September 24, 2021

Biden White House adviser admits MLB’s Georgia boycott comes at a ‘cost’

Cecilia Rouse, President Joe Biden’s White House Council of Economic Advisers chair, admited to CBS host Margaret Brennan during “Face the Nation” on Sunday that moving the 2021 Major League Baseball (MLB) All-Star Game from Georgia will “be a cost.”

The MLB announced the move of the All-Star Game and Draft from Georgia in response to Gov. Brian Kemp signing a new voting integrity bill into law. Critics claim the act is racist due to its added photo ID requirement.

Rouse noted “the president has said very strongly that he is opposed to the state laws restricting voting rights. He’s called them the Jim Crow of the 21st century.”

Jim Crow laws were statutes that legalized racial segregation. President Joe Biden and other Democrats have argued requiring a photo ID to vote is equal to legalized segregation. Ironically, MLB requires a photo ID to pick up tickets for games.

Rep. Nancy Mace (R-SC) tweeted following the MLB announcement:

Kemp wrote in a Fox News op-ed last Wednesday that Democrats have falsely represented the bill he signed.

“These reforms have nothing to do with ‘voter suppression’ or ‘Jim Crow’,” he argued. “The Election Integrity Act makes it easy to vote by expanding access to the polls and harder to cheat by ensuring the security of the ballot box.”

Georgia will certainly lose financially in the move. MLB also signed a new deal with Chinese firm Tencent the day before the move to expand streaming service across Asia.

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Fox_Studio (@guest_1198572)
5 months ago

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Fed up (@guest_1198666)
5 months ago

You know it didn’t cost this administration anything otherwise they wouldn’t of done it because they’re all about the money

andrew (@guest_1198693)
Reply to  Fed up
5 months ago

you can take all professional sports and let them go to china they are only making big money from the blood sweat and tears of the american military that fought to give them a place to play now if you have to show id wtf is their problem of voter id to vote and keep elections fair so ballots addressed to empty lots and fields doesn’t happen ever again and the voting integrity can be restored and the will be fraud free i can understand the dumborcrats and bobble head being pissed because now there will be no more cheating sorry piglosi

Rodzzz (@guest_1198726)
Reply to  andrew
5 months ago

I don’t think blacks would fare well in China.

Gary m (@guest_1199150)
Reply to  Rodzzz
5 months ago

These black MLB players, or is it BLM players, seem think that they would have it better in China than here in the USA. Under the Chinese system they would not get million of dollars. Just a subsistence wage just like the street cleaner. I think they call it equity, I think that we should let them move to China permanently. I mean the whole MLB setup.

After they go to China we can start new teams, with all patriotic Americans players, and maybe some of them will be token whites, sounds good to me.

DWB (@guest_1198839)
Reply to  andrew
5 months ago

Andrew I agree with you 100% on you comments and are well spoken and right on point.

Cathy Floyd (@guest_1198747)
Reply to  Fed up
5 months ago

The only votes that the ID law will restrict are the illegal and fraudulent ones, not the honest and fair ones. That is why the corrupt left are so afraid of it, they know that it will make it harder to cheat!

Roy Fredrichsen (@guest_1199096)
Reply to  Cathy Floyd
5 months ago

A Texas veteran agrees with the I.D. requirement so that the Democratic Illegal cannot vote if he is not a citizen.

Debbie (@guest_1206518)
Reply to  Cathy Floyd
5 months ago

So right hahahaha let’s see how they can commit fraud….we need voter ID now!!!!

rm (@guest_1198668)
5 months ago

Just think, the senate parliamentarian sold out and eliminated the filibuster for HR1/S1….corruption at its finest…

Stephen Russell (@guest_1198669)
5 months ago

Yeah cost 2022 & 2024 for sure

rb (@guest_1198741)
Reply to  Stephen Russell
5 months ago

Trump and his cancel culture already killed any chance for the republicans in 2022 or 2024

Had enough! (@guest_1198772)
Reply to  rb
5 months ago

Trump = cancel culture? You = idiot!

bill rhinehart (@guest_1230483)
Reply to  Had enough!
4 months ago

That Moron listens to THE cnn network and it’s pack of BS

David (@guest_1198779)
Reply to  rb
5 months ago

And your comment killed any chance for others to think you have a brain.

Janice Garrett (@guest_1198781)
Reply to  rb
5 months ago

Cancel culture is a Demorat invention and nothing to do with President Trump.

bill rhinehart (@guest_1230485)
Reply to  Janice Garrett
4 months ago

Janice :
for RB only parrots what he’s told

David Kostos (@guest_1199210)
Reply to  rb
5 months ago

Trump’s cancel culture? ARE YOU INSANE….BLM, ANTIFA, Democrats, Fake news and you are the cancel culture. If people do agree with you, you cancel them out…so much for Biden “unifying America”….Open your eyes!

