May 20, 2022

Biden’s Commerce Dept. Sec. leaves door open on middle-class tax hikes

Just over a week into his presidency, and Joe Biden is already breaking promises right and left.

Biden promised during his campaign that he would not raise taxes on middle-class Americans. It seems like he’s already quit on that notion, as he just nominated Rhode Island Gov. Gina Raimondo (D) to head up the Commerce Department, and Raimondo appears to have no intention of agreeing to those limitations. 

“Nobody making under 400,000 bucks would have their taxes raised, period, bingo,” Biden said prior to the election.

During a Senate hearing for her nomination on Tuesday, however, Raimondo indicated that raising taxes on the middle class is very much a possibility under a Biden administration.

Raimondo was asked by Sen. Rick Scott (R-FL) to express her views on new taxes including a gas tax during the hearing.

“Let me say this. I, as governor, am deeply in touch with how much increasing bills affect the average American family,” Raimondo hedged.

“Having said that, we do need to meet the climate change challenge and we need funds for improved infrastructure – better roads, safer roads, safer bridges – which also creates jobs. So I would look to balance those interests and work as a piece of the president’s team,” she concluded.

Though Raimondo was careful to not explicitly support tax raises, it’s clear that she wants that door to remain open — and for good reason.

Biden issued a multi-trillion dollar climate change executive order the day after Raimondo’s hearing. It’s not hard to imagine where Raimondo and Biden plan to raise those funds.

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J (@guest_1116331)
1 year ago

Of course

Broken promises!!!

Robbie (@guest_1116357)
Reply to  J
1 year ago

That’s all we get from this illegitiment Prez. Biden. He also said that President Trump was acting like a “DICTATOR” for making 5 executive orders. Wonder what the Demonrats think about his 34 executive orders?? He is “the POT CALLING THE KETTLE BLACK”!!! “Not my President”, and NEVER will be!!! He’s a liar and I hope you’re proud of yourself for voting for a MORON!!

Connie Mays (@guest_1116359)
Reply to  J
1 year ago

We are not surprised

jsa (@guest_1116372)
Reply to  J
1 year ago

If you listened closely to his so called campaign speeches he didn’t go so far as promise anything – he was so conniving as to insure that he didn’t. Now, he believes he hasn’t broken any promises, just doing what we all knew he would do – destroy our country!

Daniel R Smith Sr (@guest_1116416)
Reply to  J
1 year ago


Terry A. Bell (@guest_1117223)
Reply to  Daniel R Smith Sr
1 year ago

I can only hope and wish this will happen and all the DUMPACRAPS will quit breathing.

Robert W (@guest_1116450)
Reply to  J
1 year ago

They have yet to tell the truth, for it’s not in their mantra to do so!!!!!!

Mark Smith (@guest_1116460)
Reply to  J
1 year ago

DemonRats don’t lie, do they ???

Michele A (@guest_1116477)
Reply to  J
1 year ago

When someone shows you who they really are, believe them the first time!!!

George (@guest_1116487)
Reply to  J
1 year ago

We saw that begin on day one of his presidency. Biden wasted no time at all to show that he had no intentions of keeping any of his campaign promises. You can’t trust a Democrat to be honest about anything.

Carey (@guest_1116519)
Reply to  J
1 year ago

I just hope the idiotic Morons who voted for these people get the hit by taxes so high they can’t afford anything! Biden, Harris all the DemoRats are VILE human being that want to destroy this country! Hope you idiots are proud of your demented pick! He is killing us & this country!

David (@guest_1116563)
Reply to  Carey
1 year ago

Main st. media is the blame, too many brainwashed people who think there favorite news channel wouldn’t lie to them. And to stupid and lazy to open there mind.

Norm (@guest_1117136)
Reply to  J
1 year ago

Bidens head is where its always been, UP HIS A$$

CurlyQ (@guest_1116333)
1 year ago

Just more Biden lies. He can’t remember what he promised from one minute to the next.

Eddie (@guest_1116428)
Reply to  CurlyQ
1 year ago

I think 46should tax everyone in congress and all the politicians at least 50precent of their pay and make them pay for their own health covarge and how come term limits wasn’t voted on we the people demand our rights

Donna (@guest_1116336)
1 year ago

Anyone who voted democrat is getting EXACTLY what they deserve! Too bad they (& their criminal cohorts) had to drag the decent people down with them! Those of us who voted for Trump are also paying the price for the the stupidity & criminals in office like Pelosi, Shummer & their ilk. Despicable creatures the lot of them!

richard (@guest_1116393)
Reply to  Donna
1 year ago

I seen this coming way back in April. That why I’m so happy for Texas.Get the devil out of the USA and control your life. If Texas does quit the Union just think how much money they will save.NOTHING going to the federal goverment or those crooks in Washington. This is a good idea for all the red states. Than the blue states will quickly learn what the Democrats have done to this country

Thomas McLeod (@guest_1116339)
1 year ago

Of course he did. Stevie Wonder could have seen this coming from a mile away.

