April 18, 2021

Biden will not travel to Milwaukee to accept Democrat nomination

“Coronavirus concerns” is the biggest buzzphrase of 2020, and it’s one that Joe Biden has taken full advantage of. Most recently, Biden’s campaign announced on Wednesday that Biden has made the final decision to cancel plans to travel to Milwaukee for the Democratic National Convention in August. 

As Donald Trump ramps up criticism of the Biden campaign’s decision to keep the 77-year-old presidential candidate hidden away, Biden’s handlers are doubling down on the controversial strategy.

Jeff Zeleny, a senior Washington correspondent for CNN, reported on Wednesday that, “Joe Biden now plans to accept the Democratic Party’s presidential nomination in a Delaware speech — not in Milwaukee, which had been the plan for months.”

It’s probably a good decision, though, considering that Biden is incapable of making a public appearance that isn’t tightly controlled by his handlers without committing earthshattering gaffes.

In an interview on Tuesday, Biden snapped at reporter Errol Barnett with the National Association of Black Journalists, who asked if Biden had taken a cognitive health test.

No, I haven’t taken a test! Why the hell would I take a test? C’mon, man,” Biden flamed. “That’s like saying you, before you got in this program, if you take a test where you’re taking cocaine or not, what do you think? Huh? Are you a junkie?”

After Barnett graciously and quickly moved past the comment, Biden reiterated that he is “very willing to let the American people judge my physical, mental fil–my physical as well as my mental fil–fitness.”

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61 Responses

      1. I absolutely agree that letting Joe Biden continue to run is elder abuse. Where is his wife who is a doctor? The fact that she is letting him run boggles my mind. I doubt that he will debate Trump as it will be a disaster.

        1. they only reason they ae keeping him in there is because they will take him out within 1-3 months and put the VP in his place. which is the ONLY way Kamila Harris can get into the WH because she DOES NOT qualify to be President, her parents were NOT US CITIZENS when she was Born In CA. her Father became a Citizen After her Birth and I doubt her Mother Ever was a US Citizen as she moved to Canada with her 2 daughters and became a Citizen there.

        2. Jill Biden is not a medical doctor. She has a doctorate in EDUCATION. She is disgraceful as a wife to allow her husband to be humiliated like this. I protect my husband with Alzheimer’s. Biden certainly has some form of dementia. If elected, G-d forbid, he will not last long as a president. So be careful who his VP will be because she will become president shortly after. Please vote Republican in ALL areas. Trump 2020.

          1. Bubbulove. I sure agree with your comment. Jill Biden should feel ashamed! Further, think about this?Some have put a thought out that he’ll pick Moochelle Obummer (you know, one of two ‘of the most loved and most popular woman on the planet’?!) Sure!!! Should Biden do that…you KNOW her husband Barry Soetoro, the Kenyon, will be the President through Moochell and Biden and he’ll have his ‘third term’!!!! Joy to the world!l.
            Of course all Hiden Biden will be is a puppet with Barry pulling his strings! Four more years of America sinking and doing nothing as in his previous eight years! Will Americans EVER learn? They should ALL grow a pair and STOP listening to the propaganda! By then it’ll be too late. Vote TRUMP 2020 who has proven himself, in four short years, that he CAN run the good old USA and do it well for the good of the PEOPLE, NOT himself imho.

          2. Some folks will do anything to get in a position of power. Guess Creepy, Sleepy Uncle Joe and his Mrs. are like that.

    1. Yes, stay in a”basement” or are you already in a nursing home. Stay wherever you are and don´t show up

    2. I see my ‘Hiden Biden’ is catching on. The guy is an empty-headed schmuck! If he is Voted in as Presidink the American people who voted for him deserve what their going to get….and that ain’t pretty! TRUMP 2020 to save your butts, IMHO.

    1. Who in the world could possibly vote for a man afraid to be in public . Cant the Liberals see how they are being scammed by the Democratic Party . Biden does not even know he is running for president .

      1. A man who is kept behind closed doors and is kept hidden from the public is in noway fit to serve in our goverment i don’t understand how the Democratic party thinks that they think that will get them a pass,noway, how stupied do that party think we are?

  1. Sounds as if Biden needs a ‘family intervention’…….however, a person with dementia will probably not react any better than Joe is reacting to public opinion/suggestion. Perhaps what is needed is “Divine intervention”?

    1. Divine intervention is very possibly what he’s going to get. The Democrats are otherwise utterly stuck with him. They can’t dump him without outraging his loyal acolytes and if they do they can’t replace him with anyone but Bernie the Commie without triggering the wrath of Bernie’s Boys – who will predictably get the support of Antifa and BLM who are drawn to mayhem and riot like frat boys to free beer.

  2. Every day is Groundhog Day for hiden Biden! Wakes up in the basement and is waiting to cross the Potomac with Washington.

  3. The problem with uncle JOE HIDIN BIDEN is he can’t remember if he is in his basement or the other Biden basement. This person needs to be committed to an elder care facility that specializes in the care for the mentally incompetent !

    1. That would ruin the Democrats Plan to run the Government behind the scenes or give it over to who ever takes VP if he were to Win. Either way. We have to make sure that Trump wins this Election! The Democrats have done nothing for our country for decades! The ox have a Video out to Muslims to try to get their votes with Muslim language on the front of his Video! Isn’t bad they don’t care!!!