Amnon Vaserman (@guest_1199211)
Reply to  rb
5 months ago

TDS and a degenerate like do t have to told you know it you are creazy

Dianne F Windsor (@guest_1198671)
5 months ago

This move by the MLB was stupid. The voting laws in Georgia are less restrictive that those of Deleware, President Biden’s “Jim Crow” state. We smart American’s support Gerorgia’s new laws to ensure that elections are fair. Everyone knows that all people have an ID to function in America. You can’t see a doctor without and ID. ID cards are easily available for everyone. Millions of Americans with no be supporting the MLB due to their stupid reaction to better more secure voting. They will suffer as well and should have never gotten involved in politics.

Louis O. (@guest_1198673)
5 months ago

Jim Crow from the period of Reconstruction to 1877. The laws were enacted in the southern states controlled by the Democrats who gained support from Bedford Forest and his little group known as the KKK. The Democrats are a multifaceted organization. One never knows which face they will show you.

Gary m (@guest_1199133)
Reply to  Louis O.
5 months ago

It will never be a straight face.

MikefromTexas (@guest_1198676)
5 months ago

Oh well, its another 2 faced stand. ID for everything (including MLB tickets) except to vote.

David Jones (@guest_1198677)
5 months ago

Welcome to communism, UN-UNITED STATES OF AMERICA UUSA😥🤬

Bettye (@guest_1198681)
5 months ago

Voter rolls in ALL 50 U.S. states need to be PURGED of all deceased people and their social security numbers shredded so as not to be scammed/stolen to be used by any other person, illegal or legal. Additionally, every single state should have an UPDATED voter roll showing updated address, updated picture ID, updated voter ID number. If need be every person arriving at the voting location should present a BIRTH CERTIFICATE w/raised seal on it along with a W-2, a utility bill, and social security card/tax ID # issued by IRS.

Dave (@guest_1198734)
Reply to  Bettye
5 months ago

Hello Bettye: I cant type it all here, but check out the voting requirements in Mexico.
Picture ID REQUIRED TO GET AN (INE CARD),ALMOST LIKE OUR DRIVERS LICENSES, except their card is good for ten years. Some kind of additional documentation, Birth Certificate, stamped & certified etc.
I as many others, (In the tens of millions I believe) (75 or 80 MILLION LOL) fully agree with you. You die, shred the SS Number from all records,.. only relatives should have that info for issues a year or so after death.
Everyone I know, agrees with an ID CARD or license to be shown at the time of voting… walkin of course, sign in, get your ballot and start your selection. When I voted in the Presidential Election, I walked in, and my name was on the voting list for my house address. No license was required. I checked TRUMP of course!
Take Care

Eddie Price (@guest_1198684)
5 months ago

So, if I go to a store to buy alcohol or cigarettes, it’s ok for them to ask me for an ID. If I want to get on a plane, it’s ok if they ask me for my ID. If I want to buy a gun, it’s ok if they ask for my ID but if I want to vote, it’s not ok to ask me for my ID??????? So, I can be racist in all of the above but not at the ballot box???What am I missing?? This administration and the sheeple that follow them are just blatantly stupid. Can everyone not see through this charade?? Time to WAKE UP America! The Dems are trying to stuff the ballot box using racism as the guise to make it happen.

Willie1955 (@guest_1198915)
Reply to  Eddie Price
5 months ago

Racism is the only word the democraps know since obummy was in office. Truth be told the democrats are the true racists claiming black people aren’t smart enough to find out where to go vote,
democrats have still kept blacks in slavery with their election promises which as soon as they are elected they continue with the same old story that blacks need the government to survive, they are also saying blacks and other races aren’t able to get voter IDs because they aren’t smart enough.

Janice (@guest_1198688)
5 months ago

It’s really getting bad when you have to show ID to buy lottery tickets, but not to vote. Biden is still trying to stomp on Trump by doing this to Georgia. Just wait till they get stomped on in 2022. I wonder how many more pea brained black women he is going to put in places of importance, to satisfy his pandering, and get someone in that can help this country not hurt it any more. This woman is so happy with her power it makes me sick.

John Ponnex (@guest_1198689)
5 months ago

I’m over MLB. Why would anyone pay huge costs to see a bunch of adults acting like kids? They get paid huge amounts of money to dress up in little kids pajama’s to hit, throw and catch a ball. Big deal. It was nice to go out and waste an afternoon by sitting mindlessly in the bleachers but when they make things political I’m gone and so is my money. There is more to life than watching a bunch of over bloated egotistical professional baseball, football or basketball players. My time, money and attention has turned to College sports.

