September 29, 2022

Biden will remove ‘terrorist’ label from almost six decade old Columbian communist terrorist organization

An anonymous source claimed that “U.S. and congressional officials” told reporters that President Joe Biden is attempting to remove the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) from the list of designated foreign terrorists. 

Breitbart News reported that FARC, an almost 60-year-old terrorist organization, is responsible for hundreds of thousands of deaths, just taking into account the deaths they are known to be responsible for. 

Additionally, the communist group is known to be responsible for egregious human rights violations on a grand scale starting with their founding in 1964 rating from mass killings, kidnappings, child rape, forced abortions, the use of child soldiers, as well as highly lucrative drug trafficking.

FARC gained a massive foothold in Columbia when then-President Juan Manuel Santos brokered a “peace deal” that was reportedly particularly bad for the Columbian people in 2016. Included in that deal was the promise that members of the terror group would have uncontested congressional seats and their own formal political party. 

They were also granted a revocation of restrictions on the use of international drug trafficking profits from use in their party, which led to two notable outcomes; a Nobel Peace Price for Santos, and record cocaine productions that brought with it a wave off violence in the country. 

FARC’s terrorism has continued, however, including drug trafficking and guerrilla warfare, but their new legitimization with the Columbian movement has offered them the leverage to put pressure on countries, such as the United States to remove the label of “terrorist” from the longtime aggressively authoritarian communist group.

The Wall Street Journal did not divulge who had made the claim that Biden would take FARC’s label, and the White House has yet to officially offer a statement, but the paper claimed that the deal would be official by Nov. 30. 

“The Biden administration will remove a former Colombian rebel group from a list of foreign terrorist organizations, a measure intended to demonstrate American support for a fragile peace agreement with the guerrillas in Colombia, said U.S. and congressional officials with knowledge of the coming announcement,” according to the Journal.




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