  4. Watch who is selected as his running mate. That will give you the answer to, will he “leave” before the election giving the party a chance for a preplanned replacement. or if he wins, how long before “leaves” and the vice takes over, but with a new and more powerful vice president. Think about it.

    1. I don’t think biden, IF elected will ever see the Presidency. They will pull him and put his VP in for the inauguration. That would mean that nutty nancy would become VP if she I sd the speaker of the house yet. Scared yet??

  5. Selecting Biden as the Democratic candidate for the 2020 Election leaves a lot of unanswered questions as to the reason behind his selection for the highest office in the United States! And at this point, I still haven‘t seen anything substantial that would answer this question.

    1. He is a facade, a front man and the decisions will be made by others. As one writer said — watch who he selects as his VP. And the House is already making moves for gun control, translated as people control. Pelosi put a red flag clause in the stimulus bill to take guns from veterans. Is that because they know how to use them in war?

  6. Hiden Biden needs to stay hidden PERMANENTLY!!
    Lord knows he’s not capable of becoming president!

  7. Dan Bongino said this last weekend that his sources tell him that Biden is deteriorating quickly. Bongino likely still has friends in Secret Service.

  8. Biden stated that on his first day in office he would turn over the reins to his vice-president. Americans need to be aware and vote conservative; unless you want a Radical Leftist Democrat in office. The Dishonest DNC Party would take over; and block Conservatives from ever winning again. Biden also stated that he would get rid of 10.000,000 jobs. If people vote for this totally incompetent, senile contender for the presidency, then they have to be in the same category. Biden and AOC are on the same track with the Green New Deal. They are both, free-spending politicians who know absolutely nothing about economics; and would bankrupt America..

  9. All biden knows is how to be a career organized crime , seditious , treasonous , perverted , buddy of NAZI soros / NWO agenda criminal , & the 8 year V.P. of a terrorist ! Not to mention being in on the 2015 obama funding of the communist lab that CREATED the virus & released it to screw – over the world & timed the release to try to make Trump look bad .

  10. You don’t think that after 300 police departments refused to be there for security had anything to do with his decision? Bet he regrets agreeing on the record that he supported defunding. Of course he forgot that.

  11. This could be perfect for the shifty DEMOCRAPS — if BIDEN doesn’t show, it’s a prime opportunity for them to slide in another candidate …. and the PRESUMPTIVE crap will be OVER …

  12. Another Biden lie discovered. Didn’t he make the statement that he was constantly tested for his cognitive abilities and not COVID? Or maybe he couldn’t get his stories straight, which one was which? And the there was an image of a rhino and a hippopotamus that Don Lemon got wrong. Would he be able to know the difference.

  13. I’m confused more so than Biden. Who, in their right mind would vote for DEM’s like AOC, insane Maxine Waters, pompous Polosi, shady Chuck, overboard Omar, Talib the terrible and all the other lefty lunatics. Insanity. Chicken Shackedup Biden knows Donald Trump Ah, I stand corrected, President Donald Trump is Americans best choice

  14. My goodness, what a ducking moron. He’s even stupider than I thought he was. Yep, that’s what we need leading the country during one of the most dangerous times in our country’s history. It ought to work out right nice.

  15. Corona virus excuse is BS. He is not a well man and getting worse at every public speech. I’m sure he will drop out of the race for medical reason’s. Then Susan Rice & Kamala Harris can team up and run against Trump as Pres. & V.P.

  16. The only reason the dems are getting together in Milwaukee is to select another candidate for president. They know Biden won’t last beyond Sept. 1st. He’s going down too fast. Next week the only words he’ll remember to say are “Come on man”… after that it’s all gibberish. He sounds intoxicated without the cost of the booze.

  17. he is just holding the spot in line for the real runners for the elected position of POTUS and VPOTUS, and I have a couple of names in mind, both , FRAUDS and CORRUPT, and remember, soros money is running the demo-communist party, so joe has been well paid, for his time in line, but Joe needs to answer for the UKRAINE CORRUPTION, which this farce of him running for potus is just a cover up look the other way distraction ploy. Soros is in charge of the demo-communist side of this election, take him out and they will all fold like a cheap balloon. .

  18. We all know democrats are planning to appoint the next president by naming that person as the VP pick. No way will Biden be allowed to serve in that position. Just a slick way to get around having to get a democrat elected to the post of president.

  19. By now,the whole world knows that if Biden wins–he will be gone in a very short time so the dem’s commie vp will take over..RED SAILS IN THE SUNSET for USA.

  20. If Joe or any Democrat gets elected we might as well call America North Venezuela
    Remember one of the first things that Hitler did when he became Chancellor of Germany was to confiscate all firearms from the Jews, Poles, Slovaks and Croatia and who knows who else

  21. The only thing Biden has been able to do is come off as the arrogant school yard bully he has always been. If any one challenges him, he resorts to arrogant bully language. We don’t need someone like him as our president! Obama was as bad, very arrogant, condescending, bullying, lying, and sneaky! He did NOTHING for our country, other than sew division, race baiting, selling us out! Biden wouldn’t be in office if by some off chance they manage to steal the election. If they can’t, they would declare “ no clear winner” and Piglosi would step in as president! GOD help us! Something shady is afoot, as usual with the demonrats. Either Obama will be put in as Vice President, or another puppet would be put in biden’s Place with Obama as Vice. One way or another they want bathhouse Barry back in power! We cannot let that happen! We have to re elect President Trump or loose our country and our freedom. One thing we need to do is have Soros banned from our country!

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