September 29, 2022

Biden’s approval drops to 36 percent in latest poll

President Joe Biden’s approval rating was at only 36 percent in the latest Trafalgar Group poll released on Wednesday.

The poll’s respondents included 52 percent who strongly disapprove of Biden. Another 6.9 percent disapprove.

Among Democrats, Biden ranked more favorably at 65 percent. However, 31 percent disapproved of Biden within his own party, including 24.7 percent who strongly disapproved.

Among Republicans, Biden received 89.7 disapproval. More than 85 percent of GOP respondents strongly disapproved.

Even among Independents, Biden’s approval is now at just 29.3 percent, a concerning number for the party as it approaches a set of midterm elections that the party fears will turn the House back to Republicans.

The signs are not good for a president only in his first year. The extremely high “strongly disapprove” numbers also show most of those who do not approve marked the highest level possible against him.

The poll follows similar approval rating drops in other polls, but the Trafalgar Group poll ranks among the lowest yet, offering clear evidence of America’s dislike of its current leader.




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