Carol (@guest_1116343)
1 year ago

Of course they want all people broke to they have to depend on the government so they can control us. But they will give the migrants everything we will pay for.

Centennia Carrothers (@guest_1116363)
Reply to  Carol
1 year ago

Yes, and you know all the jobs that are available are going to the new migrants, so they can also fill up the welfare rolls. They want to kill America. They can’t deny it.

Connie Mays (@guest_1116345)
1 year ago

Joke Biden and his pal Fancy Nancy will destroy this booming economy so fast it will make your head spin. And it will have all you Dems wondering why on earth you voted for him. Don’t forge – call me back in a year.

richard (@guest_1116401)
Reply to  Connie Mays
1 year ago

I learned years ago that in the future if you ask who voted for Biden you won’t get an answer.No one will admit to voting for this bunch of crooked people. When Iwas living in NV I ran a survey on this one senator. I could not get (1) one person to admit voting for the senator

Gary (@guest_1116348)
1 year ago


But that’s O.K. they “saved” Democracy.

Political Observer (@guest_1116349)
1 year ago

Promises made; promises broken – Bribem

Saw a shirt today and loved the statement:

Susan Meyer (@guest_1116352)
1 year ago

Doesn’t anyone see what Biden’s goal is? He wants to control each and everyone of us. Are Republicans (and Democrats too unless they can’t see the forest for the trees) going to get a backbone and fight his agenda with everything they have (I emphasize, NO VIIOLENCE OF ANY KIND). If anyone needs to be impeached, it is most certainly Biden, Kamala, and Peolosi. This bunch along with many others will ruin everything this country stands for. PLEASE, SOMEBODY DO SOMETHING.

Sorcerer 7 (@guest_1116369)
Reply to  Susan Meyer
1 year ago

The only thing they know is violence.Antifa and BLM are their version of Hitler’s Brown Shirts.

Lukas McKane (@guest_1116405)
Reply to  Susan Meyer
1 year ago

They should have done something when these Communist bastards stole the election from President Trump!! He won and everybody knows it!! That’s why Piglosi wants troops to hide behind at the Capital! They are hiding because they know they are guilty of Treason!!

Benny Boggess (@guest_1116439)
Reply to  Susan Meyer
1 year ago

I told people over a year and a half ago, when it looked like biden was going to be the democrats choice to run for president, and I said that if gets elected we will lose our rights and our country. He’s been on the job less than 2 weeks, thousands of jobs gone, businesses are being shuttered, and southern border is closed, millions of illegals pouring in, within a couple of months there won’t be a country to fight for. The evil ones are going to destroy America. God bless you and bless America.

deedee (@guest_1116362)
1 year ago

First mistake if you voted for Biden , was believing anything a Democrat has to say.
Second why would anyone vote for Biden when we had a President who did deliver on his promises just because you didn’t like the way he talked. Well I guess we will all see the consequences of a Biden/Obama presidency !
He tried to destroy the country his first 8 years now he will finish the job!! With a whole lot of help!!

andrew p homan (@guest_1116383)
1 year ago


Patrick Garland (@guest_1116385)
1 year ago

I wonder why they won’t post that China Joe is not my president he’s a piece of s***

Glenn Jacobs (@guest_1116390)
1 year ago

There are actually FOUR political parties now: False Democrats; False Republicans; Real Democrats; Real Republicans.

Stevo (@guest_1116395)
1 year ago

Yep , 1 week ; eliminate 72000 jobs already AND raise taxes – just ANYTHING to destroy America , per these criminal’s NWO agenda goals . And the forever profoundly stupid liberal voters believed these criminals , now destroying America , including their own liberal voters !

Al Rodriguez (@guest_1116397)
1 year ago

Biden has become the biggest power hungry person in the USA. In one short week he had destroyed not only jobs (a three letter word? Ha Ha) but his own integrity. Listen to all the promises he made before the election and all the all the ones he had reneged on. He has told more lies in just a few short months than most people tell in a life time. He is pathetic!

JDavis951 (@guest_1116425)
1 year ago

WE THE PEOPLE (aka SILENT MAJORITY) need to burn up phone lines in DC calling our Rep and Senators and DEMAND A NO VOTE on any TAX HIKE!

I challenge everyone to make these calls today, and if need be everyday until we’re certain it won’t happen!

People should write these numbers down and use them frequently even if you don’t think your elected officials listen, they are require to note your comments for the permanent record in their caller database for anyone to see.

Members of the House

Members of the Senate


One call per rep!


