July 4, 2022

Biden’s approval rating slips to historic personal lows

President Joe Biden’s approval rating has dropped to his lowest since entering office in a Gallup poll released on Wednesday, now standing at just 43 percent.

The poll, conducted between Sept. 1-17, was taken as Biden faced an angry nation over his failed Afghanistan exit that left many Americans behind as well as new vaccine mandates.

“The latest drop in Biden’s job approval score is the second significant decline since June. Biden’s honeymoon ratings near 55% first faltered in July, falling to 50% amid rising COVID-19 cases caused largely by the delta variant,” Gallup reported.

The report also revealed Biden’s greatest decline was among Independent voters. “Biden’s current 37% approval rating among independents is his lowest to date and 24 points below his personal high of 61%.”

Meanwhile, Vice President Kamala Harris polled at a similar level to Biden when he served as vice president in 2009. However, the report noted she received almost unanimous approval from Democrats at a whopping 92 percent.

As expected, Republicans strongly disapproved of both Biden and Harris. Overall, the issues of Afghanistan and vaccine mandates appear to have had the most impact on the lower rankings.

The COVID issue is not going away anytime soon, leaving Biden room to continue to plunge in ratings if he chooses to press ahead on his plans for sweeping vaccine mandates.

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