August 10, 2022

Biden’s border ‘czar’ to step down from White House role

President Joe Biden has been in office less than three months and has already made a mess of the U.S.-Mexico border. Things are getting worse while nobody in his administration seems to know how to fix it.

Former U.S. ambassador to Mexico and “border czar” Roberta S. Jacobson announced she will be stepping down, Breitbart reported. She will officially leave her post at the end of this month as Vice President Kamala Harris takes over.

Although her decision coincided with Biden’s decision to put Harris in charge of the situation, Jacobson insisted it was not related. “Nobody could be more delighted to see the vice president take on that role,” Jacobson reportedly told the New York Times. “It didn’t have anything to do with my decision.”

Her departure was expected as the role was supposed to last only the first 100 days of the new administration. However, the situation she is handing to Harris is volatile and only getting worse.

Jacobson was initially tapped to lead diplomacy with the Central American nations, but that has also been given to Harris as well. It’s a necessity because many migrants from Honduras, Guatemala, Nicaragua, and El Salvador are coming up through Mexico and exacerbating the current crisis, Fox News reported.

Before relinquishing her role, Jacobson accidentally said the quiet part out loud and admitted this whole problem fell at Biden’s feet. “Surges tend to respond to hope, and there was a significant hope for a more humane policy after four years of, you know, pent-up demand,” she said.

During that same briefing, she accidentally said “border was not closed” in Spanish. She later corrected herself on that point, but that seems to be the reality of what’s happening even as the administration protests that it’s not.

Regardless of who is now in charge of the situation, it’s undeniable that the influx of new migrants is causing logistical problems and untold human suffering. The Biden administration has a crisis on its hands, but so far Jacobson and Harris are unable or unwilling to relieve it.

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RFE325 (@guest_1205030)
1 year ago

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MICHAEL (@guest_1205234)
Reply to  RFE325
1 year ago

Such double standards we are seeing. The DemoRats and the media would try and tear President Trump apart everyday over ANYTHING yet this “BIDEN ADMINISTRATION” who has clearly violated Laws, his family is just like a Mafia, our border situation and our National Security is at rock bottom yet its ok to the media and the Politicians. Such hypocrites at the highest level.

Danna Templeton (@guest_1205332)
Reply to  MICHAEL
1 year ago

Tell it like it is. Hypocrites to the worst. Spending the tax-payers money however they want for themselves not “We the people.” Telling us what to do and how to live, taking away our rights slowly. I can’t appreciate the so-called president, vice-president or any other dems. as they are out to ruin AMERICA and not help that I can see.

Citizen Joe (@guest_1205173)
1 year ago

I bet Jacobson has a lot of corrupt details she could blow the whistle on.

Betty Perez (@guest_1205186)
1 year ago

My Goodness have the guts Biden and Harris to admit to your horrible failure! Stop putting Our Country at risk!!!!!

alicia cervera (@guest_1206461)
Reply to  Betty Perez
1 year ago

They wont Betty. Sad but true. They are in for payback and get votes .

Jesse (@guest_1205187)
1 year ago

With Biden in charge, I don’t blame her for quitting. Any sane person would do the same thing. Our government is being run by Democrats, and it’s out of control.

Wade Busha (@guest_1205215)
Reply to  Jesse
1 year ago

Run into the ground that is

cath (@guest_1205257)
Reply to  Jesse
1 year ago

ONE thing that could be done is drop all the illegals in these abandoned towns that are junk piles, give them hammers and tell them to FIX the towns so they have a place to live. They must clean up, fix up (with what is ALREADY available). They can take down one building, use the materials & fix up the others…make their own cement from the soil and growing materials in the fields…they don’t have to BUY a thing – and neither should the taxpayers. They fix it up and it is theirs to rule by OUR US LAWS…If they want to be here so bad…they willl do what our first settlers did…find a way and make a LEGAL way to fix up the towns. At least they’ll have the infracture like water and plumbing already “in” – they may just have to fix it…Give the towns an ENGLISH/US language name…not their old country name that they are trying to run from!!! SHOW us you are willing to do THAT & we’ll let you compete for jobs so you can tax yourselves to keep up the towns.

kenneth dinges (@guest_1205202)
1 year ago


Rosalie Blunda (@guest_1205209)
1 year ago

Totally out of control. The democrats (communist ) have to go as soon as possible.