Louis O. (@guest_1198700)
Reply to  John Ponnex
5 months ago

College sports are nearly as bad as the pros and will soon be on a par with them. They get a free college degree (not neccessarily earned of course) and now they eant paid for their participation. Greedy little babies all.

Johannes Schoondergang (@guest_1198691)
5 months ago

The fact alone that the MLB signed an agreement with a chinese firm and consequently moved out of Atlanta should be highly suspect as everyone that goes in bed with a chinese company can be considered anti american. Chinese bought voting machines in october in most key states and consequently was able to loose 71million votes for Trump. Best thing for Americans is to boycot any MLB games and create bankrupty for the MLB. Same we should do with Coca Cola and Delta, boycot their softdrinks and flights so they will face the same financial problems . Also any special Taxes or exemptions for Delta should be discontinued as the Georgia taxpayer will not benefit of this misconception by the aforementioned companies.

Pat shelton (@guest_1198692)
5 months ago

So don’t buy tickets, don’t buy their advertising products, don’t watch the televised game to stop millions dollars paid by advertisers for captive tv audience, see how long it takes for 5hem to squeal

Former Marine (@guest_1198841)
Reply to  Pat shelton
5 months ago

How about e-mailing advertisers and telling them directly no one wants to but the products because of advertising . The best action is a direct action .E-Mailed AMC and said The Walking Dead is dying for an actors action and removed from My DVR . We The People have to start hitting Companies where it hurts the most and that is the bank accounts . With cable and sattelite they collect money for every time it is watched which is live and DVR .

Patriot (@guest_1198703)
5 months ago

There is nothing racist about photo ID to vote. Everyone should have an ID. Trying to stop voter ID is just another attempt by the Democrats to allow anyone to vote legally or not. MLB requires ID to pickup game tickets. Are they racist. The Democrats will do anything to win. They are not going to allow something as silly as obeying the law get in there way.

Concerned (@guest_1198706)
5 months ago

I think because the MLB pulled out at the last-minute, that Georgia should sue the ball league, the state had already spent $$$ to prepare. This is so unfair, these ball leagues aren’t to bright, nor the airline, if they didn’t bother to read what the new law was stating.

Medic RN (@guest_1198707)
5 months ago

Soooo….liberals too stupid to have a driver’s license? Take the bus for state photo ID? Liberals need Klan supervision? Too stupid to vote? Nahhhh…..this is all about stuffing mail in ballots. Corruption. STOLEN ELECTION FRAUDULENT GOVERNMENT. Their job is our public safety. Sooo….let active Covid illegal entry into our country? Invite them?

Dianne Watkins Brown (@guest_1198708)
5 months ago

We have had voter ID in South Carolina for many years. Has never been a problem for me to show ID. I appreciate it if fact. No one else is able to steal my vote. So glad to see other states adopt this. I enjoy sports as much as anyone anyone, but I will not allow a sports player or owner of a team dictate voting laws.
Coke has definitely lost my business. Restaurants that sell only cocoa cola will also loose my business. We have to take a stand against groups who think they are so important. Thanks Georgia for taking a stand.

Sad (@guest_1198709)
5 months ago

Who cares about these over paid athletes. Why are they worth so much money? I’d rather clean a toilet.

CAROL KITE (@guest_1198712)
5 months ago

Elections are our only way to attempt to have any, however small, say in this twisted, questionable government we are stuck with currently & for too long. It is ESSENTIAL that picture IDs are the ONLY WAY any persons (in NO WAY even a HINT of RACISM) can truly be identified as who they say they are for an election with no fraud!

Concerned (@guest_1198714)
5 months ago

PS also if anyone was going because of the game, should still go and support the state that is trying to make the voting law better at not promoting fraud.

Stephen Pettine (@guest_1198716)
5 months ago

That is a very interesting point in that it emphasizes the outrageous duplicity of the Democrat party, with no less than historical facts as proof.

Doug Litchfield (@guest_1198722)
5 months ago

Next time these cretans want a new sports facility to house prima donnas, call someone who cares. Voters will give you what you have delivered to us. Maybe there will be funds from the covid relief bill if you can pry it out of the lecherous democrat fingers. Cutting ones fan base in half proves how thick this kind of thinking is.

RC (@guest_1198725)
5 months ago

Since I haven’t watched a NFL game for something like three years because a bunch of niggers (NOT BLACK MEN) refuse to stand for the National Anthem, it looks like I won’t be watching any professional baseball anymore because they’re against LEGAL elections in this country. As I recall, we all have our pictures on our driver’s licenses. Is that racist? When I see a black man whose willing to take his place in society, stand up like a man and improve his lot in life I’m color blind.

