid of dogs to begin with.”

Prior to these incidents, the media fawned over the Bidens’ canine companions. Major was the first rescue dog in the White House, and supposedly serious news outlets penned pieces singing the pups’ praises, Fox News reported. NPR gushed over Major’s “”wags to riches’ tail” while the New York Times ran with the serious headline “Dog People Are Loving This” about the presidential dogs.

This story is tame compared to the problems Biden has had with his human offspring. However, it now appears his “fur babies” are just as prone to bad judgment and embarrassing antics.

Rescue animals come with a lot of baggage, and sometimes that means they’re not safe to be around. There’s no word about what will become of Major, but it’s hard to justify letting a dog that’s bitten two people keep his privileged place in the White House.

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Sasha Banks (@guest_1191818)
1 year ago

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Paul E (@guest_1191995)
Reply to  Sasha Banks
1 year ago

Prove it. Post pics of your bank account showing this money in your account. PS- I sent a screen shot of your comment to the IRS.

Shay (@guest_1192764)
Reply to  Paul E
1 year ago

FYI 3rd time the pup gets put down. Everyone else’s does anyway.

CornPop (@guest_1192781)
Reply to  Shay
1 year ago

Time to put him down! No… NO…. Not the Dog… the Owner!

Mary Ann Pawlik Braun (@guest_1192818)
Reply to  Paul E
1 year ago

Good! Hope she disappears.

ima (@guest_1192055)
Reply to  Sasha Banks
1 year ago


sturgis (@guest_1192363)
Reply to  ima
1 year ago

Too bad the dog didn’t fatally bite obozo joe!

Roy Fredrichsen (@guest_1192516)
Reply to  sturgis
1 year ago

That must be a very intelligent dog if he bites all the Democrats after realizing they are trying to destroy his land.

Mary Ann Pawlik Braun (@guest_1192821)
Reply to  Roy Fredrichsen
1 year ago


No spam lover (@guest_1192175)
Reply to  Sasha Banks
1 year ago


Debra A Herzog (@guest_1192593)
Reply to  Sasha Banks
1 year ago

If you were making so much money, your time would be worth more than sitting here trolling others on the internet. Needless to say, we don’t believe you. Shame on you for lying.

Cheri Taylor (@guest_1191942)
1 year ago

The doggie is smarter than all of them put together. He’s trying to tell them that none of them belong there. It’s time to leave and let the real varsity team to be there and get to work to save our Country and our Constitution.

William L Gale (@guest_1191954)
Reply to  Cheri Taylor
1 year ago

Well said

Lynn (@guest_1192580)
Reply to  Cheri Taylor
1 year ago

Joe seems to have a difficult time controlling those that are close to him. Hunter is a druggie and now his dog is a biter! Hey Joe?? How do you expect to be a “good” president when you can’t even control those you have in your care? Like your son or your dogs?? Duhhhhhhhh……………..

Marilyn M Lindsay (@guest_1192607)
Reply to  Cheri Taylor
1 year ago

Yes I agree the dog is smarter. But keep in mind this story is just a smoke screen to take heat off of Biden’s plans for Americans. This whole incident probably didn’t happen but was fabricated by the Dems who tend to try fooling Americans.

Leila Jaden (@guest_1199738)
Reply to  Cheri Taylor
1 year ago

Who would that be? Certainly not the people who acted like a poor 3rd world country that called the election illegal and tried to take over the Capital Building. Something like that has never happened like that before.

Coleen (@guest_1191944)
1 year ago

If the “ pups” piss n crap all over the Whitehouse, I’m sure that would be okay too. And, had it been Trump’s pup, somehow they’d say it was a racist bite! Another disrespectful way the Biden Family treats America.

ICE (@guest_1191992)
Reply to  Coleen
1 year ago

if they do BIDEN will say it is TRUMPS FAULT !

Kenneth Bottomley (@guest_1191945)
1 year ago

Put it down, it’s violent and sue the owner for allowing it to happen twice.

Elaine Bobula (@guest_1192011)
Reply to  Kenneth Bottomley
1 year ago

You don’t know how it was treated before Biden. You certainly not an animal person.

Marcia (@guest_1192013)
Reply to  Kenneth Bottomley
1 year ago

I agree with you–what would happen if that dog attacked a child? You think I’d just accept an apology fro the FL no way I’d be seeing my lawyer and talking lawsuit. That dog does NOT belong around people.

Susanne Tewes Tewes (@guest_1191946)
1 year ago

If it was our dogs we would be sued put in jail and what not A dog that bites has no place in the white house.

roland voisine (@guest_1192982)
Reply to  Susanne Tewes Tewes
1 year ago

with a name like biteme it only makes sense that his dog does just that

Joann Blackburn (@guest_1191949)
1 year ago

The two people that were bitten by Biden’s “sweet dog” should sue him. Especially since Biden and everyone one around the White House knew the dog would bite.

Randy Justice (@guest_1191950)
1 year ago

I hope that both of the people that were bitten sue the hell out of Biden for every dime of the Chinese money that he has !!! If this had been a dog that was owned by President Trump, this would have been front page news and another impeachment trial would already be scheduled !!! It’s obvious that the dog is a Republican, he has already bitten two democrats !!!! THAT’S WHAT I CALL A VERY GOOD DOG !!!