Wade Busha (@guest_1205218)
1 year ago

I wish President Trump could kick these illegitimate election thieves out and rightfully take his place. They’re totally outta control


Ali (@guest_1205260)
Reply to  Wade Busha
1 year ago

Wade – get OUT there and work FOR the pro-Trump candidates in the 2022 election and work like your future depends on who is leading Congress!!! It does and will!!! EVERYONE, stop complaining and be ACTIVE in the 2022 election!!!

Debbie (@guest_1206514)
Reply to  Wade Busha
1 year ago

Absolutely I want my PRESIDENT back… he’d have this all taken care of cuz he knows what to do…the commierats don’t have a clue

Lorraine Holmes (@guest_1205230)
1 year ago

There is NO WHITE HOUSE. I am tired of the bullcrap you aholes report. Biden is an actor and has been since 1/20/2021. Stop the bullcrap. There is no Biden. Military in control. Trump is still President. This bull is hurting our country! Stop the bull. We The People want our President Trump back NOW.

ajk (@guest_1205235)
1 year ago

I am “certain” that V.P. Harris will ‘soon” have everything under control!! God bless America!!

Michael S Dowling (@guest_1205253)
1 year ago

Even the head of the snake can not take the heat

Talltexan (@guest_1205438)
Reply to  Michael S Dowling
1 year ago

Michael…….love your post. In my living on the flat plains of West Texas as a kid…I learned pretty quickly that when you need to stop the threat from a Rattlesnake….you have to remove the head. Clear and simple. In Pedo Biden’s case….he is inept, low IQ, as one commenter said, an actor, has bluffed his way thru 47 years in Congress, and has not much if anything to show for meaningful legislation during all those years. Then to brag about his “pay to play” scheme in Ukraine, he showed his penchant for criminality in the open, yet he then stole the election outright. I am immediately taken to that saying….”evil flourishes when good men do nothing.” After the voting ended, where was the outrage from the right…where were the demonstrations from the right protesting the criminality of how the vote was handled. Sorry folks….but the head of what is happening in Washington DC tonight needs to be removed.

formermarine (@guest_1205254)
1 year ago

The rats are fleeing the sinking ship and I do not blame them for getting smart .Who thinks the dems had some smarts or in my book they are A bunch of traitors and Chicken S***s . The two in Our house need removal right now plus the speaker of Our house , Somebody in power do it before people rebel and millions die .

Ali (@guest_1205263)
1 year ago

Wade – get OUT there and work FOR the pro-Trump candidates in the 2022 election and work like your future depends on who is leading Congress!!! It does and will!!! EVERYONE, stop complaining and be ACTIVE in the 2022 election!!!

carrol (@guest_1205271)
1 year ago

You just can not cure STUPID.

Kristine (@guest_1205278)
1 year ago

This is out of control and no one can speak about it. I love the US but this is hypocrisy at its worst ever. We should be banning all Biden and his stupid decisions

Nannette (@guest_1205380)
1 year ago

Czar is a Russian communist term and has no place in America! Good that she is resigning, she should not have been given the job to begin with!

Sandra H Haddock (@guest_1205427)
1 year ago

I really hate what the children are going through, but I’m so glad there are still people who expose biden’s idiotic policies. Run away quickly, Ms. Jacobson, they will come after you, it is typical of the dems/libs to attack – even when they are WRONG! What a horrible crisis, so many are suffering, and I don’t mean just the illegals, I’m talking about our own citizens who dare their own lives daily and the stress they endure even when at home – Thank You, Border Patrol and all who are dealing with this, for the risks and doubt you take everyday. It has to be awful to be so overwhelmed with what you know what horror is going on and have to clock out anyway. They/y’all just can’t keep up with the demand to provide or protect these illegals. It will take an act of God to protect these people – on both sides – and get our U.S.A. out of this horrible crisis. Come Lord Jesus.

Robert Buchanan (@guest_1205466)
1 year ago

another democrat who can’t handle the job appointed to her, this runs deeply in the democratic party as nobody seems to be able to do the job their put on… what a shame these people are bleeding tax payers money for what,:they just take up space and do nothing for their paychecks… totally pathetic

Stephen Russell (@guest_1205803)
1 year ago

& now I heard that Dems want to “rebuild” wall sections too
& Dems claim the High ground
No its time we use Saul Alinsky tacits on Dems turn the tables or we wont win
Make Dems the target
See Obamas ally Saul Alinksy book

Trish (@guest_1206112)
1 year ago

Exactly when who takes over? Better make sure she is done with her luxury house. What a waste.

Billy (@guest_1206421)
1 year ago

Harris will do nothing about the crisis only make it worse.

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1 year ago

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