Peter (@guest_1116434)
Reply to  JDavis951
1 year ago

I agree but it was only reported by our infamous FAKE NEWS. We should be demanding an overhaul of our entire news media outlets. And deport the illegals along with all foreign news outlets because they are enjoying watching and falsely reporting FAKE NEWS to us. Its the power of suggestion, and the media is abusing and making a complete mockery of our 1st constitutional right. We have to hold them responsible its always been here but the last 4yrs Prez Trump ousted the media to the American citizens and deemed them what they report FALSE NEWS!

Peter (@guest_1116427)
1 year ago

The taxes have NOT been raised! Its all fake news just like Donald said less than 2 weeks ago. If you delusional Trump supporters keep believing very thing you read on the internet an take it as gospel you never listened to the previous you are supporting to return. ITS FAKE NEWS ALL OF IT ON BOTH SIDES! Until it happens its all nonsense brought to us by our lying media trying to undermined our government. It started 4yrs ago and the prez told us it was: “FAKE NEWS!” Are we really going to start to believe them now? The media in this country is abusing our first constitutional right Freedom of Speech. They the media is causing the great divide in our country. How are we suppose to make America 🇺🇸 Great Again if we let these little media needs put thoughts and the Power of Suggestion in our minds. Can’t we think for ourselves? Up until the 1950’s there was never an issue or situations like this an then the internet era blew up on the seen an everybody and anyone from any part of the world even the most isolated countries can publish all this FAKE NEWS just to disrupt our Great County out of jealousy and hatters for our Great Free Country. So please as a American Veteran and a supporter of Donald Trump I ask everyone to ask themselves: “Do You Really Believe That The Media Is Now Telling The Truth To Us?” The answer should be: “NO!” Until I See it or Hear it from the horse mouth myself with MY OWN EYES & EARS. I DONT BELIEVE THAT THE MEDIA IS NOW ALL OF A SUDDEN TELLING US SUPPORTERS THE TRUTH! We should be shaking up the media and demanding a complete overhaul of our media in general or just Protest the Media instead. Put our negative thinking that there spewing to us to good use an force the government to DEMAND NO MORE LIES AND FAKE NEWS FROM OUR MEDIA OUTLETS. And shut down all foreign media to be banished from telling us THEIR OPINIONATED FAKE NEWS TO DISRUPT OUR GREAT NATION AND ALL OF OUR CITIZENS AND PATRIOTS. DEPORT ALL ILLEGALS AND ALL FOREIGN MEDIA TOO. Let’s get back to: MAKING AMERICA GREAT AGAIN. It doesn’t take one man to do it it takes all of our country’s citizens to do it.

Claxson 68 (@guest_1116447)
1 year ago

You really expected China, lying, sleepy, hiding, demented, Biden to tell the truth?

Louise Shelley (@guest_1116452)
1 year ago

Term limits needed for those in D.C.! Just wondering…what do those folks donate to (other than themselves)?

Julia Sharron (@guest_1116466)
1 year ago

Not to mention students are not allowed to Salute the Flag of our Country daily, or begin school with a short prayer. Even some of our Senators cannot recite the Pledge of Allegiance to Our Flag. We do not need another person elected to the Supreme Court. Why are we giving 4 billion to Central America when American Citizens and our Veterans need help, homeless or not. We cannot continue the circus of impeachment wasting Tax Payers money. So Congressmen, if you can find it in your heart to do what you were elected to do, instead of filling your pockets. We should be working towards making America #1!

James (@guest_1116480)
1 year ago

Biden is driving ou economy down while costing every one in America their hard earned(if working) money the US cannot live like this. the democratoc body has plenty of money and do not realize how much it is costing us poor slobs.

Roger C Yaste (@guest_1116532)
1 year ago

In a sane world where it is acknowledged that seven states failed to conduct a valid election and the constitution was then followed, yes Trump would still be the president and we would not have to put up with Biden.

Carol (@guest_1116798)
1 year ago

He is too far over the mental hill to promise a thing and know even what he said. Amendment 25

Frank Niette (@guest_1117135)
1 year ago

I think we the people should sign a petition to remove Biden, Harris, Pelosi, Schumer, Shiff ect.

Beverly (@guest_1117313)
1 year ago

Remember the days before Trump, how soon we forget. All political promises were a can to be kicked down the road for the next administration to deal with. Not with Trump. He took every bull by the horns and did that 8 sec ride.

Trumps only problems was the fence sitters. Hope you are not one of them. They didn’t trust him enough to get behind his policies. Like the Paris accord. He had super reasons for that and great alternatives but no one bothered to ask him how it was going to work. He had no chance to explain it because he was so busy 24/7 with Covid etc etc etc. Sorry people didn’t trust his intentions. Well, , look what we have now. Get busy and support Trumps new agenda for the country. No more sitting on thumbs. OK?

Javiernop (@guest_1235284)
1 year ago

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