Leila Jaden (@guest_1199741)
Reply to  Randy Justice
1 year ago

Trumpers can twist anything.

Barbara M. Powers (@guest_1191952)
1 year ago

If a dog bites someone, whether the dog is a rescue dog or a dog who was born in the owner’s house, he is a dangerous dog, and he shouldn’t be allowed to stay in the company of the owner or other people. A dog who continually bites people is a menace to society. The owner should return the dog to the place where he was trained originally and have the dog retrained again until he can safely be returned to the owner!

Molly Smith (@guest_1191955)
1 year ago


Yvonne (@guest_1192074)
Reply to  Molly Smith
1 year ago

Amen I Agree

Sharon (@guest_1191960)
1 year ago

I would say the dog is saying, I don’t like it here, way to many different ppl.

Bruce (@guest_1191965)
1 year ago

Major….. A Republican?

Arthur R Whittaker (@guest_1191970)
1 year ago

Put the dog down, it’s clearly aggressive, what would happen if he bit a head of state?

Bessie Vest (@guest_1191975)
1 year ago


jesse (@guest_1192034)
1 year ago

It’s time to put him down. Not the dog, Biden.

J (@guest_1192041)
1 year ago


Raymond Wyatt (@guest_1192059)
1 year ago

White House Doctor leave the dog alone treat China Joe he’s the one that has the brain problem dog is trying to protect the insane old man pretending to be president but being a dictator that media helped steal an election communists in Trumps office

Carol wall (@guest_1192071)
1 year ago

How funny the dogs are just as ignorant and wvil as its brainless…clueless..owners

Connie Christianson (@guest_1192093)
1 year ago

The dog should be shot and Biden should be sued!

TAIWAN COMMONER (@guest_1192100)
1 year ago

BIDEN MAKES HISTORY BY REVEALING HIS POOR JUDGMENT ABOUT DOGS TWICE! How in the world can that idiot allow a dog that bites to be in the Whitehouse!? It is also evident that Biden does not have a very good idea about statistics as he claims 85% of the people in the White House get along with the dog! That means one and a half people are at risk of being bitten, AND THAT’S NOT ACCEPTABLE! To most people who own a dog, and that dog BITES SOMEONE TWICE, That dog is either kenneled, or PUT DOWN! SORRY BIDEN, YOU DON’T NEED MEDICAL ATTENTION IF THE DOG JUST LICKS YOU. BIDEN SEEMS TO HAVE A SHAKY GRASP ON REALITY, A FRIGHTENING SITUATION! HE IS STILL ENSURING THAT NORMAL RULES DO NOT APPLY TO ANY DEM POLITICIAN!

Allan Pike (@guest_1192561)
1 year ago

Let my dog bite two (2) people and I don’t have a dog anymore and more then likely written to I’m not allowed to every have any other dog! What’s going to be done has bitten those people? They’ll just rename dog to”Major Biting Biden”

Doug Litchfield (@guest_1192101)
1 year ago

All the whining in fort Nanci is driving the dogs insane. Could it be that China Joe and his minions can now hear the same whine. Test the dog to see if it was bit first.

joeyt (@guest_1192112)
1 year ago

jill said the dog nipped someone. Sounds like more than a “nip”

bruce (@guest_1192188)
1 year ago

Simply put forget the politics, if my dog repeatedly bites people it would be considered dangerous and euthanized. I don’t care who’s dog it is the a-hole owner is responsible for the dogs’ actions, such as leashes, muzzles, or kenneled. The animal is in a local that is distractive and unfamiliar the idiot owner should not have pets as he can’t take care of himself, let alone a rescue dog. Where is his doggy poop bag? come on Joe take care of your pet it’s not a stuffed toy for cripes sake.

Lena DeCesaris (@guest_1192228)
1 year ago

Why is everyone posting to put the poor animal down.? If you have dogs you know especially rescue you need to properly introduce them to people this is Mrs Biden and Mr Biden fault.. the dog was from rescue to a single home to a place that has other guard dogs. Dogs get nervous to. He needs to be on a leash. So please stop saying he needs to be put down. Not the dog not his fault.

Roy Fredrichsen (@guest_1192521)
Reply to  Lena DeCesaris
1 year ago

Maybe Major was trying to tell us something about the Democratic rule of his country.

Shirley (@guest_1192315)
1 year ago

Sounds like the Bidens have the the same control and training for the DOGS as they did for their KIDS which is not much

graceythecat (@guest_1192333)
1 year ago

All crime families use attack dogs in their homes and dementia jo is no different. Dementia jo sold out this country years ago when he started raking in money from china and other foreign countries and launders the money in his fake charity!
china=hunter=10% to the big guy

joe (@guest_1192435)
1 year ago

Poor man has no clue what’s going on he’s in la-la land.

Larry (@guest_1192436)
1 year ago

I leave a reply and it doesn’t get posted, I guess Facebook does not like the truth.

David Hume (@guest_1192645)
1 year ago

The dog is nothing more than another victim of Joe’s
“Dog” and pony show with Harris contributing the
laughter at someone being bit.

Brian (@guest_1192669)
1 year ago

Biden and the mangy mutt have the same characteristics – – – dangerous and mentally unstable.

Ekonomia Kompedium (@guest_1216102)
1 year ago

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