Thomas Phillips (@guest_1198752)
5 months ago


Maverick (@guest_1198755)
5 months ago

This administration with Biden at the helm (so we think) has just handed the State of Georgia to the Republicans…..GOP GO AFTER IT NOW. Biden killed how many black jobs because of his determination to move th All Star game…..BLACK VOTERS SHOULD DETEST THIS ADMINISTRATION. VOTE GOP, WE SUPPORT JOBS…

Luis Zuniga (@guest_1198773)
5 months ago

We must demand from MLB the publication the terms of its contract with the Chine enterprise Tencent. There will the true face of the Georgia issue.

Rodney (@guest_1198782)
5 months ago

Huh? 30% of businesses in Georgia are Black owned. MLB pulling out will hurt all businesses, including that 30%. So, remind me again? Who’s racist? They are moving to Denver CO where voting laws are MORE restrictive? Also, 91% of businesses in Colorado are white owned. Who’s racist again?

Thomas Phillips (@guest_1198789)
5 months ago

I’ll never watch any sports on tv or in person ever again except for golf. They haven’t messed with it yet and their real American men and women and supporters of our Country.

Darrel (@guest_1198966)
5 months ago

Break a contract, pack up your teams,whether it be baseball,football or basketball, and move them out of my state, we the people have provided you with arena’s and stadiums and fan’s to fill these venues. Ungrateful multi millionaires. Plus given you tax breaks that we can’t even imagine.

Phillp Owens SFC (SS) Ret (@guest_1199030)
5 months ago

I find it interesting that MLB requires ID to pick up tickets for a game but thinks that having to show an ID to VOTE is wrong! Wow! Am I missing something here or is MLB just OUT TO LUNCH!

I will confess MLB lost me as a fan many years ago during the 1st strike, for me it was the 3d Strike for baseball and I have not watched a game of any kind since, nor have I supported MLB in any manner either.

Personally, I believe the players are overpaid for what they do and continue to make unreasonable demands for ever higher and higher pay, yet I do not see MLB reducing the cost of attending any of the games. No instead they continue to raise the prices on everything in the ballpark. For what? Why? They have lost the reason why people went to the ball park in the first place, to watch a SPORT not a BUSINESS!

No regrets from me and I don’t miss them at all, and that also includes Pro Basketball as well, a sport that has morphed into a backyard brawl of pushing and shoving, the biggest and strongest bully on the block. Thank you NO I am not interested, the skills of the past are gone.

Gary m (@guest_1199068)
5 months ago

Now that Kemp has taken away Biden’s cheating at the ballot box, all that is left are that voting Dominion machines, and Smartmatic. Once these are gone Georgia will be red once more. Biden can’t stand it. More and More states are finding that these Dominion machines are rigged for cheating and are doing away with them.

Gary m (@guest_1199221)
Reply to  Gary m
5 months ago

This why Raffensberger does not want an audit of the paper ballots, only the images on the machines. It would show the difference between the two in a real count. And just how really bad he is.

Gary m (@guest_1199130)
5 months ago

What would we do with out the MLB?
After they go to China we can start new teams, with all patriotic Americans players, and maybe some of them will be token whites, sounds good to me.

JIM DAVIS (@guest_1199170)
5 months ago


WE THE PEOPLE (aka SILENT MAJORITY) had countless opportunities to have stopped this nightmare, but we chose to give the DEMOCRATS what they expected of us, to REMAIN SILENT! Thus, making us equally complicit in the fraud perpetrated against United States Americans!

Isn’t it time you actually did something, took action? How much more damage needs to be done?



Can you continue to tolerate gasoline prices, product prices all going up, the WH being run by Harris, Pelosi and Schumer? Literally destroying our country, allowing thousands upon thousands of illegals into our country bringing in God knows what diseases?

Then copy and paste this information into an E-Mail and send to friends and family asking them to make the calls, then forward on to their friends asking them to make the calls and forward on! WE NEED TO MAKE THIS GO VIRAL!

Members of the House

Members of the Senate



Gary m (@guest_1199187)
5 months ago

Biden wants you to buy from the big box stores that are owned or operated by the Chinese while destroying the little American stores, there by putting millions of people out of work and bankrupting thousands of businesses, to help the Chinese who own his son.

John (@guest_1199249)
5 months ago

I’m glad white people will be making lots of money in Denver at the All star game!😜. Maybe they will buy some weed too!!

jay jay (@guest_1199477)
5 months ago

MLB You are asking to be canceled. Much like the NFL. Voting Rights has nothing to do with your business. You are out of line on this issue!!!!!!

Phil (@guest_1199555)
5 months ago

Welcome to Biden concentration camp

Sig Hiel

Javiernop (@guest_1234692)
4 months ago

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Javiernop (@guest_1246563)
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