August 19, 2022

Biden’s COVID-19 handling approval falls as Delta variant concerns grow

President Joe Biden ran on the promise to competently and swiftly take out the coronavirus. However, it appears the only strong plank in his platform is cracking.

Biden’s approval rating for his handling of COVID-19 has dropped 12 points since May, according to The Hill. A Quinnipiac University also found that his disapproval numbers were up by 10 when it came to his response to the virus.

Back in May, Biden was riding high with a 65% approval for how he was doing with the pandemic. However, he’s dropped to only 53% approval on the issue in the institution’s poll conducted between July 27 and Aug. 2.

In addition, 40% of respondents now say they disapprove of how he’s handling the virus when that number was just 30% in May. Biden’s overall approval slipped as well, dropping from 49% in May to 46% in this most recent version.

Many blame the emergence of the new delta variant for his faltering approval. The novel strain is supposedly more transmissible and more virulent, especially for children, Fox News reported.

However, the solutions being bandied about are as unpopular as ever. Recently, the Chicago teachers’ union began once again calling for an end to in-person instruction. This means more kids learning at home and fewer parents able to go out to work. Though Biden isn’t directly to blame, he made it his campaign promise to “shut down the virus, not the economy.”

Talk of school closings comes on the heels of other unpopular measures like the push for vaccine passports and new mask recommendations. Many Americans are tired of the lockdowns and the government encroaching on freedoms while others are just plain frightened of the virus.

It’s not clear whether Biden will withstand a sequel to the 2020 pandemic and accompanying restrictions. He’s already on shaky ground with his constituents, and he’s not likely to pick up any additional support — unless he can successfully blame Republicans for the mess he created.

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